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Today I wanted to share with you all my recent day out in London to the Lush Creative Showcase 2017. Now I was very lucky to be invited by Lush to attend the event last week after my work with them on developing the new till systems for people with sight loss. So last week me and my mother and guide dog Unity headed up to Billingsgate Walk to check out all the exciting new launches.

Now I will openly admit, I was a little clued in to all the new releases a lot earlier after being invited on a Lush Factory tour earlier in the month when I was down in Poole. So I did know about some of the products (mainly the Christmas launches) before most people. Although it was so great to see them all finished and ready and I may have spent a small fortune on a number of them at the showcase too!

I also filmed a vlog over on my vlog channel FashioneyestaExtra, which you can check out below.


If you’ve never been to a Lush Creative Showcase before, the showcase is ultimately an even for hardcore Lush fans to come together and see all the new developments in the company. As I work for Lush myself I do think I quality as a fan! Theres music, talks, performances and lots of fun activities throughout the day. There are also lots of characters walking around the place, like Santa and some of his Elves!

One of the first new launches that people are all getting incredibly excited about is the perfumes! Lush are soon to launch a whole new selection of perfumes along with their classics like Karma in new rebranded packaging. The new packaging is a sophisticated, simple design of black background and white text. Giving the bottles a more high end, premium feel. However, I am incredibly excited about so many of the new perfumes that each have their own unique story about how they came into being like Rentless and I’m Home.

There was even a section in the showcase where a wall was constructed with different sections having each perfume on a large board. So as you went through this passage you got this delightful whiffs of all the different scents notes of Patchouli, Tonka, Orange Oil and Sandalwood.





Another new development with Lush is the launch of more naked products, as some of you may know one of Lush’s key values is their naked products. Lush as a company try to conserve the environment in every thinkable way and making products that don’t require packaging, ergo naked products, is one way they try to keep with that ethos. At the showcase we saw lots of exclusive products like the prodction of their naked shower gels which are essentially reformulated versions of the shower gels in solid versions. The only difference about this is one key ingredient which makes them solid, apart form that they are the same as the previous shower gels. But this Christmas we can also expect to see lots of naked products from the naked chrismtas shower gels like classics Bubbly, Snow Fairy, Rose Jam and Twilight as well as new releases such as Santa’s Post Box and Berry Christmas. Then another super exciting launch are the new solid body conditioners in Christmas scents like Snow Fairy, Christingle, Bubbly and So White. There are of course lots of other naked products like the naked shower scrubs and the new glitter jars and massage oils. This Christmas we can expect to see so many naked products on the shelves, these are great because they require no preservatives, they are light and easy to travel with and they are better for the environment. I got to try a variety of naked products and let me tell you the So White (or Once Upon a Time) Body Conditioner is utterly divine! If you like a crisp fruity apple scent and you liked the So White Bath Bomb you will adore this!



Continuing with the theme of Christmas, there are lots of bath products this year both old and new. Some of our cult classics are returning for another year like The Magic of Christmas, Golden Wonder, Shoot for the Stars, Candy Mountain and Butterbear. But we can also expect to see some really cool new products like a Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, a new version of Star Bright Bath Melt, Thundersnow Bath Bomb and an adorable little Snow Man bubble bar which is taking the spot of Peeping Santa. Although to be honest that Peeping Santa did freak me out a little! So I am glad to have it replaced with Snow Man, sshhh don’t tell anyone! Another cool bath bomb is called Christmas Sweater which is a red bath bomb with a white reindeer pattern. Its a very warm and spicy blend and I got a chance to make one of them at the showcase which was so cool! I cannot wait to use it.



There was also a part of the showcase in the Christmas area where they had a 80s Christmas set up complete with trees, sofas, gifts, vintage Christmas jumpers, hats and a camera to take a souvenir photo. Unity even made an appearance in her reindeer antlers with me and my mother in our Christmas jumpers, but as you can see below she certainly did not approve!



When we walked into the Christmas gift section of the showcase I was in utter raptures, it got me so in the mood for Christmas and its only September! I must say Lush have really outdone themselves where gifts are concerned this year, the packaging is so stunning! From whimsical cute designs like tins of bath bombs depicting scenes of people skating in a snowy village to colourful rebranded versions of classic gifts like The Night Before Christmas and Secret Garden.  I also love the variety of products in the gifts, The Man in the Moon gift set has a lovely selection of space themed products like the whole Twilight Range, Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb and Rocket Science Bath Bomb. But, in all honesty, I have been working for Lush for a year and before that I was a customer for around 3 years. Let me tell you I think this year is hands down the best for gifts than in any other years.


Finally Halloween also crept up on us at the showcase, this year for Halloween we are seeing some cult classics return like Lord of Misrule and Sparkly Pumpkin. But some of last years products are returning like Pumpkin Bath Bomb and Monsters Ball. We also have new editions like the Bewitched Bubble Bar which is an adorable black cats face scented with bergamot and Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb with sweet orange oil. But, seriously for me Sparkly Pumpkin will always be the best!


So that concludes this blog for today, I really hope you enjoyed it.

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Also comment below with what product you are most excited to see from Lush.

Thank you so much for reading this blog today and I will see you all next time!

Fashioneyesta xx

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