The Creme Shop Cucumber Face Mask: Review

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Welcome back to another blog at Fashioneyesta. Seeing as today is Good Friday and no doubt a lot of you will be relaxing with a chocolate egg with this weekend, I thought I’d write a little blog you can read whilst you chomp on your chocolate feast.

Todays blog post is going to be yet another face mask review, as I’ve been using a lot of face masks lately. Lately, I’ve been a bit of a stressed out little bunny due to working on my Masters studies, with a deadline fast approaching. So, my skin has not been in the best of conditions this last few weeks.

My mother bought me a pack of Cucumber Sheet Masks from a brand called The Creme Shop for Christmas. However, I have restrained myself from using any until I felt that my skin really needed soothing and de-puffing. Now the other day I had very dry, irritated and puffy looking skin. So, I decided I would use bite the bullet and try one of them and if I happened to like it I would write a review.

The Creme Shop is a U.S based beauty brand, however some of their products are also manufactured in Korea. The brands trademark is their cute gimmicky edge they add to a lot of their products. However, these face masks are the first ever products from the brand that I have tried. The company is also Cruelty Free too.

I was given a set of three Cucumber Sheet Masks for Christmas which my mother found from TK Maxx. However you can also purchase them individually on The Creme Shop website for $3 (£2.40) by clicking here.

Sheet masks have gained in popularity over the last few years and they have become a bit of a beauty craze. These face masks are designed to soothe the skin and prevent puffiness. They are made with Cucumber which is a key ingredient to help eliminate tired, sore skin. Cucumber is also great for swelling on the skin and can reduce water retention. So, they are ideal for that time of the month when the dreaded PMS comes calling. These face masks are great because they are on a sheet so they are non-messy, quick and easy to use. They are also great to use if you are on a long distance flight (if you are brave enough to adorn a sheet mask in the cabin.)

The idea of these face masks is that you apply them to cleansed, dry skin and leave them on for 20-30 minutes. Then after they have worked their magic you remove them by peeling them off and gently massaging any excess into your skin with the pads of your fingers. You can also leave them in the fridge so that they really help to soothe the skin and take away any puffiness.


The first time I used this was when my skin was feeling very dry and irritated. My under eye area was feeling very dry and sore due to hay fever symptoms and I was also suffering from a puffy face due to PMS symptoms. In short, I felt and looked like something out of a horror film. So I applied this to my skin after cleansing it and left it on for 30 minutes to see the full results.

What I noticed when I first applied this to the skin was how cool it felt on the skin and I didn’t even put this one in the fridge. It was easy to fix in place and had slits in the sheet mask to easily moult around the contours of your face. So, it didn’t leave any areas unaccounted for, which was something I always struggle with when it comes to sheet masks.

During the entire time that I had the sheet mask on my skin I didn’t feel any discomfort or irritation. The mask really helped to soothe my skin and it felt very cool and refreshed. I can imagine this would be a perfect face mask to use if have been sunburnt as it really did feel incredibly cooling on the skin. After leaving it on for 30 minutes I removed it and allowed the remaining product to absorb into the skin. One thing I did notice was that I didn’t even need to use a night cream after using the face mask. My skin felt incredibly moisturised and smother.

My under eye area also looked visibly different, the face mask had reduced a lot of the redness that I had had prior to applying it. My skin also looked a lot more even and I did notice that my skin looked less puffy. For me, the overall factor that I loved about this face mask was how cooling it felt on the skin. This masks would be the penultimate treat to use if your skin is feeling inflamed, sore or swollen for any reason. I would certainly recommend giving this a try if you suffer from dry, irritated or inflamed skin.


Now onto the final scoring…

Accessibility: 4.5/5 

Accessibility is of course important to me when it comes to these reviews as I myself have a visual impairment. So, I always rate it in terms of how accessible I think it is as someone with sight loss. What I found most useful about this was that the package has a full and clear list of all the ingredients used. So, if you have an allergy or want to be sure of what you are using it is all there in clear black and white. The size and font of the text was also pretty easy to read and even more so with a magnifier. On the back on the bottom right hand corner there is also a QR code. When you scan this using your phone it takes you directly to their website. I thought this was a very useful feature and something I have spoken about a lot on my blog, as I think more brands need to utilise this feature to make their products more accessible. However, on a constructive note, I think it would be more beneficial and logical if the QR code directed you to the actual product in question. But, thats my opinion of course.

Ease of Application: 5/5 

In terms of ease of application, this product is as easy as it gets with skincare. You simply peel it out of its packaging apply it to your skin and remove it. There isn’t any washing the product off afterwards, it fits nicely to the contours of your face and doesn’t fall off so you can continue to walk around and get on with tasks as usual. Although why would you? Take some time to relax with a book or a TV show whilst you wait for it to work its magic.

Value for Money: 4/5

The product itself is at a good price point for a sheet masks, as a lot of them are at least double the price of this one. So, I do think it is good value for money, however this might be a difficult brand to get hold of for international customers. So, the shipping costs may detract from this. However, the product itself is excellent value and I would repurchase it again.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

All in all, I was very impressed with this face mask, I loved the way it felt on the skin and I did notice results after using it. My skin felt significantly smoother, it rescued the redness, dryness and tightness. I saw visible reduction of redness and puffiness too. So, if you are on the hunt for a cooling face mask and you can get hold of it I would recommend it.

So, that concludes this blog post today folks. I hope you all enjoyed it, enjoy your Easter weekend and I will see you all soon!

Fashioneyesta xx

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