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Todays blog is going to be a review of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, the palette that broke the internet! This palette was first released by Too Faced in the Summer of last year and it was so popular that they brought it back permanently. Now, I remember the launch day it came out, I set my alarm for 5am (as Too Faced is a American based brand in California.) So, I set my alarm for 5am to get in the line to order my palette and by the time I’d ordered it and the Peach Glow Palette my hand was a massive cramp from where I’d been clutching my phone!

What can I say? Its what us makeup lovers must do, right? Anyhow today I’m going to be giving you some of my thoughts on this palette and what I thought of it. I will also be showing you swatches of the shadows too. So, without further adieu, I shall get straight into it.

Check out my review of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette that I filmed over on my YouTube Channel.

I also filmed a makeup look with this palette for my YouTube Channel which you can watch below.

So lets first begin with the packaging, the packaging is this very cute ombre peach to pink   hard casing with embossed peaches on the front. When you open the palette there is a mirror, although I personally wouldn’t rely on it much. As you open the palette you are hit with the scent of sweet peaches, because in classic Too Faced fashion this palette is scented. This palette does smell like peaches and believe me it smells amazing! Although it doesn’t add any helpfulness to the palette, it sure does make it more fun.


This palette has 18 shades from light to dark in a mixture of mattes and shimmers. In this palette there are 5 mattes and the rest are shimmer colours. This palette is pretty much your Summer neutral palette, it contains a nice mixture of colours with some peaches (naturally) browns, creams, purples, taupes and golds. In that sense, I feel that this palette has every colour you would need to create a look for the Summer from day to night. Its very versatile and you could certainly take this palette away for your Summer holiday without having to take any other palettes with you. Its got your shimmer colours for the lid, your matte brown crease colours, some darker shades to deepen up the outer v, your lighter transitional shades and your highlighter shades.

Now I do have one criticism about this palette, the one thing that I did find slightly disappointing about this palette is the lack of peach colours in it. In the palette you only really get 3 peach shades which are Bellini, Candied Peach and Just Peachy. Now, to me does 3 shades really warrant the name “Sweet Peach?” Although don’t get me wrong I think a lot of the colours are beautiful and I get that they have to make the palette wearable and versatile which is why you get the browns, golds and purples. But, I would have liked to see at least another 2 true peach shadows in there. Although thats my own personal preference as I absolutely love peach colours for my skin tone as a redhead.

However, other then that I am very impressed with the quality of the palette, the shadows are very easy to blend, they are buttery, pigmented and versatile. There is very little fallout with the shadows and they are easy to work with. I particularly love the shimmer shadows in this palette like Bellini, Nectar and Just Peachy as they have a beaitful water like finish on the eye. You can really create so many different looks with this palette, but I feel that this is going to be a palette that appeals to those of you who like more of a shimmery look. As there are not as many matte shadows in this palette. However, I love the fact that there are two matte, brown shadows that you can work in the crease, as with other palettes I’ve used I don’t always feel that there are some good medium toned colours for the crease. So, in that sense I feel like this palette does have every colour you’d need to create an eye look.




Now onto the swatches.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 11.25.11.png

White Peach: A beige, matte white.

Nectar: A shimmery light gold shade with cool toned shimmer.

Peaches and Cream:  A matte peach toned cream shade.

Georgia: A matte light cool toned peach.

Cobbler: A shimmery, warm toned brown.

Luscious:  A shimmery brown with hints of metallic copper.

Caramelised: A dark brown with shimmer.

Candied Peach: A warm peachy shade with gold shimmer.

Just Peachy:  A cool toned, frosted peachy pink.

Puree: A medium matte, chocolate brown shade.

Bellini: A peachy, champagne shimmer shade.

Bless Her Heart: A sea green shimmery shade.

Summer Yum: A rich, dark chocolate brown matte shade.

Peach Pit:  A plum purple with gold shimmer.

Tempting: A dark brown (almost black) with shimmer particles.

Talk Dirty Too Me: A dark, midnight purple with gold glitter.

Delectable: A blue toned dark purple with gold shimmer.

Charmed, I’m Sure: A dark taupe, matte shade.

Final Scoring 


Accessibility: 5/5

By default of the design, the palette is certainly very accessible to those who have visual impairments like myself. The palettes embossed, tactile packaging makes it very distinctive to the touch. Whats more, the palettes scent also gives it away. Each shadow is divided into its own pan and the shadows go from light to dark.

Ease of Use: 5/5

The shadows are all incredibly pigmented, buttery and easy to apply. There isn’t much fallout with the shadows and they stay in place for long periods of time during the day.

Value for Money: 4/5

I do think this palette is very good value in the sense that the shadows are very good quality and that you are also getting a mixture of shades that you can create different looks with.

Overall Quality: 4/5

All in all I was very impressed with the quality of this palette, but I would have liked there to have been a few more peach shadows. But, other than that I really love this palette and setting my alarm for 5am to buy it was totally worth it!

This palette retails for £39 at Debenhams in the UK.

Its also available on Too Faced online.

So that was my review, I really hoped you liked it and that you found it useful.

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And I will see you all next time!

Fashioneyesta xxx


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