Gosh Autumn/Winter 2017 Makeup Launches *

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Today I wanted to share with you all some of the new launches that drugstore beauty brand Gosh have recently brought out for Autumn/Winter 2017. They had a blogger event earlier last month, but I was unable to attend due to sickness. So, they very kindly sent me a box with all their new releases for me to try. This was very kind of them and I am incredibly lucky to have so many new makeup products to play with. Gosh is a fantastic beauty brand and makes very good quality makeup products that are also cruelty free and Vegan friendly. As you know I am a huge supporter of cruelty free makeup, which is why I wanted to share this blog with you today.

As well as being cruelty free, the whole range is also Paraben and Perfume Free.

IMG_8781IMG_8810So today I’m going to be chatting through some of their new makeup launches. So, without further adieu, lets begin!

I just want to make one thing clear before I go any further. Whilst Gosh did send me these products, I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with the brand. All opinions expressed are my own.

Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor Anti Pollution


Price: £14.99

Link: Click here 

The first product I’m going to be talking about is a new primer. Gosh have come out with a skin smoothing and anti pollution primer. What makes this primer stand out from other primers that I have tried is that this one also contains a tint. When you apply this to your skin it adapts to your unique skin tone. But, it also protects your skin from pollutants like car fumes and cigarette smoke. Our skin certainly takes on a lot and if you  use a toner after cleansing your skin you will see just how much pollutants our skin harbours. This primer is great in the sense that it is anti-pollutant like some high-end primers I have used and it also gives your skin a good base to work on. This also makes your skin feel incredibly smooth after use.

Primer & Mattifying Setting Powder in Banana 


Price: £9.99

Link: Click here

Yellow toned powders have been popular ever since Ben Nye came out with the Banana setting powder way back when. But, its great to see drugstore brands bringing out their own version of the Banana powder making it accessible to everyone. Essentially this yellow toned powder is designed to cancel out any dark under eye circles, neutralise redness and to mattify the skin so that your makeup lasts all day. I don’t personally ‘bake’ everywhere, however I do like to set my makeup under my eyes to prevent it from creasing. For any of you who don’t know the terms ‘baking’ your makeup is where you set your makeup in place using a loose powder and waiting for a few minutes for it to set your concealer or foundation. This powder is very finely milled and has a light texture to it and I’m really excited to give it a try especially as I do start to get a little pink during the colder months.

Colour Corrector Kit


Price: £11.99

Link: Click here 

Gosh have also launched a colour correcting palette, now again colour correcting has been a big beauty trend recently with lots of drugstore brands releasing their own versions of colour correctors. However, what I love about the Gosh one is that you have a palette of every colour you could possibly need as opposed to having to buy them separately like you do with other brands. This makes it very travel friendly and perfect for on the go, you also get a little mirror in the palette too. In this kit you get five colour correcting shades which all can be sued for different things. The red is to cover any imperfections, the purple is to cancel out yellow undertones, the green is for redness, the yellow is for blue/purple tones in the skin especially on the under eye area and the peach is for brightening the under eye area if showing signs of fatigue. The shades are in a cream formula which are very easy to blend and merge in with the skin. A little goes a long way with this product and I would suggest applying it underneath your foundation to make it look as natural as possible.

New Shades of Lumi Drops


Price: £7.99

Link: Click here 

One of the things that I am most excited about from the new collection are the new shades of highlighting Lumi Drops (be still my beating heart.) I utterly love Lumi Drops I have a number of them in my collection in both the skin base range and the blush range. Gosh have added two new highlighter shades to the range which are a liquid highlighter to create that strobed, super glowy look to the skin. One of the shades is in Gold and the other Rose Gold. I got sent the rose gold one which I am very happy about and I absolutely love how warm toned and shimmery it is. It blends beautifully into the skin, you can apply it to the cheekbones and brow bone as a highlighter with a brush or a sponge. A little goes a long way and once blended it creates such a beautiful halo effect glow on your face. You can also use it underneath your foundation too according to Gosh, I am yet to try this but I will certainly be doing so to see the results.

Lift and Highlight Pencils


Price: £9.99

Link; Click here

Now, I do love a bit of highlight, I think if I could only ever use one makeup product it would be highlighter. Luckily for me Gosh have launched 2 new highlighter pencils in Nude and Rose. I have the shade in nude which is a soft skin tone shade with a slight shimmer. These are two-sided pencils which have a matte shade on one side and a shimmery shade on the other. The idea of these is that you can use them to highlight and accentuate your features like your brow tone, cupids bow and the inner corner of your eye. The matte shade would act as a contour shade and the shimmer adds some a little highlight. I am incredibly excited to try this, as I think it would be fantastic to carve our your eyebrows and accentuate the eyes.

Eyeshadow Primer 


Price: £8.99

Link: Click here 

Now lets move onto eyes, Gosh have launched a new eyeshadow primer. This primer has a matte finish in a nude colour, so it also cancels out any discolouration on your eyelids. It’s quite pigmented and is fantastic if you are using less pigmented shadows as it gives them a good base to work on. Some people might say ‘do you actually need eyeshadow primer?’ and trust me it might seem a bit extravagant at first. But, it really helps to keep the shadows in place and prevents them from creasing. It’s also amazing if you, like me, have hooded eyes and the shadows can transfer. It helps them stay in place for longer. This eyeshadow primer is also apparently waterproof, although I will have to do some testing where that claim is concerned. Although let’s be real, no makeup product is going to last if your diving into a pool of water with a full face of makeup…really.

9 Shades Eyeshadow Palette to Party in London


Price: £11.99

Link: Click here 

The next product and probably one of my favoruties is a new 9 shadow eyeshadow palette. Gosh have come out with a new palette which features 9 beautiful, shimmery eyeshadows from light to dark in really rich saltry, jewel tones. This palette is utterly stunning and the shadows are so incredibly buttery, rich and pigmented. The quality of these shadows blew me away and when I read the press release and saw how much it was I had to double take. £11.99 for 9 shadows of such good quality is absolutely amazing. I can honestly vow that I have never sued drugstore eyeshadows that are such incredible quality, so pigmented and easy to blend. There is a little fallout, but not a lot. I am so impressed with the palette, it’s a great size and you have some very beatiful shades for the Autumn.


Swatches and shade descriptions.

Shades going from left to right.

Shade One: A shimmery cool, champagne shade.

Shade Two: A deep, shimmery indigo blue shade.

Shade Three: A dark, shimmery grey.

Shade Four: A warm gold, shimmery shade.

Shade Five: A warm amber, shimmery shade.

Shade Six: A warm, shimmery brown shade.

Shade Seven: A cool toned, shimmery champagne pink.

Shade Eight: A rich, shimmery aubergine.

Shade Nine: A shimmery grey toned black.

Brow Growth Serum 


Price: £14.99

Link: Click here 

A product that really intrigued me was this new Brow Growth Serum, now you know how I am about my brows so anything to keep them full sounds good to me. Although I have only just started to use this, so I cannot pass comment on whether it does stimulate your brows to grow just yet. This serum is made with a SymPeptide Xlash which stimulates the Keratin in your eyebrows making them grow thicker. You apply this to clean brows at night before bed and it acts like a treatment. So, I shall use this and if i notice any different I will update you on my progress.

My Favourite Mascara 


Price: £8.99

Link: Click here 

Finally, Gosh have also launched a new mascara titled My Favourite Mascara, well Gosh you are certainly confident in their products. This mascara wand has a mixture of both short and long bristles to coat every individual lash and to give them definition and length. This mascara wand is also washable according to Gosh, you can wash it in warm water if you desire. I’ll be very interested to test this, as one thing I hate about my mascaras is how clumpy the wand gets after time no matter how many times you wipe it on some tissue. One thing I will say when trying out their mascaras in the past is that they are always very gentle on the eyes and never make them feel irritated like other drugstore mascaras have. So, I do love that about Gosh products, they are very kind to the skin and the eyes. I do also love the wand of this mascara, there are lots of bristles to the wand and I find with those types of wands you can always get each lash a lot easier.

All in all, I think Gosh have done a fantastic job with their new collection, with some really cool launches. I’m so excited to try everything and hopefully feature it in an upcoming tutorial on my YouTube channel. If you were going to try anything from the new range I would probably suggest the palette as it has some very beautiful shades that would look incredible for the Autumn and the Lumi Drops as they are stunning. All the products are available to buy in Superdrug in store and online.


Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 offer on Gosh too, so its worth checking out now if you want to grab yourself a bargain.

Thank you so much for reading my blog today. Be sure to like, comment and subscribe to my blog for future posts. Have a fantastic day and I will see you all next time!

Fashioneyesta xx

*This blog contains PR samples.

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  1. Love this post! Not tried any of these products myself yet but might have to give them a go because they look so nice and sound so good! Also, your photos are gorgeous!

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