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You will notice that I have recently changed the design of my blog and that is because I was getting bored of the old design and wanted something a little more fresh and crisp. So do let me know what you think.

Anyhow onto todays blog, today I am going to be talking you through a few of my new key pieces that I bought from Zara, Bromley for Summer.

Last week I attended the opening night Glades Bromley VIP Fashion Gallery, which is a pop up event running till the 30th of June in The Glades. It is essentially a pop up gallery showcasing key trends and pieces that you can find in the Glades Bromley for both men and women. I attended the opening night as you will have seen from my previous post.

You can find out more about this event by clicking here.

I was also very kindly given a voucher to spend on the opening night as a blogger and so I wanted to show you what I got and what I think are some key pieces for Summer.

Item One


First things first, in the Summer you have to invest in a few Summer dresses to wear whilst the weather is warm. The first dress I got is a blue striped dress in a semi fitted cut. The neckline is a v neckline and has two tassels handing from it in colours of red, green and mustard. It also has embroidered detailing to the 3/4 length sleeves, the neckline and to the skirt in the same colours as the tassels. Its very floaty, soft and easy to wear for both the day and night.

This dress retails for £29.99.

Click here to view.

Item Two


One of my favourite items from this haul and one that I am most excited to wear is this next one. I got this beautiful white dress which absolutely screams hippy to me. Its a semi fitted dress with long cuffed sleeves and a v neckline. The dress is embroidered with little white flowers and is in a breathable cotton material. It also has two long white tassels hanging from the neckline which you can tie up. The neckline is a little low so you would need to wear a vest underneath. The skirt ends just around the knee and is detailed with cute little pom noms. This dress is perfect for Summer, you could wear it for so many different occasions day or night. It can be dressed up with a clutch and some high heels for an evening look or some flat sandals and a wicker bag for the day.

I am absolutely in love with this dress.

This dress retails for £39.99.

Click here to view.

Item Three



The next item is a little more classic and simple. I invested in this blue pin striped blouse which has a bandeau off the shoulder neckline and tiered ruffle sleeves which cuff at the end. Its a semi fitted top and looks great paired with white jeans and gold accessories.

This item retails for £29.99.

Item Four



You know I love me a tassle! The next item I got is this pretty little blue blouse which has belle sleeves with neon pink and blue embroidered detailing to them. Its a semi fit and the v neckline has tassels hanging off it in colours of neon pink, lilac and cream. Its a lovely little item to have for the Summer and can be worn with jeans, white trousers and even some denim shorts.

This item retails for £25.99

Click here to view.

Item Five


Another blue item, but what can I say? This next blouse is one of my favourites that I purchased and its a light blue and white striped blouse. The blouse has batwing long sleeves which have this white lace embroidered to the cuffs. The white lace is also embroidered on the rounded neckline and to the hem. The top ties up with a white ribbon and has a keyhole back. This top is so classic, boho and effortless to wear. It would look great with light wash jeans, white jeans and some high heeled wedges for the Summer months.

This item retails for £25.99.

Click here to view.

Item Six




The final item is such a cute, boho and stylish piece for the Summer. Its this white sheer material blouse which has a high neckline and 3/4 length belle sleeves. The high collar has a lace ruffle trip to it and the neckline and back is detailed with this floral embroidery in colours of red, mustard, blue and green. The blouse has a keyhole back which fastens with a button and the top itself is a flattering semi fit. the lace also runs down the top in panels which gives a slimming effect when worn. This top would look wonderful paired with some light wash flared jeans and wedge sandals for a really bohemian inspired look.

This item retails for £29.99 (was £39.99)

Click here to view.

So that concludes my key pieces for Summer from Zara, I really hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your key pieces are for Summer. Also don’t forget to like this post and follow my blog for future posts.

And I will see you all next time!
Fashioneyesta xx

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One thought on “New Summer Key Fashion Pieces #VIPGladesGallery *

  1. I like white dress you post in the second look. It’s really beautiful! Little white print flower on the dress. So sweet and chic. And the fifth one, the baby blue stripe blouse is also great. You can’t go wrong with stripes, white and blue in this season.

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