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Todays blog post is going to be covering a topic that I absolutely love to discuss and find utterly fascinating and that is fragrance.

As many of you may know I’ve been somewhat of a connoisseur of fragrance and have written many blogs on this subject . Over the years I’ve attended perfumery classes, fragrance taster events and so on. I now work for Lush, scent and perfumery is a key part of my everyday life. Being that I have a visual impairment, scent is one of the things that deeply appeals to me. However, scent and perfumery can be an expensive pastime to sustain.

When it comes to artisan perfumes they usually come with an artisan worthy price tag. Whats more, in the world of perfumery the key word is ‘layering.’ Layering is the combination of two or more scents to create a bespoke and unique scent. The whole idea of it is that you can mix perfumes to create a unique scent for different occasions. Brands like Jo Malone are famous for doing this with their fragrances and I should know having accumulated a large collection of them over the years.

However, when you are starting out with scents or you are looking for scents that you can layer on a budget, the market can be very limited. However, Superdrug have recently launched a range of Layering Lab Body Sprays.


The whole ethos behind these sprays is to create fragrances that can be layered on top of each other to create a bespoke scent that is personal to you. Inspired by leading artisan perfumers, Superdrug too wanted to create a range of scents from different fragrance families at an affordable price point. This would be to enable people to experience the technique of layering scents. I think this is a truly fantastic idea as although I do love my high end perfumes, it can be an expensive addiction to fund. These sprays enable people to have a similar experience  of layering that is affordable and accessible to everyone.


Superdrug have released six body sprays from different fragrance families from the citrus, floral, oriental, woody and fresh. They retail for £2.99 (however they are currently on offer for £3.80.)

The collection includes a range of fragrances. Fresh, an uplifting blend of Apple, Pear and Peony.  Oriental, a spicy blend of Orris, Rose, Amber, Vanilla and Patchouli. Paradise, a blend of Green Tea, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Amber. Gourmand, a sweet blend of Berries, Cassis, Vanilla and Musk. Floral, a sweet and floral bouquet of Raspberries, Blackberries, Violet Leaf, Rose, Peonies and Musk. Cocoon, a soft blend of White Tea, Sandalwood, Musk and Vanilla.

These body sprays share a similar structure to artisan and high end fragrances. Perfumes are made with 3 key notes, top notes, heart notes and bottom notes. Top notes are the initial scents that you can smell in a perfume when you first spray it. They are usually things like fruits, citrus scents and sweet fragrances. Heart notes are at the heart of the perfume, these scents are usually floral or spicy notes. Finally, you get the bottom notes which are the final things scents you can smell as the perfumes wears throughout the day. These notes usually consist of woody and oriental notes like Musk, Sandalwood, Amber and Vanilla. These body sprays share the similar structure to more high end perfumes I have used, giving them that sophisticated feel.

I currently have three of them that I was very kindly sent by the PR team at Superdrug. I have them in the scents Cocoon, Oriental and Gourmand.  One of the things I noticed about these fragrances as I tried them on myself and my family members was that they smelt differently on every person I tried them on. This is characteristic of a good quality fragrance, as each persons skin as a different PH balance and thus the way a perfume, smells will differ from person to person. No fragrance will ever smell exactly the same, they change depending on our body temperature and PH balance. For instance, my mother and myself tried the Cocoon fragrance on her we could detect more of the musk notes. However, on myself the Cocoon fragrance smelt more sweet and I could detect the notes of Vanilla. The Gourmand fragrance had more prominent tones of Musk on myself. However, on my mother it smelt more of Cassis and Berries giving it more of a sweet undertone. Finally, the Oriental fragrance smelt more strongly of Rose and Amber, giving it a more floral woody scent on myself. However, on my mother the spicy notes of Patchouli, Orris and Vanilla were more prominent.

What I love about these fragrances is that you could layer them up and have a completely different scent depending on what your mood is. I combined the Oriental fragrance with Cocoon to create a sweet spicy blend. The spicy notes of Amber and Patchouli complimented the sweet notes of Vanilla and the woody notes of Sandalwood. However, I also combined Cocoon with Gourmand to create a more sweet blend with the notes of Cassis, Berries, Vanilla and Musk.

Whats more, I would also say that these scents could be used by both men and women as there are notes that would appeal to both. With these body sprays you could really create a scent that is unique and representative of you. But, the blend would never smell the same on every person, as they have been blended with a sophisticated variety of top, heart and bottom notes like more high end perfumes.


All in all I am incredibly impressed with these Layering Lab Body Sprays and I have really enjoyed experimenting with them. After trying these three, I imagine I will be purchasing the rest of the collection very soon.

Thank you so much to Sophie at Z-PR Soho for sending these over to me to review.

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