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Today I’m going to be reviewing the much hyped about Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. Ever since Urban Decay launched it at the beginning of August people have been raving about the palette featuring lots of warm neutrals. Warm neutrals have been huge this year for eyes and I was delighted that Urban Decay got on board the hype and brought out their own warn neutrals palette.

Now I was sent this palette by the lovely Urban Decay PR team to review, which I am so incredibly lucky and grateful for. I’ve been a huge fan of Urban Decay for years and in particular their eyeshadow palettes. I own every single Naked Palette and use them on a regular basis. So I did have a hunch that I was going to love this palette and especially as I’m a warm toned eyeshadow lover. I’m a redhead with blue eyes and anything warm toned is perfect for my colouring. So to say I was excited over this palette would be a bit on an understatement…I may have done a little happy dance when the postman arrived.

Anyhow I have been meaning to review the palette for a few weeks now, but with my Masters Degree coming to an end I really didn’t get the time to review it in August like I had planned. But, now that we are in Autumn warm neutrals are always a huge beauty trend, so I wanted to give you some of my thoughts on this palette along with swatches and shade descriptions.


Now can we first of all talk about the packaging? I know, I know! You shouldn’t simply buy a product because of the packaging, but come on you know as well as I do we all get sucked into the cute packaging ploy! Especially if you are into Instagram like I am, packaging does play a part in a product for me. The Naked Heat package is similar to the packaging of the Naked Smokey, in the sense that it’s a hard, smooth case with the words Naked Heat embossed on the front. The colour themes is a striking firmly mix of oranges, reds and dark browns. It has a special effect to make it appear as if you are looking into a furnace. It’s a very striking palette to say the least. When you open the palette there is a full-sized mirror, so its perfect for traveling and 12 simply beautiful shades.


This palette also comes with a double ended brush, one side is more tapered making it great for precise work like the crease and the inner corner. The other side is larger and a little more fluffy,  good for laying down colours and packing them on or for blending. I have to say out of all the palettes that ever come with brushes, I think Urban Decay brushes are the only ones I ever actually like and use. Theres always more effort put into the brushes on Urban Decay’s part.

Now onto the shades, this palette features 12 shades, 1 of them is a shimmer shade, 3 of them are metallic and the other 8 are matte. Although one shade, Ounce is classed as a shimmery toned ivory, but to see it looks more satin/matte finish. It has a very slight shimmer, but I personally wouldn’t class it as a shimmer shade myself. But, that’s just my observation you have to remember I am severely sight impaired so my peepers might just not be able to pick up the micro fine shimmer particles!

Swatches and Shade Descriptions


Swatches above Left to right.

The only shade I couldn’t swatch was Ounce, try as I might that shade just disappeared onto my pale skin tone. But, it is a pretty shade and works great for the inner corners and brow bone.

Shade Descriptions

Ounce: An satin ivory shade.

Chaser:  A light matte, nude shade.

Sauced: A warm terra cotta brown, matte shade.

Low Blow: A mid brown tone matte.

Lumbre: A copper shimmer with gold reflex.

He Devil: A warm reddish slightly brown toned matte shade.

Dirty Talk: A metallic, burnt red shade.

Scorched: A deep metallic red, with gold shimmer reflex.

Cayenne: A deep terra-cotta brown matte shade.

En Fuego: A deep Burgundy matte shade.

Ashes: A deep brown toned red matte shade.

Ember: A deep metallic burgundy shade with copper undertones.

My personal favourite shades from the palette are Lumber, Scorched, Dirty Talk and He Devil.


When I started using this palette I was so incredibly impressed with the intensity of the shadows and how pigmented they were. The matte shades are really creamy, buttery and easy to blend and I feel like the formulation of the shadows gets better and better with each palette they release. The matte shades were pigmented enough, but the metallics…be still my beating heart! They were so incredibly pigmented and intense, they apply so quickly and evenly. They are not in any way patchy and you only have to apply them with a few brush strokes. I really noticed the intensity of the shadows with shades like He Devil, Scorched, Dirty Talk and even the lighter ones like Sauced and Low Blow. One of the things I loved about the palette was how easy  and quick the shadows are to use, they blend really quickly and settle down beautifully on the eye. If you make a mistake you don’t have to give yourself an arm workout blending it for half an hour, they blend seamlessly into the skin and take a very short amount of effort to correct. In this sense this palette is perfect for anyone new to eye makeup who wants to branch out with more colours or for people who, like myself have limited eyesight. One thing I look for in a palette is how easy the shades are to blend and correct if I make a mistake. Well, these shades are incredibly suited for that, even though they are very intense shades Urban Decay makes them less daunting by making them so easy to blend.  There was hardly any fallout with this palette which really pleasantly surprised me, usually with darker shades and metallic like these I notice fallout which I have to dust away. I had my fan brush at the ready to dust the fallout off my face, yet there wasn’t any or when there was it was incredibly minimal.

This palette also has a really good shade range, sometimes with previous Urban Decay palettes they have featured more dark shades than light shades. Now although this palette does feature some darker shades to use on the outer V and to smoke it up like Ashes and Ember, pretty much most of the shades are very wearable and you could easily blend them to create a more daytime look. This palette has a good range of shades and I like the fact that this shade had more mattes than shimmers as I feel that sometimes a palette that has more shimmer tones isn’t as easy to use on a daily basis. But, this is a palette you could absolutely take with you on holiday or traveling and you would have everything you need to create different eye looks.

The Naked Heat is definitely one for a warm toned eyeshadow lover, if you like your warm neutrals, your coppers, burnt oranges, browns, golds and burgundy shades this will be the palette for you. If you like creating really warm toned sultry looks you will love this palette too. But, equally if you are looking for a warm toned, Fall appropriate palette I think this palette is ideal for Autumn time. Even though I was experimenting with the palette throughout August I can safely say that this palette will be one of my go to palettes for Autumn. The shades are so incredibly beautiful and I love the fact that this palette lives up to its name. This palette is very much a warm toned palette, each shade is warm toned. When Urban Decay said Naked Heat was warmed toned, they were not joking!


Get The Look

If you want to know how I used this palette you can check out my recent Autumn Makeup Look on my YouTube channel below.


I used a mixture of Lumber and Dirty Talk on the lids for a pop of metallic colour. I used Dirty Talk all over and then Lumbre on the centre of the lid to create a spotlight effect. I then used Sauced on the socket line to act as my transitional shade, don’t let its light appearance fool you this shade is very pigmented and you only need a little bit. I then used He Devil on the crease to create definition with a tapered blending brush. Then I took a mixture of Low Blow and Lumbre on my lower lash-line to smoke it out to create a warm, toned smokey eye. Finally, I finished off with a little bit of Ounce on my brow-bone and inner-corner for a bit of highlight. I was so impressed with the look, I thought the colours blended together seamlessly to create a really warm toned smokey makeup look.

IMG_9917Makeup look

Now onto the final scoring…

Accessibility: 4\5 

The palette is pretty easy to find if you have limited eyesight like myself, the warm orange and red tone colours of the packaging really do stand out. The actual palette is also embossed with the words, giving it a tactile feel. Each shade is separated in its own individual pan and Urban Decay make it easy on their website with ordered, specific shade descriptions if you are unsure. The palette is easy to open with a magnetised closure and the mirror is also a large size, making it easy to see yourself and what you are doing.

Ease of Use: 5/5 

Hands down, one of the best palettes for blendability and pigmentation. Even though the shades are very pigmented, they are also very easy to blend and to use. There is hardly any fallout or none whatsoever when using these shadows.

Value for Money: 5/5 

I personally think that Urban Decay eyeshadows are some of the best quality eyeshadows on the beauty market. For that reason I strongly believe that you get what you pay for. This palette retails for £39.50 for 12 shades and I can honestly say that I was going to go out and purchase this palette with my own money. But, I was so lucky to be sent it, so I didn’t have to. But, I personally believe it is worth the price, because the quality of the shadows really shows when you use them.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

All in all I was so impressed with the palette. It features a variety of beautiful shades, they are easy to use and this palette is perfect to create warm toned looks. This palette will be my go to palette this Autumn.

Urban Decay you did it again!

The palette currently retails for £39.50. In the UK it can be purchased from Urban Decay online, Debenhams, Feelunique, House of Fraser and John Lewis. 

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Let me know in the comments if you have this palette and if so what you think of it.

Have a wonderful day and I will see you in my next blog!



* This blog post contains PR samples. All views expressed are my own.*

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