The Pixi Rose Essence Collection *

Once upon a time…

In a cyber land, there lived a beauty blogger called Fashioneyesta.

One day the beauty blogger discovered Pixi, a wondrous brand that created beautiful things. 

With Pixi she fell madly in love.

One day Pixi sent her a beautiful gift of products infused with Rose. These gifts deepened her love even more, for Pixi was her true love.

Well hello my friends and welcome to my first blog of 2018!

Did you all have a  good New Years? Are yah ready to read about some beauty products? You are? Awesome well then lets get our beauty on for 2018!


Today I am going to be talking about something very exciting that I received just before Christmas from one of my absolute favourite beauty brands, Pixi. Pixi has been one of my firm favourites for a number of years now and at this stage in my blogging journey I am incredibly lucky to be sent PR packages to review from the brand from time to time. They sent me this beautiful package showcasing their new Rose Essence Collection, it came in these box that has been made to look like a book with roses and a fairytale theme…hence the reason behind that little intro earlier. It hd a heart-shaped Pixi padlock and everything! I was utterly dying over the packaging for ages before I even opened it to peek inside.

When I did I discovered some of their new products which make up their Rose Essence Collection. If flowers were a court the Rose would take the place of Queen among her subjects, this beautiful bloom has long been used in many different parts of the world for its scent and holistic powers. Its one of the heroes in the skincare world due to its calming, moisturising, soothing and balancing properties. Pixi’s new range utilises a number of ingredients derived from Rose such as Rose Hip, Rose Flower Oils, Rose Extract and Rose Water. This collection features two new skincare products and a selection of MatteLast Liquid Lipsticks.

Skin Treats


We begin with some new skincare launches, Pixi have released two new skincare products, the Rose Caviar Essence and the Rose Flash Balm.



The Rose Caviar Essence is like a shot of moisture and nourishment to your skin. You smooth a coin sized amount onto your skin by pressing it into the skin after you have cleansed and toned your skin. It acts like a moisturiser, its in a gel consistency which sinks into your skin. It is made in the gel there are tiny capsules that absorb into the skin they are infused with Rose and Flower Oils to. This feels so incredibly refreshing on the skin, tis very lightweight making it perfect for all skin types. As you could easily use this as a moisturiser if you have oily skin or use it with your regular moisturiser to act more like a skin treatment. I imagine this will be ideal for the warmer Summer months when you want to lighten things up with your skincare products.

Its also rich in hydrating and anti-oxidising ingredients including Jojoba Oil, Sunflower and Olive Fruit oils. I actually have another one of these Rose Caviar tubes which I went out and purchase.

It literally feels like a drink for your skin, its non greasy and quick to sink into your skin.

The Rose Caviar Essence retails for £26.

* Click here to view.


The Rose Flash Balm is a 3 in 1 product, it can be used as a moisturiser, a mask and a primer depending on how much you apply and when you apply it. It is made with soothing Rose Water and Olive Leaf Oil. It also has a little Witch Hazel too which is amazing if you have any irritation to your skin like redness, soreness and inflammation. This balm is ideal for the winter time as its so soothing and calming on red and irritated skin. If you get a lot of redness during the Winter time then say hello to your new best friend! Smooth this onto your skin as a moisturiser and primer, it really does smooth and soften your skin. Makeup sits beautifully on top of it and your foundation will melt into your skin. However, you can also use it as a soothing and hydrating face mask too by applying a thick layer of it to your skin. Because it features Witch Hazel I find that I can leave it on overnight even with my problematic combination skin. It absorbs very quickly into the skin, drying to leave no sticky residue afterwards. It smells divine with the Rose scented extracts in it and feels like a total pamper treat. I love the fact that it’s a multi use product, it would be ideal for traveling or if you are going on holiday.

The Rose Flash Balm Retails for £26.

* Click here to view.

MatteLast Liquid Lipsticks 


Pixi have also launched a range of MatteLast Liquid Lipsticks, now you all know how much I love my liquid lipsticks. I think most of my lip collection is liquid lipsticks in fact. There are 5 shades in this collection, all in very neutral nude toned shades. So if you love a nude lip then you will really like this collection. Honestly, there are some stunning shades from this collection, although I pretty much love all of them I do have to say Really Rose and Evening Rose are my two favourites. In fact I actually went out and bought Really Rose a while ago before I got sent this so that’s how you know I love them! They are infused with Rose Hip Seed Oil, these liquid lipsticks have a very comfortable formula. They dry down to a matte finish, yet they don’t feel dry or uncomfortable to wear.


The Pixi Petal applicator is a slanted, tapered sponge applicator which has a hole in the centre, they are actually really easy to apply with this little design feature. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and each shade in this collection I would happily wear on a daily basis. I pretty much go in for the warm pink toned nudes and this collection has plenty of them.




swatches largeswatches

Swatches and Shade Descriptions

(From top to bottom)

Pastel Petal: A pink nude with a slight plum undertone.

Au Naturelle: A warm coral toned nude.

Really Rose: A berry toned nude pink.

Evening Rose: deep plum toned nude.

Matte Beige: A true beige nude shade.

All of these shades are absolutely stunning, they are very simple and classic and easy to wear on a daily basis. I imagine they would probably suit a lot of different skin tones, I’m pale myself with red hair and each shade really suits me especially Really Rose and Evening Rose.

The MatteLast Liquid lipsticks retails for £16 each.

Click here to view.



All in all the Pixi Rose Essence Collection is a beautiful collection with some amazingly well thought out products. The whole range also smells amazing with a light floral scent and every product feels very indulgent. Also to add, Pixi is a cruelty free brand too. I have absolutely loved trying them and will be featuring them in some upcoming videos soon. This is definitely a range I would recommend checking out, I loved absolutely everything in it and about it!

Thank you so much to Pixi for sending me one of the most amazing press releases I have ever been sent as a beauty blogger.

So that wraps it up for today’s blog post, I really hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to follow my blog for my upcoming blog posts I write blogs on beauty, fashion and living with a disability.

Thanks for reading and I will see you all again soon.

Fashioneyesta xx

This blog posts contains PR samples, all views expressed are my own. This blog is not sponsored. Some links are affilaited in this blog and will be marked with an “*” if they are. This means that I will make a comission from the sale of an item if you purchase it through that link. 

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