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Now it probably comes as no shock for you that I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay products. Out of all the beauty brands if I had to pick just one Urban Decay is high up there on the list. The brand recently came out with their new Heavy Metals Collection which I was incredibly excited about! To my suprise Urban Decay very kindly sent me the entire collection to review and today that is that I’m going to be talking about.

The collection features two new palettes which are both limited edition, as well as an assortment of new Heavy Metals Liquid Eyeliners which are part of the permanent collection. This is very much a collection that is appropriate for the upcoming party season with lots of metallic and glittery shades in vibrant colours. This is a collection all about playing with colour and getting in touch with your inner Glitter Goddess!



Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette



So first and foremost is the eyeshadow palette, whenever Urban Decay release a new palette there is always a fair deal of hype around it. This new limited edition palette is called the Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette. It features 20 beautiful shimmery metallic shades in a variety of colours from purples and greens to golds and coppers. The palette itself is beautifully packaged in a metallic embossed purple case which opens out like a Matchbox to reveal the palette inside.with the mirror in the centre. The design is a little more contemporary compared to other palettes from Urban Decay, but the colours are utterly stunning!

Now this isn’t a palette for people who don’t like metallic shades, but then it does say it in the name does it not? This palette is full of only metallic shades os in that sense I don’t think you could use this palette on its own without having a few matte shadows for the crease. But that’s my personal preference, the shadows themselves are rich and pigmented. They are in stunning shades which apply incredibly well and easily. When they catch the light they create an almost water like effect. This palette has had my hypnotised and I cannot fault the quality of the shadows or the variety of shades.

This palette retails for £43 which I think is a good price considering that you would pay £39 for a 12 shadow palette. For an extra £4 you are getting 8 extra shades, so when you put it like that…not bad right?


The palette itself is divided in half with one half featuring the more brightly coloured shades and the other having more muted classic golds, coppers and brown shades.

Because there were so many shades I had to use two arms to swatch the colours, so I shall begin with the more neutral side of the palette.


Swatches (bottom to top)

Bass: Metallic bronze shade.

Glory: A true metallic gold.

Demo: A rose toned bronze metallic shade.

Starfire: A vibrant copper metallic shade.

Afterparty: A metallic red shade.

Angelfire: A very pale pink metallic shade.

Roadie: A dark metallic Burgundy shade.

Maiden: A beige metallic shade.

Scream: A light mauve metallic shade.

Acoustic: A nude toned metallic shade.


Swatches (bottom to top)

Twisted: A vibrant metallic gold shade.

Glamrock: A metallic shiver shade.

Mullet: A deep green metallic shade.

Amp: A turquoise metallic shade.

Metalhead: A deep purple metallic shade.

Punk Rock: A deep fuchsia metallic shade.

Spandex: A deep metallic blue with hints of purple shimmer.

Dive:  A mid tone blue metallic shade.

Ground: A black metallic shade with incandescent glitter.

Aluminium: A grey toned metallic.

I had so much fun playing with this palette, there are so many beautiful vibrant shades to experiment with. I love the vibrant colours to use for a more party appropriate look for the Christmas season, but equally I love the classic warm toned copper, burgundy and nude shades in the palette. I think if you are a fan of metallic shades this palette is very versatile and if you are someone who likes colour you will also love this palette.

Urban Decay has once again delivered an amazing quality palette with beautiful eyeshadows that apply smoothly, blend evenly and last all day. I’m so impressed with this palette and I think it would be an ideal gift for Christmas or if you have someone’s birthday coming up in time for the party season.


Vice Metallic Meets Matte Palette



Urban Decay have also released a new lipstick palette as part of the collection, the Vice Metallic Meets Matte Palette features 12 beautiful shades in a variety of colours from nude to red in both matte and metallic finishes. The palette retails for £31.50 on Urban Decay and for 12 lip colours from the Vice lipstick collection, 6 of which are new, I personally think that is a good investment for Urban Decay standards.

The packaging is very pleasing to the eye, in a sleek purple metallic casing with a clear flip-up covering to protect the lipsticks and it also has a very decent retractable lip brush included too. It also features a decent sized mirror, making it perfect for traveling.

The thing I love about this palette is that the colours are organised very well, metallic shades on the top row and matte shades on the bottom row. Each column has the shades that correspond to each other, so in that sense its a really easy palette to navigate if you are visually impaired like myself. I also love the variety of shades you get in this palette for day-to-day use. You have your nude shades for a more daytime look, your plums to vamp it up, your vibrant purples and pinks and of course your classic reds for a more statement look. Like the eyeshadow palette, the lip palette combines a mix of neutral and more vibrant shades into the mix so that you can experiment as you like.

This palette would be ideal for anyone who is on the go or who is looking to expand on their lipstick collection. When you think about it, you pay anywhere between £15-£25 for more high-end lipsticks, but this palette is £31.50 and you get 12 shades. So, again I think it’s a good investment if you are a fan of the brand.


Swatches (bottom to top)

CSB: A deep berry matte shade.

Banger: An oxeblood purple metallic shade.

Tame:  A brown toned nude pink matte shade.

Amulet: A brown toned rose metallic shade.

Back Talk: A mauve toned pink matte shade.

Fast Talk: A mauve toned pink metallic shade.

Double Team: A cool toned pink matte shade.

Big Bang: A deep shimmery pink metallic shade.

Shallow: A lavender purple matte shade.

Mad: A bright purple metallic shade.

714: A true red matte shade.

Spark: A shimmer bright red metallic shade.

I really loved the quality of this palette, the lipsticks applied really smoothly and easily and they felt very creamy on the lips. They did have pretty good longevity and I like the fact that I could mix things up with a shimmer over top of the matte if I chose to. I think this is a beautiful palette with some really pretty colours. I’m personally a fan of matte shades, but I have to say the shimmers in this palette are stunning and you could go more subtle with the shimmer and apply it with a lip brush to soften it slightly if you’re scared of a full on metallic lip.

New Heavy Metals Liquid Eyeliners

Fianlly for this collection, Urban Decay have also released 5 new additions to their Heavy Metals Eyeliner range. I am a huge lover of this collection, I already own a number of them myself and I love the new colours they have introduced. These eyliners are a full on glitter liquid eyelier, they are incredibly easy to apply and look great on their own or paired with a matte highlighter to intensify the colour. They dry very quickly and last well, you can apply them to the lash line or in the inner corner for a little inner highlight. They are incredibly versatile and ideal for anyone who loves playing with colour and glitter.


Swatches (top to bottom)

Gamma Ray: A deep blue metallic shade.

StixNBones: A deep burgundy with incandescent glitter.

Catcall; A deep coral pink with incandescent glitter.

Grind: A light pink with incandescent glitter.

Pyro: A prismatic white shimmer shade.

I have to say I love every single one of the eyeliners, but my favorite is Grind its such a beautiful colour to use on the inner corners to brighten up the inner eye. They are all very easy to apply and dry very quickly. Urban Decay have added some beautiful new colours to the collection and the best thing is that these babies are here to stay!

All in all, I absolutely love the Heavy Metals collection, the variety of shades is stunning and the whole range is incredibly beautiful and vibrant. This is the perfect range for the upcoming party season and will see you through right into New Years Eve. Urban Decay has once again pulled a stunning collection out of the bag.

The heavy Metals range is available to buy on Urban Decay now.

So that concludes my blog for today, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Do be sure to follow my blog for future posts and I will see you all again soon!

Fashioneyesta xx

This blog post contains PR samples. 

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  1. ‘afterparty’ from the heavy metals palette is looks sooo pretty. I love my reds and warm tones in eyeshadow palettes! May consider getting this sometime soon. Great review! x

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