Updating My Winter Wardrobe with everything5pounds.com *

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Today I have a fashion themed blog post for you. Now I haven’t actually written a fashion related blog for post in a bit of a while as it happens.

Todays blog post is going to be on one of my favourite topics, affordable fashion. Now, we are coming up to the Winter season and like me, I’m sure many of you are now looking to update your Winter wardrobe. However, with Christmas and the festivities it can be a very expensive time of year that can really rinse out our bank balances and not leave us with a lot of funds to splurge on new outfits. Everything5pounds.com is an online fashion retailer that offers a wide range of fashions and accessories for the price of £5 each (and some even cheaper.) Don’t let the price fool you, if you have the time to look through the pages which are updated daily you can really uncover some hidden gems like I did. So, today I’m going to be showing you four staple pieces I discovered that I shall be adding to my winter wardrobe. I also want to add that these items were very kindly gifted to me by Everything5pounds.com, but I genuinely do use and like their website and have found some amazing bargains on there over the years.


Now the first item I invested in was a new pair of skinny jeans, when I’ve previously made orders from Everything5pounds.com I’ve always gone with the shoes and dresses, never the jeans. So, I thought I’d branch out and see if £5 jeans are really any good and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I got this pair of dark wash skinny jeans which actually fit pretty well on the leg. They did come up long on me, so as you can see I had to turn them up a little. But, then again I am 5 ft 1, so I tend to go with petite ranges where jeans are concerned. Other than that they do fit very well and feel incredibly comfortable. I was really impressed with the quality and how comfortable they are to wear. So, I would say that for £5 they are very decent!


For the first outfit alongside the dark wash skinny jeans, I added a blue oversized sweater again from Everything5pounds.com. This sweater is in a navy blue with a heart design in embellished with scattered crystals on the front. It’s ideal for the festive season and could be paired with flat loafers for a more everyday look or swap them for a pair of high heels and evening bag for a more dressed up look.



I wore it with block heeled navy blue shoes, a navy blue quilted velvet bag and some navy blue star and moon earrings. I absolutely love this top for how comfortable and easy to wear it is. But, I think the crystals really give it that Winter/Christmas feel to it which will be perfect for December. This item was definitely my favourite out of the entire haul and I cannot get over the fact it was only £5.


My next outfit again featured the dark wash skinny jeans, however I went with a more casual look this time. I added a burnt orange roll-neck sweater, because who doesn’t love a cosy sweater in Winter? I absolutely love the colour and the chunky knit of this sweater, I think it would make a staple piece for the rest of the Autumn right through till Winter. I added burgundy and burnt orange accessories. I wore burgundy embellished bee flat shoes, a long Hamsa Hand necklace with burnt orange beads and my Burgundy tassel earrings.

I absolutely love how comfy this sweater was, the colour really complimented my hair and its semi-fitted style is very flattering.


My final outfit definitely had a strong hint of Christmas to it! For my final outfit, I once again kept the same jeans however this time I paired it with a red casual blouse with flared sleeves and a tie up front. The colour is super festive for the Christmas season and its floaty style again makes it very flattering.


I then paired it with my gold star and moon earrings, a black quilted velvet bag and velvet flat shoes with gold embroidery. I really loved how simply and casual this top was, but the right red colour adds that festive touch.


All in all, I was really impressed with my little haul from Everything5pounds.com. I have purchased from their website and have always been very happy with my purchases. I think they are definitely upping their game and there are daily new releases available so you’re always sure to find something new.

Be sure to check out their website by clicking here. 

An Exclusive Discount Code

Also just in time for Black Friday, I have an exclusive discount code for you all!

For a limited time only you guys, my followers, can get 5% off your next order at Everything5pounds.com by using the code “5FASHIONEYESTA.” 

Remember its only for a limited time, so be sure to use it soon.

That concludes todays blog post, I really hope you all enjoyed it. Be sure to follow my blog for future posts and I will see you all again soon!

Fashioneyesta xx

This blog post contains gifted items from Everything5pounds.com. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

5 thoughts on “Updating My Winter Wardrobe with everything5pounds.com *

  1. Hello Emily, first off I love your shoes! I was reading on your blog and I have talked to you on Facebook before as well. I am also visually impaired and was inspired by your youtube video “You Don’t Look Blind” I had a question, about everything5pounds.com. With me being from the U.S can I order from that site? I am asking because I do not know what the currency is in comparison to U.S currency. I would love to check that site out and purchase some items. My email is meme600682@gmail.com I would love to hear more about where you shop and what stores are similar in the U.S. I have always wanted some clothes from London.

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