Creating an Inspiring Workspace For Spring

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Now, as you may have gathered from the backdrops of my YouTube videos or from my Instagram page. I am fond of making my workspace look aesthetically pleasing, I love nothing more than buying little trinkets and room decorations to add to my room. I like changing up my room decor with floral decorations and seasonal touches to bring the outside changing world into my room. For me, I think its very important that my workspace is a place where I can feel inspired to write and create. I want my workspace to emulate a little of my own personality and the things that I love. I spend an awful lot of my time at my writing/workspace be that for my blog, journalism or my academic pursuits with my Masters Degree. If my workspace wasn’t an inspiring, calming and an aesthetically pleasing place to be I wouldn’t be able to function. My workspace is my refuge and my slice of tranquility, its the place where I can make things happen. Like woodcrafters have their workshop or gardeners have their greenhouses I too must have a place to work and mentally thrive.


My desk is situated underneath a large built in series of shelves that I store my books on, books are one of my passions in life and although my book collection isn’t that of the dream library from Beauty and the Beast its not small by any stretch of the imagination. On the bottom shelf I have added some of my own personal touches. On one shelf hangs a selection of polaroid shots that capture important snippets of my life and some inspirational quotes. Photographs is a key way to inspire my writing and it reminds me of the things that I hold dear. I do of course use my bottom shelf in a more decorative fashion. I’ve stacked up my fashion and beauty reads and added a few decorations a blue polaroid camera, a sign with the words ‘Hello Spring’ and a picture with a camera with the words ‘Capture Life.’


My desk itself is white, bought from a Sunday trip to Ikea last year. I decided to have white furniture last year, as I wanted my workspace to be bright and airy. Plus its also more aesthetically pealing for Instagram images, although thats my vanity speaking right there.

Flowers are also very important to my design, especially with Spring in the horizon. The scent of fresh flowers and the vibrant colours of the blooms instantly enhances my mood and inspires me to write. Currently I have yellow Daffodils to pay homage to spring and Pink roses. I like vibrant flowers due to the fact that I live with sight loss, the colours really stand out against the blue of my room. Flowers are a small way of brining the essence of the season into my room, even when I’m not outside. Although i do have a number of artificial plants, when I don’t get a chance to buy a fresh bunch of blooms. Currently my desk plays home to an articulacy succulent placed in a copper terrarium, another artificial succulent in a wooden rustic style crate from New Look and finally a bunch of blue artificial hibiscus. Finally, I also have a bunch of artificial flowers from Tiger in a pink Daisy design that I bought last spring.


Scattered on my desk I have a number of little trinkets and pieces, copper fairy lights bought from Primark. I love the glow fairy lights cast over everything, especially in the evening and it is my firm belief that everything looks better in life with the twinkle of fairy lights. I also have a little white lantern which I add a candle to in the evening, I find writing by the faint glow of candle light incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. It almost makes me feel as if I’m keeping a little bit of the old writing tradition of writing by the light of a candle.


One of the most important features of my desk is a picture, a picture of me with my dearly departed friend Charlotte Eades. The image was taken in Brighton the Summer we met and its held in a light yellow photo frame in a Honeycomb pattern with a cute little buzzing bee. This photo frame is very special to me as it was a present from her that I received the Christmas before she passed away. This picture is a way of keeping Charlotte with me in my work, Charlotte had a massive impact on my life and I want to ensure that her work as a YouTuber and social media influencer remains present through my own work. I look upon her picture every day and it gives me the strength to continue my work.


On my shelf sits one of my favourite pieces, a light up sigh with the words ‘Good Vibes Only.’ For me this is something believe in, I believe that you emit vibes into the world and they can have an impact on those around you. So, I try to only surround myself with good ones.


Finally, I also have a few touches of the ethnic, with a little blue Hamsa hand dish which I was given as a gift from my mother and a little notebook featuring an indian elephant design also from my mother. One of my guilty pleasures is notebooks as they are a key way I record ideas and thoughts for blog posts, novel ideas and articles.

The key things I want to include in my writing space is light, colour and scent. So these are some of the ways that I am able to achieve that, I want to have a space that is stimulating to the senses and inspiring to be in.

Remember, that your room should be your haven, your refuge and a place that you should feel content and safe. So be sure that you use whatever you have available to make it that place you can go to, to be yourself.

You are important, your state of mind is important and you deserve success and you’ll be surprised what affect your personal space can have on you.

Thank you so much for reading this blog, be sure to like, comment and follow my blog for future posts.

And I’ll see you all next time!

Fashioneyesta xxx

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel

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