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Today I am going to be doing another review and today I’m going to be talking hair. I was recently very kindly sent a Tangle Cherub by in a PR package from the company Tangle Angel. So, today I wanted to share some of my thoughts on it with you.

So to give you a bit of information about Tangle Cherubs, they are essentially detangling brushes that you can use on your hair either wet or dry and they are also lightweight and travel friendly. I personally love de-tangling brushes, due to the fact that I have a lot of long hair that can get quite tangled in windy weather and after I’ve been swimming. But, the great thing about these brushes other than their specific features which I’ll get onto shortly, is the fact that they have been made to look like gorgeous angels wings. I think this is such a beautiful and cool idea, as a lot of de-tangling brushes can look a little boring and plain. The Tangle Angel brushes come in a wide range of colours and finishes, I have the Precious Pink colour which is a light cool tone pink. Its very aesthetically pleasing and looks pretty laid out on my vanity with all of my copper and rose gold accessories.


The Tangle Cherub range have been designed to be water resistant, antibacterial, heat resistant, ergonomic and anti static. The brush is also suitable for all hair types and can be used on your hair wet or dry.

The Tangle Cherub’s water resistant technology means that you can use it on your wet hair or even when you are in the shower. I put this claim to the test and I have to say this brush is ideal to use to comb in your conditioner or de-tangle your hair before applying a hair treatment. As I’ve said I am a swimmer and my hair can get really matted and terribly tangled because its so long. However, I have noticed that this brush significantly helped with my knotted hair post-swim. Its also perfect for using it with conditioner because its made up of small rounded bristles so you can evenly distribute the product through your hair. Using the Tangle Cherub also halved the time it usually takes me to de-tangle my hair after a swim. This brush is also made with antibacterial additives that have been incorporated into the bristles to prevent bacteria growth. This is something that I think is a great idea, especially as I usually use this brush in the shower or on wet hair.


Its also very easy to grip onto and to hold when styling, as the ergonomic design means you can hold it by the handle like a brush or by the base if you really need to work it through those knots. The brush also works wonders when your drying your hair, its heat resistant technology means it can retain its shape from temperatures of up to 115 degrees. I tend to find my hair also gets tangled when I roughly blow-dry my hair. I started to use this brush during my blow drying routine and found that it really helps me to stop my hair from getting knotted, especially the back sections of my hair and at the nape of my neck where knots lurk!

Another thing I absolutely adore about this brush is that I can use it to comb through my hair after I’ve curled it or towards the end of the day to loosen up my curl and de-tangle any knots. However, unlike other brushes this has genuinely been the one and only brush that doesn’t make my hair go fluffy and static. My hair remains smooth and sleek and without the fly aways. This is one of the things I really love about this brush, it really makes a visible difference to my hair and it also leaves my hair feeling very smooth and soft.


All in all, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the Tangle Angel especially when I use it on my wet hair and on my tangled, styled hair at the end of the day. It visibly smooths out my hair and helps to reduce tangles and knots. It’s very gentle on your hair and it doesn’t tug or pull at the roots. Its easy and quick to use and I’ve been taking it everywhere with me. Its also incredibly beautiful to look at and travel friendly.

Tangle Cherubs retails for £9.99 on Tangle Angel.

Its available in 4 different colours.

Click here to view.

So that concludes this blog today, I really hope you enjoyed it.

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Emily xx

*This blog post contains PR sent products. But, this is not a sponsored post.

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