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Now may I ask, do any of you make your birthday turn into a birthday week where you try and do as many things as possible to commemorate the day you came into being? I know I do. This week has been an incredibly fun packed week with afternoon tea, Harry Potter tour, time spend with friends and a spa visit. Yesterday I went on a little trip to Kings Road, London for a Spa treatment with the Lush Spa in Kings Road.

I have previously had a treatment with Lush before, last year I had the pleasure of trying The Spell Treatment at the London Oxford Street Spa. I wrote a blog post on this too which you can view by clicking here.

I absolutely fell in love with the Lush Spa on my last visit and very much fell under its hypnotic spell. I knew I wanted to try another treatment and this time I opted to try it in the Kings Road Spa (which is also the third store that Lush ever opened.) I opted to go for the Snyasthesia Spa treatment and today I wanted to give you some of my thoughts on the treatment.


The Kings Road Spa is only a short walk away from Sloane Square Underground Station and the Spa is situated on the lower ground floor which you have to take by stairs to enter. The Spa is a welcome little Oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city. When you enter it feels as if you are coming home, the Spa embraces you in a warm and cosy merging of calming scents, fresh flowers and a warm and homely decor. Lush Spa’s are designed to mimic the aesthetic of a traditional English Country cottage with brass teapots, wooden chairs and tables, printed plates hanging from the wall and fresh flowers arranged in glass jars. The lighting is soft and atmospheric, a welcome contrast form the more harsh lights of traditional spas. Candles are scattered around the room, giving everywhere a warm and relaxing glow.

When I entered the shop and announced myself I was greeted by Leah my very lovely and amazing therapist. Leah showed me down to the Spa area and began the consultation over a glass of fresh lemon infused water.

You will be asked to fill in a form asking for your details as well as your medical history for the Spa to keep on file. After the formalities, your treatment will them begin.

First up is of course the consultation, where Leah told me a bit about the treatment and what i should expect. Of course, I do work for Lush myself and so I was familiar with all of the treatments anyway. But, it was nice to be able to hear a bit more in depth what my treatment was going to be like.

Synasthesia is a treatment which focuses on creating a sensory experience for all of your senses from touch, to sound, to sight, to smell. The treatment is an immersive experience which uses sensory experience to allow you to achieve a certain feeling or state of mind. This treatment is unique in that you tailor make it to how you want to feel at that particular moment in your life. The treatment uses the power of sound and music, the scents of tailor made essential oil blends and the sense of touch through massage to allow your conscious mind to relax and unwind.


To begin your treatment you must first start by selecting a word from the menu of 12 words. These words will dictate how the treatment works and the different types of massage that will be used to enable you to get closer to achieving the word you have selected. There are words like Peace, Perspective, Ambition, Relax, Cleanse, Energised and so on. My advise would be to go for the word that initially jumps out at you, I personally chose peace as lately the stress and strains of my Masters have made my life not so peaceful as it once was.




Once i had made my selection, my therapist then instructed me to chose a bottle from the table. Each bottle was shaped in a different bottle, with a different word and all in different colours. Each bottle was made with a different blend of essential oils that link to the word which would be used in the treatment room. I chose the word calm, which I thought would go hand in hand with the word peace. But, do not smell any of the bottles, you must wait for the surprise! Once I had made my selection it was then time to enter the treatment room where the pampering would start.


The treatment room is a beautiful atmospheric room, which is dimply lit and where candles burn and the soft trill of music plays. The therapist began to use my blend of essential oils straight away by proving them into a beaker where plumes of the scent wafted around the room like smoke. The scent was a soothing blend of citrus notes and undertones of Lavender. Once in the treatment room I then had to remove all garments of clothing (accept my knickers) so you aren’t wearing a lot. Then I was asked to slip into a warm heated bed under the covers and ring a bell once I was ready for my therapist to enter the room. (As of course the therapist is not present when you are removing your clothing.)


The treatment begins with the therapist wafting your chosen scent around you and playing the music that Lush has created specifically for this treatment. Now, the treatment lasts 80 minutes, however measured in Lush time its an immersive 24 hour journey which begins with the sounds of birds in the afternoon, through the the owl hoots of the night, to the larks in the morning and ending around afternoon again. The soundtrack is a combination of bird songs and wildlife sounds that were recorded in Dorset and songs inspired by English folk music. You can even listen to the music on Sound Cloud if you want to get a sense of what you will be hearing during the treatment.

The therapist then cleansed my feet with warm hot mitts and proceeded to begin the message. The massage is a truly wonderful full body massage which incorporates hot stones placed along the abdomen and forehead. The massage is a light massage with changes in speed and pressure in time with the music. It begins with the head working own the shoulders, legs and finally the back. During this treatment lulled by the warm bed, the gentle scents, the dull lights, the music and the light touch of the therapist I no longer felt as if i was in central London. I felt as if my mind was able to truly evacuate the confines of my body and drift off into a peaceful oasis. The massage hugely loosened all of my tension and pains and combined with the heat it really conditioned my muscles to relax. A number of different massage bars are used in the treatment, but the one that you will receive depends on which word you picked. But, all of the massage bars used are actually available to purchase in store. The massage bar used in my treatment was the Peace Massage Bar made with a nourishing blend of Fair Trade Shea Butter, Columbian Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil.

The massage is a combination of lights strokes, firmer pressure and quick presses. The massage is choreographed with the music and really soothes the muscles and mind.  Once the treatment came to an end I genuinely wanted to sleep in that little idyllic room the entire day and had to practically drag myself out of the room to rejoin the human world.

Although there is no rush, you do not end the treatment only to the ushered out of the room. The therapist encouraged me to get up at my own pace and join her when I was ready. At the Lush spa they want the effects of the treatment to last and take an effect on your mentally as well as physically. In this sense the treatment is more about mindfulness and wellbeing because it aims to have an effect on your state of mind and the way you feel inside as well as out.

To finish off I was then given a cup of English Tea flavoured with the blend of oils used adoring my treatment. Mine had citrus and Lavender undertones which gave it a fresh, clean taste. Finally, you are also given the massage bar that was used in the treatment and I was also given a Peace Bubble Bar which is an exclusive that you receive with the treatment and will vary depending on which massage bar was used.

All in all I hugely enjoyed this immersive Spa experience and the way it made me feel afterwards. I had a very relaxing evening and night sleep subsequent to the treatment and all of my muscles felt soothed and relaxed. I would highly recommend getting a cab to whichever station you need to access to get home. Because, you will feel so relaxed and zen that walking or getting a mode of transport that requires concentration would not be advisable.


Now onto the final scoring…

Accessibility: 2.5/5 

The shop is pretty spacious and easy to navigate. The shop is step free access from the outside and assistance dogs are welcomed with open arms. Unfortunately there is no lift access to the Spa itself, so not great from a perspective of a Wheelchair User or someone who has limited mobility. So, you may need to consider visiting the Oxford Street Store instead which is fully accessible with lift access.

Hospitality: 5/5 

The spa therapists and all the staff members were incredibly inviting and friendly. But in particular my wonderful Spa Therapist Leah, I would highly recommend booking a treatment with her. She was so attentive, friendly and helpful and was a real sport when I was going around getting all my shots for my blog.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

All in all the Synasthesia was a very unique Spa experience and I hugely enjoyed being able to customise the treatment to my mood and the surprise element that came with it. The Lush Spa treatments are unique, immersive and all about promoting inner wellbeing as well as out. Its a Spa with a difference and one that everyone should try at least once in their lives.

The treatment costs £125, click here to find out more.

You can also buy the corresponding Synasthesia Soundtrack online or in Lush stores.

There are a number of Lush Spas up and down the country including London Chelsea, London Oxford Street, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Poole, Cardiff and Bath.

I hope you enjoyed this blog today, do let me know if you have ever had a Lush Spa treatment and your thoughts on it. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you all next time.


Fashioneyesta xx


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