Lush Oxford Street Spa “The Good Hour” Treatment: Review

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Today I have a very exciting blog post to share with you all and it’s going to be on my recent Lush Spa Treatment. Earlier last week I went to the Lush Oxford Street Spa with my friend to have the Good Hour Spa Treatment. We had booked this months ago and I cannot even tell you how ready we were for this treatment. After the year I’ve had working on my dissertation for my MA and all the stress of finishing my Masters Degree I was so eager to have a bit of pampering. My back was utterly riddled with knots after so many moths of being hunched over my laptop.

I’ve previously reviewed two other Lush Spa Treatments including The Spell Treatment and The Synasthesia Treatment. So be sure to check those out if you are interested in hearing about the different Spa Treatments on offer.

There are a number of Lush Spas up and down the UK including 2 in London Oxford Street and Kings Road, Leeds, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Bath and Liverpool. I’ve personally been to the Oxford Street Spa (twice) and the Kings Road Spa, both of which were amazing experiences with incredible therapists. Although I have to say the Oxford Street store more accessible for people with disabilities, so that might be something to consider.

Because there were two of us we got the pleasure of visiting the double treatment room, which is very spacious and easy to navigate. So, if you’re looking at treating yourself and someone special in your life, note that.


One word that I would use to describe the Lush Spa treatments is “immersive”, every treatment I have had has never failed to transport me to another reality and to a different sense of space and time. Time just seems to slow down during the treatment and you become totally immersed in the music, the scents and the treatment itself. So much thought has been put into the treatments and no detail is left out. Each spa treatment has an individual technique, its own soundtrack and has its own trademark features from scent to products that are used.


Anyhow, lets press onto the treatment, The Good Hour treatment took my fancy after I did a little research into what it offers. The treatment is a 70 minute deep tissue massage aimed at relieving tension in the body. It uses a combination of trigger pointing and tailoring the massage to your particular areas where you are experiencing pain or discomfort or “knots” as they are commonly known. The idea behind the treatment is that when you face difficult times in your life, you stow your problems in your body in the form of these knots. The tension builds up and when that happens it needs to be released.


Now I will warn you, this treatment is firm pressure. Throughout the treatment your therapist will massage you with a firm technique to really work away the tension. Trigger pointing is essentially where you press on a knot firmly and once you release the pressure blood flows back to the knot to receive the tension. The massage technique is based around the idea of being on a ship with the rippling waves and the tug of ropes on a sailors ship. So you feel as if you are being firmly pulled and stretched out like a rope. Don’t worry it might sound a little strange, but please trust me it works! So this is a treatment targeted to those who are looking for a very deep tissue massage. Which I was, my back was in ache overdrive after months of neglect and late nights spent on the computer.

The other thing I will warn you about is that you aren’t wearing a lot of clothing, you are wearing only your undies. Although you are covered under a blanket, so don’t threat that you’ll be exposed. You are pretty much covered up and the therapists at the spa are always so lovely and make you feel incredibly comfortable.


Like I said earlier, each treatment has its own unique soundtrack which is created to suit the pace and the theme of the treatment. The Good Hour treatment is themed around the idea of the sea and ships, so the soundtrack is equally like this. It’s a wonderful mix of soothing sea sounds, haunting ballads and upbeat songs of a sailor’s life. Its a really interesting mix of music and one that I enjoyed listening to. You can also listen to the spa music to get an idea of what you would be listening to by clicking here. 


After we arrived at the Spa, we were then taken into the consultation room. For any of you who aren’t familiar with the Lush Spas the decor is a warm abode which takes elements from a classic English cottage with fresh flowers, fruit, little coloured glass bottles of essential oils, wooden tables and chairs and a cosy seating area covered with blankets. It’s a very inviting space, worlds away from other spas that sometimes have a less personal feel.


After filling in a declaration fourm and chatting with our therapists about the spa and areas where we had discomfort and wanted to be targeted, it was then time to find out about the products that were going to be used. Now, a lot of the products in the spa treatments are ones that you can actually buy in Lush stores, including the music. These treatment was very simple in the sense that there were only three products used in the treatment.


The first product is a small Big Blue Bath Bomb, this is an incredibly relaxing bath bomb made with Sea Salt, Seaweed, Lavender and Lemon Oil. It smells like the sea and is made to help you relax and unwind. However, this is a small size which is diffused in the room in a large jug. As this treatment is sea themed, it stands to reason that the scent in the room would also add towards creating this illusion.


Next is a jelly which is made with Eucalyptus to help sooth muscle pain, its placed on ice to create that cooling effect and then placed on parts of the body to sooth any tension.


Finally, as this is a massage treatment is the massage bar or bars in this case. You are allowed to pick from three massage bars that the therapist will sue on you during the treatment either Hottie, Wiccy Magic Muscles and Each Peach. I ended up choosing Wiccy Magic Muscles which is made with Organic Cocoa Butter, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Peppermint Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil. This is a great one to receive tension and to promote better circulation, its one of my favourite massage bars for how it makes me feel after using it.


After choosing the massage bar, we were taken into the treatment room and left to remove our clothing before the treatment began. There is one little surprise once you get in the room, however I’m not going to spoil that for you. You’ll just have to wait and find out. Unity my guide dog was also in the room with me and she skulked off into a corner and fell asleep for the hour.

The treatment was 70 minutes of deep massage which had a rhythmic feel to it, starting from the neck and working its way down to the feet. All areas were covered but in my case specific attention was dedicated to my back, legs and shoulders where I described the majority of my discomfort. The trigger pointing and the pressure of the massage did get a little intense at times, but I knew it would be worth it in the end.

I was right, after my treatment my back felt free, it felt as if it had been wiped clean of knots and aches and I feel as good as new! I will defiantly be having this treatment again when I feel its needed.

We finished off with a cup of English Breakfast Tea with an optional shot of Rum to add to the theme and ships biscuits (shortbread). After that I and my friend floated out of the shop, feeling completely ready for our beds. I would strongly suggest after you have any treatment at the Lush Spa to book yourself a taxi home and spend the rest of the day relaxing to really feel the benefits of the treatment.

All in all, I really enjoyed this treatment. It’s ideal for people who get a lot of tension of back pain, perhaps for anyone who does a lot of physical work. As it is comparable to a sports massage in the sort of pressure that’s applied. It’s very simple and easy, but it works very well and does the job effectively.

The Lush Spa treatments are a great gift to give someone who you feel needs a little pampering. They range in prices and focus on different elements of the body and themes from massage, facial to reflexology. So, be sure to check out the Lush website or pop into a store to speak to the staff to find out more if you are interested in the treatments.

To find out more about The Good hour click here.

That concludes todays blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have ever had a Spa treatment at Lush and what you thought of it. Do be sure to like, comment and follow my blog if you haven’t already.

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