Kiko Matte For You Heart Shaped Lipsticks

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Today I’m going to be talking about a recent acquisition that I purchased from one of my favourite affordable makeup brands Kiko Milano. Kiko is a brand that makes a wide variety of products at very reasonable prices, they are best known for releasing fun and creative collections and offering a wide range of colours and finishes in their products. I’m personally a fan of their eyeshadows and lipsticks and today I’m going to be talking about two of their new lipsticks from their Matte for You range.


The Matte for You Range is a collection of products they have brought out especially for Valentines Day in an adorable love heart print theme. But, what really caught my eye where their Heart Shaped Lipsticks, yes you did hear me correctly!

These lipsticks come in five matte shades in a variety of colours from pinks, plums and reds. I personally opted for shades 01 (a red with a slight accent of brown) and 02 (a cranberry red.)

These lipsticks retail for £6.90 and can be purchased from Kiko.

They are Dermatologically tested and Kiko is Cruelty Free.

Click here to view.

I absolutely adore the packaging of these lipsticks, they come in little boxes with a cut out heart shape. When you open them the lipsticks are wrapped in magenta tissue paper with Italic writing. The lipsticks themselves are packaged in a silver finish with the words ‘Heart, love, Kisses, Romance, Love, Passion’ going diagonally up the packaging in black italic handwriting style font.


The lipsticks themselves are very creamy and apply easily to the lips, the pigmentation is incredible and the colour payoff is also very impressive.



Left: 02 (a cranberry red)

Right: 01 (a brown tone red)


I absolutely love the fact that they are in a heart shape, as I think this adds a real touch of cuteness to a lipstick and gives it a really fun edge. Whats more, the shape does not make it difficult to apply them to the lips, although for me personally I always go with a lip brush anyway to get the best finish.

I simply cannot fault these lipsticks in any way, the presentation is fantastic and has a lot of attention to detail, the colour range is good and covers all the traditional shades a person could want and they are very good quality for the price point.

I also found that the lipsticks themselves really do have a true matte finish, yet they feel comfortable and easy to wear and they have good longevity to them. All in all, I would say that for the price point these lipsticks are fun, cute and in some really beautiful, classic shades.

Definitely a good present for someone this Valentines Day or just as a present for yourself.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you in my next one.



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