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Today I am writing this blog post from my bed on a very cold and dreary Wednesday morning. Because being in bed doesn’t mean you cannot be productive!

I was recently very kindly sent a box of soaps to try from Vida Soaps, Vida Soaps is a company that make natural soaps using ingredients that nature gave us. They are also massively driven by the desire to create products that positively impact on our skin by what we put on it.

There are six different varieties of soaps that Vida Soaps make, all suited for different purposes and times of the day. They are made with natural essential oils which really do create a strong scent that lingers on the skin. They are made with ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, Vitamin E and are also 100% Hyperallergenic.

The six fragrances are Rosemary Mint, Lemongrass, Lavender, Pink Grapefruit, Cedarwood Oatmeal and Eucalyptus. Each soap is made to suit a different time of the day or purpose. Lemongrass with its uplifting scent is suited as a morning soap, Lavender with its soothing properties works well as an evening soap and Eucalyptus works well for those days where you have congestion or sinus related problems. Theres bound to be a scent that everyone likes, I’ve enlisted the help of my family to test out these soaps and we all have a favourite.


One thing that I really loved about these soaps was their genius packaging concept. The soaps are packaged in these biodegradable boxes which are infused with wildflower seeds, so once you have finished with them you can put them in your garden or green space and wildflowers will grow in its place. I think this is such a resourceful and inspired idea and something that I think more companies should take on board. After all, so much plastic and other materials go into our oceans and landfills every year through cosmetics. So if we can implement things like this to reduce the amount of waste and in turn grow flowers for our planet its a win win situation.


The bars themselves are also pretty decent sizes, so I imagine they would last a long while before you had to replace it.


When I used the soaps I was really impressed with how much they lathered up, they foam up very easily and you really don’t need to use a lot to get a decent lather. After I washed my hands they didn’t feel dry or irritated, I still had to apply hand cream after using them. But then again I do with most soaps. They all have a very creamy texture, probably on account of the Coconut Oil and Olive Oil. Although the Oatmeal Soap was definitely the most creamy out of them all.


For me, my favourite has to be the Lavender soap, I love anything soothing and calming. However, My dad and I both enjoyed the fresh, uplifting and sweet scent of the Lemongrass soap. I use it as in the mornings for a little perk up. The refreshing Eucalyptus soap is also another favourite of mine, I currently have it in the Kitchen as the go to soap to use.


I also love the Ceaderwood Oatmeal Soap for its hydrating texture, oats are absolutely wonderful for the skin on account of their exfoliating and nourishing properties. It also has a very delicate scent, so this would probably suit people who don’t like anything too heavily scented or who have very dry skin.


My mum adored the Pink Grapefruit soap, being one of her favourite scents it was bound to be a winner. It has a very sweet fruity scent to it, so if you’re a fan of sweeter scents you may like this one. Lastly, Rosemary Mint is a great one for anyone who likes very fresh herbal scents, I think it would make a great scent for a gardener or someone who does a lot of messy work with their hands.


All in all, I really enjoyed the soaps they are great quality, they feel pleasant and comfortable to use and I love the array of different fragrances. For me if I had to recommend just one it would be Cedarwood Oatmeal for how nourishing it is to the skin and its light fragrance. But, whether you like fruity, citrus or floral scents there will definitely be one for you.

The soaps retail for $8 each and can be bought from the Vida Soap website.

Click here to check out the Vida Soaps website.

You can also find Vida Soaps on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This blog post contains gifted products, however all opinion expressed are my own

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