Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara: Review *

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Today I have a new review for you on the latest launch from one of my favourite cosmetic companies Urban Decay. Urban Decay launched their brand new Troublemaker Mascara yesterday (the 28th of September 2017.) I was very kindly sent the mascara to try by the PR team at Urban Decay. So, today I thought I’d give you some of my thoughts on it.

The Troublemaker mascara has been created by Urban Decay to give you super black lashes with its heavily pigmented formula, whilst the wand gives you maximum volume and a flutter effect to your eyelashes. The formula is made with hollow silica and ultralight fibre add weightless volume to the lashes. It also has vitamin E and panthenol to condition the lashes. It also contains polymers to have the mascara stay in place without smudging or transferring.

Urban Decay’s key claims are that this mascara gives ultimate fullness and volume to the lashes, that it gives length and the last one…is that its sex-proof.😂 But as to the validity of that claim…well I guess you’d have to test that claim for yourself.


Now lets start off, as many of us do, with the packaging of the mascara. I really love what Urban Decay have done with it, they have given this mascara a cutting edge asthetic with a stylish holographic tube which has accents of green, blue and purple. When you open the mascara you find a thin wand which has a number of soft, tiny bristles to help grab every individual lash. One thing I always look for in a mascara is the wand, I utterly hate large, long bristles and gravitate towards thinner wands with shorter bristles so that its easy to apply and harder to make a mistake. Because I have Nystagmus, an eye condition which makes your eyes shake involuntarily, mascara is always a precarious business for me. But, what I like about this wand is that its thin enough to easily coat those lower lashes without smudging them.


The mascara was incredibly easy to apply, it coated the lashes pretty easily and you could really see the pigmentation of it instantly.. The mascara is a true, jet black, very deep and intense. In fact it’s probably one of the most pigmented mascaras I’ve tried, it has a slight glossy finish to it and you start to see the impact after just one coat. What I noticed straight away about this mascara is that it does live up to its claim of giving your lashes volume. My lashes were incredibly thick after just one coat of the mascara, if you are someone who likes volume and thickness were lashes are concerned you would like this mascara. This is not a mascara for definition or lash separation, although you can easily run an eyebrow comb through your lashes before it dries to separate them. I didn’t notice any smudging with the mascara and it dried very quickly after application.



I wore it for an evening out to really put it through its paces, now what I did notice about it is that it does have a lightweight feel. Its not as lightweight as some mascaras I’ve used, but then again they don’t give the volume that this mascara gave. So I would expect it to have a little weight to it. My lashes have never been so full and plumped up with any other mascara that I’ve used.  Yet, it still had a comfortable texture to it when dried and I didn’t notice any smudging or transfer of product to my under eyes.

I personally the weather gods must have known I was testing a new mascara, because when I stepped out of the restaurant I had been in with a friend that night it was utterly pouring down….and I didn’t bring an umbrella. So to say I got wet is a little bit of an understatement! If you don’t believe me I’m sure my friend will vouch for me in the comment section below. Now when I got home and checked my appearance I was so surprised to find that my mascara hadn’t smudged or transferred at all. It has utterly stayed in place despite the downpour. It certainly is smudge proof and will stolidly stay in place for the time that you are wearing it. What further proved this was when it came to taking it off, it did take a while to remove with my cleansing water. I had to go through a number of cotton pads and cleanser to remove it from my eyes. So in that sense I’m not sure I’d use it for my everyday mascara for that main reason, certainly if it was hot, humid or I needed a mascara that stayed put I would reach for it.


That being said I was very impressed with the results of this mascara, this mascara really does pack a punch. It’s a true black, it gives volume and it doesn’t budge! I would personally use this as my mascara of choice for a night out.


Now onto the final scoring…

Accessibility: 5/5

The product was easy to open and to handle. The small bristles of the brush and the thin size of the wand made it easy to use without making a mistake.

Ease of Application: 4/5 

It was pretty easy to apply as far as mascaras go. The wand was thin and tapered though to be able to get into the hard to reach areas like the inner lashes and lower lashes. It didn’t smudge or transfer on application or after application. However, it is a little difficult to remove, so a more heavy-duty eye-makeup remover might be needed in this case.

Value for Money: 4/5 

Even though I was sent this mascara to review, I personally love the quality and the effect that it gave. I personally think that it’s a good price point for the appearance it gives and I would certainly repurchase it.

Overall Quality: 5/5

All in all I was very impressed with the quality of the mascara. I love the pigmentation it gives to the lashes, a true glossy black. It gave amazing volume and thickness and stayed in place despite the fact that I was practically submerged in a torrent of rain. So, the Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara gets a thumbs up from me. I will definitely be reaching for this mascara on those days I want to give my lashes maximum volume.

The Troublemaker Mascara retails for £19.50 and can be purchased on the Urban Decay website. Click here to view.

Thank you all for reading this blog today. Do be sure to like, comment and subscribe for future posts and I will see you all next time.

Fashioneyesta xx

This product contains PR samples. All views expressed are my own. This post is not sponsored or affiliated with the company.

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One thought on “Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara: Review *

  1. Yeah, it was rather wet that night! I’d have gladly let you wear my coat if you’d wanted, but it might have been rather too big, lol! In any case, I can verify that the makeup firmly survived Mother Nature’s attempts to sabotage it. The rain didn’t stop you looking glamorous, even when we were both a bedraggled mess by the time we got to the station! 🙂

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