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Now I know what you’re thinking, you’ve just read the title and clicked on this blog thinking “a £70 lipstick? What the hell! Who in their right mind would spend £70 on a lipstick.”

Indeed I felt the same way for a very long time and even though I lusted after the Christian Louboutin lipsticks I would have never bought on for myself at that hefty price tag. I do love high-end makeup brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford as much as the next person. But, £70 for a lipstick was just a tad to much for my purse strings. However, a few months ago my mother surprised me to one of the Silky Satin lipsticks in the colour Loubeach very kindly as a gift. So, today I am going to give you some of my thoughts on it and if I think its worth the £70 price tag.

These lipsticks come in four finishes Matte, Velvet, Sheer and Satin. They are available in a variety of colours from nude, red, plum, pink, coral and more. My shade, Loubeach, is a really beautiful Opaque warm coral pink. My mother chose that colour for me as she thought I might suit this shade and I do not have a large variety of coral shades in my collection.


Now let me first of all start by saying that this is not a bragging blog, I am not writing this to show off my Louboutin Lipstick. I am simply here to give you my honest opinion of if I think its worth the money and my thoughts on its performance.

First of all, the presentation of this lipstick is seriously impressive on a high-end scale. It comes in a sleek black Christian Louboutin Box with gold edging and writing and the lipstick is nestled in a felt red casing and it also comes with a drawer string bag to keep the lipstick from getting scuffed. The lipstick itself is in a heavy, gold casing with a studded lid and a pointed edge which looks both impressive and intimidating. So if nothing else you could whip this out as your weapon if anyone gives you trouble #deathbymakeup. Anyhow, I digress, this lipstick is inspired by a mixture of Middle Eastern design and the 20s Art Deco movement. The casing itself is very Avant Garde in its appearance and it also has a gold ribbon attached to it for you to hang from somewhere. The presentation is the epitome of high end luxury and for £70 I would certainly expect it to be.


Now onto the lipstick itself, when I first applied the lipstick I noticed how smooth and creamy it felt on the lips. It had a very soft texture once applied and even though it was a Satin finish it didn’t look metallic or shimmery it was a good semi-matte with a slightly glossy finish. Instantly when I applied the lipstick I noticed how smooth and opaque the colour applied on my lips. With some coral colours they aren’t as intense and can apply a bit transparent. But, this colour when applied from the bullet directly is a beautiful warm coral pink shade which looked great on my pale skin, but equally with a tan. However, I also found that I was able to build it up with a lip brush and have a more subtle hint of colour to the lips. The lipstick itself did feel a little firm when applied, but the actual product itself when on the lips felt very comfortable, soft and creamy on the lips.


Its also worth noting that these lipsticks are made using natural butters and seed oils, without Parabens, Mineral Oils, DEA or Phthalates. Again for the price I would expect to pay for more high-end ingredients that are better for you.


As the day drew on and I wore these lipsticks I did notice that I had to touch up my lipstick once or twice. However, as I am hypoglycemic and have to drink and eat at regular intervals thats a common thing with me with any lipstick. But, nevertheless it did stay in place very well and only needed a little touch up to the centre of the lips where the colour was wearing off. As the day went on they did dry matte, however they looked no different in finish to when I first applied them. The colour was still as intense, with a satin finish. The lipstick didn’t dry patchy or cling to the fine lines in my lips it remained to look fairly even and smooth all day. So, for me this is probably one of the best long wearing lipsticks I’ve used, in terms of appearance and how they feel on the lips throughout the day.


Personally, I am glad I finally have one in my collection as they are incredibly beautiful and very much a collector’s item. However, I do not think I would go out and purchase any more due to the prince that they are. I certainly feel that even though the lipstick is good quality and performs well you are paying for the name more than anything else. These lipsticks are more like collectors pieces for people who like high end products or who are invested in the brand. I am a fan on Louboutin’s work, yet I do not think I would go out and purchase more.

So I would say if you have been considering getting one of these lipsticks, invest in one or better yet add it to your Wishlist. Go for one in a colour you would get a lot of wear out of, so your signature colour or a shade and finish that suits you. Do I think they are worth £70, yes and no. These lipsticks do look and perform very well, so in that sense you are paying for a decent lipstick. But, if you really haven’t got that much disposable funds to spend on one, I would say there are other high end lipsticks that perform similarly for a lower price. But, as I said I am impressed with the lipstick and the quality of the product.



These lipsticks are available in 4 finishes. Sheer, Velvet, Matte and Satin.

They retail for £70 on Net a Porter and Selfridges.

Click here to view.

So, there you have it. Those are some of my thoughts on the Christian Louboutin lipstick, let me know in the comments what you think. Would you ever spend £70 on a lipstick? Do you have any yourself and if so what do you think of them?

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Thank you for reading and I will see you all in my next one.


Fashioneyesta xx


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