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Its safe to say that over here at Fashioneyesta HQ preparations for Christmas are well and truly under way. I have bedecked my room in fairy lights and Christmas decorations, I have my advent calendars (three to be exact) ready and waiting and the gift guides have begun!


Today I’m going to be sharing with you a few gift ideas from Real Techniques, Real Techniques is one of my absolute favourite brands for brushes. Sam and Nic (the sister creators of the brand) are absolute #GirlBosses and really know their stuff when it comes to makeup. In fact, I was lucky enough to meet them at a Superdrug event earlier in the year. If any of you have been following my blog for sometime you will know that I constantly rave about many of their tools and brushes like their Miracle Complexion Sponge, their buffing brush and their eye brushes.  They make some fantastic, good quality brushes and I was recently very Kindly sent some of their new Christmas gift sets to feature on my blog.

The Miracle Sculpting Sponge 


Price: £6

Available at Boots

Click here to view.

The first gift I want to talk about is the Miracle Sculpting Sponge, this sponge comes in a pyramid box which you can hang as a tree ornament. At £6 this would make a great gift for a stocking filler or a Secret Santa for anyone who loves to contour and highlight their face to perfection. The Miracle Sculpting Sponge can be used dry or damp to apply cream or liquid contour and highlight to the fact and to really sculpt and chisel out your features. Real Techniques sponges are all so incredible easy to use and pliable, this would be a great gift for any beauty lover to add to their collection.

The Eye Glam Set


Price: £12

Available at Real Techniques

Click here to view.

This next gift set is another great one if value for money is something you are searching for. This gift set is a four piece eye brush gift set with an accompanying purple pot to hold them in, so it would make a good gift for anyone who loves eye makeup or who is looking to expand their brush collection. The brushes are designed in an ombre effect which fades from cool purple, to warm purple and finally to orange in a metallic finish.  In this brush set you get the new winged liner brush, the precision smudge brush to smudge out shadows on the lower lash line, the brow highlighter brush and the base shadow brush to lay down colour. This set has some great basic brushes to get you started with eye makeup, so in that sense it would suit a teenager who is just starting to get into eye makeup. At £12 its great value for money considering you get 4 brushes and a brush holder.

The Drape & Colour Gift Set


Price: £21

Available on Real Techniques

Click here to view.

The next gift set is a face and lip themed brush, the set is great value at £21 for anyone who is expanding their brush collection. The design features the same ombre color scheme as the previous brush set. In this set you get four brushes, a miracle sculpting sponge and a Real Techniques pocket mirror. In terms of brushes this brush features two face brushes the multitask brush which can be used to apply bronzer and highlighter to the face and the multitask cheek brush to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks. This brush also features two lip brushes the lip blur brush which is a domed sponge brush to blend out lip products on the lips and the lip brush to outline the lips especially if you are using lipsticks. This is a great all-rounder set with some great additions to the brush collection, at £21 for four brushes and two tools I think its great value for money.

The Bold Metals Collection Eye & Lip Brushes

IMG_1352IMG_1423Price: £25

Available on Real Techniques.

Click here to view.

The final gift set is one from their Bold Metals Collection, this gift set definitely wins in the presentation stakes. It’s all metallic tones and white, this is a gift for anyone who likes their brushes to look the part. This set features three brushes from the Bold Metals Collection and a white geometric pot to display them in. In this set you get the 200 oval shadow brush, the 203 tapered shadow brush and the 302 pointed lip brush. The 200 oval brush is a domed eyeshadow brush to lay down the shadows quickly and easily. The 203 tapered shadow brush is kind of like a small version of the Mac 217 which is great for blending in the crease as its very tapered. Finally the 302 pointed lip brush is a very fine lip definer brush which works perfectly for outlining the lips. This is a little more on the indulgent side of the Real Techniques gifts this year at £25 for three lip brushes. But, they are very luxurious to look at and having used this range before the bristles feel incredibly soft and are very easy to clean despite being pure white.

All in all, I thin Real Techniques have got some great gifts no matter what your budget this Christmas.

That concludes this blog post for today, I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to follow my blog for future posts and I will see you all again soon.

Fashioneyesta xx

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