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Today I have a blog post on a new skin care product that was launched in Superdrug stores this month from Superdrug’s exclusive beauty brand called B. Beautiful. B. is one of my favourite drugstore brands on account of their products being so affordable, dermatologically tested and cruelty free. The brand is also 100% Vegan too, I use a variety of their products from makeup to skincare.

The brand recently came out with their new Sunshine Vitamin Shot, it acts a serum type product to apply after your moisturiser, before your makeup. It has been created to mimic the effects of Vitamin D on your face, so basically its great for Winter skin when the sun has disappeared behind the dark clouds and left your skin feeling bereft of Vitamin D. Its made with Chicory Root Extract which is said to mimic the look of Vitamin Do on the skin and Biochaccharide Gum-1 which is both anti-aging and anti-pollutant.


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been using it and I’m so incredibly impressed with the results. It gives a radiant look to my skin and makes it feel smooth and hydrated. It’s a gel consistency so it absorbs into the skin, leaving a smooth and non-greasy base to apply makeup. Makeup sits beautifully on top of it and my base makeup melts into my skin seamlessly. I noticed that my cream makeup products like cream highlighters, contours and concealer blended a lot more smoothly when I used this. All in all I love how it makes my skin look and feel, in my opinion its a Winter skincare must have!

I wore it to my graduation a few days ago and I loved how it made my makeup look so radiant and seemless.


This product is currently available at Superdrug for the reduced price of £6.49.

Click here to view this product on the Superdrug website.

This blog post contains PR products, all views expressed are my own.

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