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Todays blog post is going to be another review related one and today I’m going to be reviewing the Too Faced Totally Cute Palette. I purchased this palette before Christmas and I’ve been meaning to review it on my YouTube Channel and blog for a while. In this blog I’m going to be talking you through some of my thoughts on the palette, I’ll be showing you swatches of each colour and generally talking about what I like about this palette.

Below you can also find my First Impressions and Review video over on my YouTube Channel.

So to start off, the palette itself is a small pink palette with the words ‘Too Faced’ in purple lettering on the front. The thing that gives it its gimmicky edge with Too Faced as a brand is famous for is the fact that this palette also comes with two sheets of stickers that you can add to your palette as you choose. Too Faced worked with cartoonists to create a section of stickers that were cute, fun and captured the essence of their brand. Lots of the stickers I personally love like the Unicorn, the Shooting Star, the Lipstick, the Lips, the Ice Cream and so on. If you would like a more extensive description of each sticker check out my video above.

Now this element of the palette has had mixed reviews, some people thing the sticker side of the palette is a little too juvenile. Where as, some people absolutely love this side of the palette, I personally do myself and think it allows you to make your palette unique to you and your tastes. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this is only makeup after all.

The palette also has a mirror and includes an instruction sheet with ways that you can use the palette to create different looks.



Now in this palette you get nine shades in total and they are a mixture of mattes and shimmer colours. The first three colours are matte shades and the remaining six shades are shimmer. The palette comprises of a mixture of bright colours as well as some natural shades. The palette is divided up into 3 rows which all have different names which can be used to create different looks on their own or you can switch it up and use whatever colours you choose. The first row is called Ice Cream Cutie and this row has all natural matte colours in it including Double Scoop, Bunny Fu Fu and Chocolate Donut and this would make a great everyday trio of colours for the eyes. The second row is called Lucky Girl and this row has all shimmer colours with green and teal tones including Shooting Star, Clover and Storm Cloud. The third and final row is called Totally Cute and contains shimmer colours with pinks and purples including Unicorn, I Heart Too Faced and Meow!


One of the things I like about this palette is that you get a mixture of both neutral matte shades for an everyday look and some more adventurous shimmery pop of colour shades like Clover and Meow for example. This palette would be very well suited to someone who likes experimenting with different colours. As even though the colours are all very different, when they are blended together they can create some truly beautiful and striking ombre effects using contrasting colours. But this would also be a great palette for people who are just staring to get into their more vibrant colours. As the colours are very easy to blend and are very workable to create looks that can be subtle just as much as they can be bold. I would say this palette is for someone who likes things with that gimmicky, fun edge to it; especially as this palette also comes with stickers.


I really like the versatility of this palette and the different looks you could create with it from day to night. In the images below I went with the shades from the Ice Cream Cutie row a well as adding a pop of Meow on the outer corner and a touch of Unicorn for some shimmer in the inner corner. I was very impressed with how easily these shadows are to blend and how incredibly pigmented most of them are. The only shades that weren’t as pigmented were I Heart Too Faced and Storm Cloud. I Heart Too Faced appears like a deep pink in the pan, however when you swatch it on the skin it appears lighter. Now, I personally like this about the shade as I think it makes it a bit more wearable, but it depends on your preference. Storm Cloud, however, did disappoint me slightly as in the pan it appears like a really vibrant teal blue shade. However, when you apply it, the colour looks darker and does not appear as vibrant as it does in the pan. So that did slightly disappoint me as this colour looked a lot more promising in the pan. But, other than that I am very happy that I bought this palette, I love how compact it is and there isn’t one single colour that I wouldn’t use.




Left to right: Double Scoop, Bunny Fu Fu, Chocolate Donut, Shooting Star, Clover, Storm Cloud, Unicorn, I Heart Too Faced and Meow!

Shade Descriptions 

Double Scoop: A matte cream highlighter shade.

Bunny Fu Fu: A matte burnt orange shade.

Chocolate Donut: A matte deep brown shade.

Shooting Star: A shimmery gold hi lighter shade.

Clover: A light shimmery spring time green shade.

Storm Cloud: A shimmery teal bue shade.

Unicorn: A light shimmery pearl gold shade.

I Heart Too Faced: A light shimmery pink.

Meow!: A shimmery dark plum toned purple.

The palette retails for £32 and can be bought on Debenhams in the UK and Too Faced Online.

Click here to view.

Final Scoring 

Now onto the final scoring…

Accessibility: 5/5  

In terms of accessibility I think this palette is very easy to use and to distinguish, its a small compact size and easy to open. I also think the fact that each row can be used to create a certain look makes it even more accessible. The fact that you are only getting 9 shades makes the palette colours easy to memorise, all the highlighter colours are in  one column, all the midtone shades in the middle column and the darker shades on the end column.

Ease of Application: 4/5 

I think that all the shadows are very creamy, pigmented and easy to blend to create some very beautiful looks. I love the range of colours you get in the palette and think that they look very harmonious with each other when blended.

Value for Money: 4/5

I think the quality of the eyeshadows makes the palette very good value for money.

Overall Quality 4/5 

All in all I was very impressed with this palette, I love all the colours although Storm Cloud was a bit of a let down which looses the palette a mark. Other than that I think this is a really well thought out palette and I would certainly recommend it.

So, that concludes this blog today folks, I really hope you enjoyed it. Do be sure to subscribe to my blog for further blog posts and I’ll see you all next time.

Fashioneyesta xx

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