Gosh Spring/Summer 2017 Makeup Bloggers Event *

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Todays blog post is going to be on a very exciting event that I attended earlier last week with the makeup brand Gosh. As a beauty and fashion blogger I am very lucky and privileged that I get invited to attend events hosted by brands for bloggers to see upcoming launches and collections for the new season. I was invited to attend the preview of the new product launches by Gosh for Spring/Summer 2017.


The event was a lovely evening held in the stylish St Martins Lane Hotel and I had the chance to chat with other bloggers (including one of my blogger friends Tania of When Tania Talks.) I also was able to try and swatch the different products and to find out about all the new releases. If that wasn’t enough I was also very lucky to go home with a goodie bag full of the new launches which I am going to be showing in a Gosh New In Beauty Haul and Try On over on my YouTube Channel very soon. So do stay tuned for that.

But, today I wanted to do a blog talking you through all the new launches and products that are being launched at Superdrug.

So without further adieu, lets begin!

Gosh has been one of my favourite drugstore beauty brands for a number of years now, ever since I started wearing makeup. I’ve always been a fan of their lip liners, face products and their eyeliners. The brand is cruelty free and Vegan friendly too.

At the event there was also the brands makeup artist at the event demonstrating the new products on models to showcase how they can be used. The look that I witnessed was a fresh faced look with the Lumi Drops blusher in Coral and strong eyeliner with a feline flick using one of the new eyeliners. I found this very useful and enjoyed seeing the makeup artist in action.


A key ingredient of the new seasons collection at Gosh is the use of the Dandelion flower leaf, the Dandelion flower gets shunned as a weed. However, Gosh have taken this plant and utilised it in their collection, its rich in many Vitamins and Minerals to enhance their makeup and make their products beneficial to the skin. In other words, Gosh are using the underdog of flowers to show that beauty can be found everywhere. I think this is a wonderful ethos and something that I found very inspiring about the collection.

Liquid Matte Lips 



Colours from Left to Right: Candyfloss, Pink Sorbet, Nougat Fudge, Chinese Rouge, Red Carpet, Berry Me, Nougat Crisp and Arabian Nights.

So to start off with, a big new release for Gosh is their new collection of Liquid Matte Lipsticks. Liquid Lipsticks have been huge for the last couple of years and more and more brands are coming out with their own versions. Gosh have bought out a collection of liquid lipsticks in eight beautiful shades from pinks, reds, berries and plums. These lipsticks have been made using extracts from the leaves of the Dandelion which has natural vitamins, carotenoids and minerals to sooth the lips and protect them from inflammation. These lipsticks are also made with a compound called LiPerfection to reduce fine lines and plump up the lips to make them look fuller and healthier. I am so incredibly excited to try these lipsticks, as I myself have been given the entire collection to try. From what I swatched during the evening I already know that I am going to love Berry Me which is a beautiful berry toned pink shade. But, I will be sure to swatch these colours when I film my next video, so do be sure to stay tuned for that.

The Liquid Matte Lips retail for £8.99 and are currently available to purchase at Superdrug.

Velvet Touch Lipstick Matte


Gosh are also adding five new lipstick shades to their Velvet Touch Lipstick Matte collection. This collection of lipstick is made from natural waxes and Hyaluronic Acid to soften the skin of the lips and to ensure that the lips remain comfortable throughout the day. There are a variety of colours that have been added to the collection from a vibrant red, to plum tone pinks, berries and pinkish nudes. The shades which have been added to the range are Angel, Chestnut, Fidelity, Orchid and Pleasure. I have personally been given the lipstick in Angel to try which is a nude, pinkish colour. But, I do already own a number of these lipsticks myself courtesy of the lovely Z-PR Soho team and I personally love them on account of how pigmented and comfortable they are to wear on the lips. I think these new lipstick shades have a great variety of colours to choose from and there really will be a shade to suit everyone.

These Velvet Touch Matte Lipsticks retail for £7.99 each and are currently available in Superdrug. 

Lumi Drops Blushers



One of my favourite launches that I saw on the evening was the two new Lumi Drops blushers that Gosh have added to their Lumi Drops line. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with Gosh Lumi Drops it is a liquid that you add to your foundation to make your skin appear luminous and healthy I currently have the foundation drops and I think they are incredible. But, Gosh have now released them in blusher form in two new shades Coral and Rose. These blushers are formulated with light-reflecting pigments to give your skin that luminous, etherial finish. They have also been made with Dandelion extract with its skin benefiting properties and the Vitamins A, B C and D that it is rich in. I love these drops, I swatched both shades during the evening and also got to see them applied to the model by the Gosh makeup artist and I love how fresh and dewy they make the skin appear. They really give your skin a fresh look, because its a liquid they are incredibly easy to work with and look like your skin but better. Perfect for this season with the no makeup makeup look being such a prevalent beauty trend.

These Lumi Drops Blushers retail for £8.99 and are currently available in Superdrug.

Volume Serum Mascara 


Gosh have also released a brand new mascara too which has been created to define the lashes and to make them appear longer and healthier. This mascara has also been designed to be compatible with false eyelashes, something that is great for anyone who gets their eyelashes done regularly. The mascara has a two sided wand, one side with larger bristles the other side with shorter ones. The smaller side of the wand with its tiny micro-fine bristles to really pick up each individual lashes to define them. The longer bristles will help plump up the lashes to create volume. I am incredibly excited to try out this mascara to see how it performs. The mascara itself is also water resistant and has been made with Microcrystalline Wax and Carnauba Wax to make the lashes feel soft and to make wearing it comfortable. It is free from any oil, but contains Arabic Gum to promote elasticity to the lashes.

The Volume Serum Mascara retails for £13.99 and is currently available in Superdrug. 

Eye Xpression 


Gosh have also launched 3 new eyeshadow palette quads, these quads have been created with a finely milled powder using pearls to make the shadows more creamy and the application more smoother. These quads have 3 matte shadows and one highlighter shade to create a full eye makeup look. I love quads because in my opinion they are very easy to use, they are travel friendly and perfect for those days where you don’t feel inspired to create a look from a larger palette. One palette is called Back to Nature and contains all neutral brown, taupe and cream shades. The second one is called Urban Nature and contains some shades that have a pop of colour like a navy, a green and a burnt orange. The third and final one is called Thunder Storm and the colours are all grey and blue toned to create a classic smokey eye. These shadows are incredibly buttery to the touch and they have fantastic pigmentation.

These Eye Expression Quads retail for £8.99 and are currently available from Superdrug.

New Eyeliners



This season Gosh have also come out with a variety of different eyeliners all in different colours and finishes.

The first liner is called the Giant Pro Kajal eyeliner which has been created for quick and easy application and is recommended for the waterline for its ease of use. Its made with Shea Butter and has a really smooth and creamy texture.

The Giant Pro Kajal Eyeliner retails for £7.99 and is currently available from Superdrug.

The next eyeliner is the Giant Pro Double Liner, this liner has been made with two applicators and is water and crease proof. The first is an ink liner which is recommended to outline and define and has been stated to last for up to 12 hours (although not having used it yet I am unsure as to whether this will be the case for me.) The second side is the Kajal eyeliner to create intensity and to frame the eyes.

The Giant Pro Double Liner retails for £10.99 and is currently available on Superdrug. 

The third and final eyeliner that Gosh have added to the mix is the Infinity Eye Liner, available in 6 shades.This eyeliner can be used on either the waterline with its kohl base or on the lash line to frame the eyes. Its been stated to last for as long as 14 hours  and is waterproof and does not transfer. The eyeliner comes with a smudge applicator to create a more dramatic smokey look.

The Infinity Eye Liner retails for £6.99 and is currently available on Superdrug. 

CCC-Contour, Cover, Conceal Sticks


The final product that Gosh have launched is this range of CCC sticks which can be used to contour, conceal and cover. There are 2 highlight shades in Highlight Golden and Highlight Vanilla and 4 contour shades in Light, Medium, Dark and Very Dark. These sticks are versatile and can be used to conceal imperfections using cleansing actives to promote healthier skin. They also create a soft focus effect to the skin and reduces pores and imperfections. Or they can be used to sculpt and contour the features.

These CCC Sticks retail for £9.99 and are currently available on Superdrug.

So, that concludes this blog post for today, I really hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you so much to Gosh for having me at the event and for the lovely goodie bag of products. I’m really looking forward to experimenting with them.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog for further posts if you haven’t already and I will see you all next time.

Fashioneyesta xx

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