The Revamped Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray *

Greetings Readers!

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to all of my UK friends, I hope you are all enjoying whatever it is you’ve been doing.

I sincerely apologise for my lack of content up on here over the last few weeks, but as many of you know I’m still working on my dissertation for my MA which does take up a considerable amount of my time. However, I am going to make an effort to post as much as I possibly can.

Today I wanted to write a little review and my thoughts on the new and Revamped Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. I was very kindly sent a bottle of the All Nighter Setting Spray from Urban Decay PR Team to try and review, however this post is not sponsored or affiliated with them in any way.


I’ve been a fan of Urban Decay Setting Sprays for many years ever since they collaborated with Skindinavia and brought out a range of them. But, now its back with a new and improved design.

Now, the core thing that has changed when weighing up the old version next to the new, revamped version is the packaging. This setting spray now features a black background with light purple italic font. I have to say the new packaging definitely looks a lot sleeker and is more accessible and easy to read than the old version for myself as someone with a visual impairment. So, from an accessibility perspective it is certainly easier to read and distinguish in amongst your other makeup items. Its also a lot more easier to keep clean and doesn’t show up the makeup smears like the old version did with its white packaging, now this might not matter to you but for me as an Instagram junkie who regularly posts makeup pictures its a welcome new design feature.

Now, why do you need a setting spray? Well the reason is simple if you want your makeup to last all day you need to spray, spray, spray. I’m such a genius, look I made a rhyme! Nevertheless, setting sprays are becoming increasingly popular, but I feel like Urban Decay were the trail blazers here and they utterly nailed their setting spray. I take this setting spray and spray a generous amount to my face after I have applied makeup. Once its dry it will help your makeup to stay in place for the remainder of the day. I’ve tested it out in many conditions hot weather, cold weather, rain, under soft box lights and studio lights and I can tell you it does work. I’ve used lots of setting sprays from different brands, but for me the Urban Decay All Nighter wins hands down for its quality, oil control and the way it makes my makeup look.

This spray is Oil free and Paraben free, but its also been developed with a special Temperature Control Technology. What this means in basic terms is that it will lower the temperature of your makeup such as your concealer, foundation and so on to keep it in place for the entire day, even in hotter climates. All Nighter Setting Spray is a complete and utter essential if you are on the go a lot and especially for the Summer months.

This is the one product I swear by and will always remain loyal to, unlike other setting sprays this one does everything it says on the bottle. It makes my makeup last for a very long period of time with minimal touch ups, my concealer doesn’t crease or roll and my makeup still looks fresh and slick free even by the end of the day.

Its not even just me who raves on about this miracle in a bottle, many YouTubers, makeup artists and makeup junkies alike adore this Spray. A colleague of mine at Lush who is an actress herself swears by it to keep her stage makeup in place when performing. All Nighter has a cult following and it completely warrants its reputation.

So, all in all I’m very impressed with the new setting spray and its new revamped look.

The All Nighter Setting Spray is available in two sizes. Its available in a Travel Sized (30 ml) bottle for £10 or a Full Size (118 ml) bottle for £23.50. It can be purchased from any websites including Urban Decay online, Feel Unique and Debenhams to name a few.

Well Done Urban Decay!

Until Next Time!

Fashioneyesta xx

This post features PR sent products.

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