Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette: Review and Swatches

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Today I have another review for you and its going to be talking about the much hyped about latest release from Charlotte Tilbury. Charlotte Tilbury as many of you probably know is one of my all time favourite makeup brands and everything she releases is pure makeup porn! So anyhow, she has recently come out with the Instant Eye Palette, a stunning new palette featuring 12 eyeshadow shades. The palette is out to buy now, although I managed to grab one on the pre-sale in September.

Today I’m going to give you some of my thoughts on it and what I thought of Tilbruy’s latest creation.

So without further ado…


Now I want to first of all begin with the packaging, Charlotte Tilbury is the ultimate brand for high-end packaging. The palette is a sleek gold design featuring a large mirror and embossed gold hard casing. The packaging is in Charlotte Tilbury’s classic Hollywood design with the touch of old 20s glamour in an Art Deco inspired pattern.  The box itself is beautiful too with a gold eye image embossed on the front. Charlotte Tilbury packaging is always a winner and one of the reasons why I believe (apart from the amazing quality) that you get what you pay for.


The palette retails for £60 which for some may sound like a hefty price to pay for a palette. However, as a Charlotte Tilbury fan I don’t consider this a large amount considering that one of her eyeshadow quads cost £39 for four shadows. So when you think of it like that you’re paying an extra £21 for another 8 shades. Now that’s what I can good value, for Charlotte Tilbury standards anyway.


One of the things I adore about this palette is how simple Charlotte has made it to use. Whether you are a makeup novice or a pro, its such a whiz to apply and create some makeup looks with. The palette is divided into four sections with three shades being devoted to creating a particular eye look. Theres a day look, a work look, a date look and a night look. As you go along the palette each three shades are dedicated to that particular look making it incredibly simply to navigate and to use. One of the things I get asked a lot a visually impaired makeup blogger is what makeup products are the easiest to use. A lot of my totally blind followers always ask me which palettes are the easiest to use if you are blind and new to makeup. Well my friends, I think the search is over! This palette is hands down probably one of the most user-friendly palettes for anyone, but especially for people with little or no eyesight. The reason I say this is because you would be able to count from the start each three shades and know that makes up your look for whatever look you are trying to create. Each shade is divided in its individual pan, so navigating this palette is a breeze. Of course you can mix and match and use whatever shades you like. But, if you’re feeling uncreative or uninspired you can simply go with the looks that have already been curated in the palette.

Swatches and Shade Descritpons 


Swatches: Left to right.

Now onto the swatches, to make this simpler I’m going to make this simpler by dividing the swatches into their individual looks. Each look has a prime shade to apply all over, an enhance shade to apply to the lid for a pop of colour or to the crease to add some definition and a smoke shade to add to the outer v to create some intensity.


Day Eye

The Day Eye look is more of a simple, go to everyday look with natural brown shades.

Prime: A matte cream shade.

Enhance: A shimmering brown shade.

Smoke: A matte taupe shade.


Desk Eye

The Desk Eye look features more champagne and pink toned shades for something a little more glam for work.

Prime: A light champagne pink shimmery shade.

Enhance: A mid tone chocolate-brown matte shade.

Smoke: A warm caramel brown matte shade.


Date Eye

The Date Eye look has more sultry mauve toned shades for a more dark, romantic eye look.

Prime: A shimmering light mauve grey shade.

Enhance: A deep shimmery pearl shade.

Smoke: A dark chocolate-brown matte shade.


Disco Eye

The Disco Eye look is a all out shimmery look for a full on glam, evening look.

Prime: A light shimmery gold shade.

Enhance: A shimmery khaki green shade with gold shimmer.

Smoke: A black matte shade.

This palette has a good range of shades, from light shades to dark, matte and shimmers. So you’d have everything you need to create a variety of eye-makeup looks. This would also make a great palette if you’re a student or your traveling as you wouldn’t need a ton of palettes to take with you. This palette has four different looks that would see you through every occasion.

As for the quality of the shadows, I have never yet been let down by any of the Charlotte Tilbury palettes I’ve purchased. This palette is no acceptation, the shadows are incredibly gorgeous and well formulated. Each look has been created with a lot of consideration and create very put together looks. I particularly love Desk Eye for its Champaign and chocolate-brown shades and Date Eye for its more sultry, romantic shades.

They blend so easily and really melt into the skin, no matter what your experience with makeup is these shadows always make you look polished. With the shimmery shades you can apply them to the lid with your finger to get optimum pigmentation. Or you can apply them with a brush for a more subtle wash of colour. They look great on my pale skin tone too, that’s one thing Charlotte always gets right. She always manages to pull out a palette out of the bag that looks incredible on lots of different skin tones. This isn’t a palette for people who like a lot more vibrant colours, this palette is for those days where you want to create elegant and sophisticated looks without thinking about which shadows to use. I personally love this palette for how wearable all the shadows are and how beautiful they look on the skin once blended.  They have very good staying power and they wear very well, they don’t smudge or transfer and they stay put once applied.

In the pictures below I used Desk Eye alongside the Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick Eyeliner and the Legendary Lashes Mascara.


Now onto the final scoring…

Accessibility: 5/5

This palette is so incredibly accessible, each three shades create a look for a particular occasion. It’s so easy to navigate and to distinguish for its tactile feel if you have little or no eyesight. The mirror is full-sized making it great for traveling.

Ease of Application: 5/5

The shadows are incredibly easy to blend and to apply. They have great longevity and the different looks all blend very seamlessly and harmonise with each other.

Value for Money: 5/5

As a Charlotte Tilbury fan, I personally think this is very good value for money. When you consider it against the eyeshadow quads which I do love and use regally, you are getting a better deal. You get eight more shadows for a little extra of the price of a quad, so in that respect it is good value for money. Especially as the shadows are just as good quality as her eyeshadow quads.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

The palette is great in many ways. It has stunning packaging and presentation, the shades are amazing quality, its incredible easy and accessible to use no matter what your experience with makeup is. All in all this is a very well presented and well thought out makeup palette which is perfect for those who are on the go or like to travel light.

Charlotte Tilbury well done, you did it again!

Might I also add, this palette is limited edition. So…get it while you can folks!


The palette retails for £60 on Charlotte Tilbury and Cult Beauty.

Click here to view the palette.

So that concludes todays blog, I really hope you enjoyed it. Do let me know if you have this palette and what you think of it.

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And I will see you all next time!

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