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Today I have a new skincare review for you all to get your teeth into. Today I’m going to be reviewing the new B Clay Pod Masks from Superdrug. B. Beautiful is Superdrug’s in-house beauty brand that offer a variety of affordable skincare and makeup. All of their makeup is cruelty free and Vegan friendly which is fantastic! I have used so many of their products over the years both purchased with my own money and from PR samples. They are one of my favourite drugstore brands and they really do have some amazing products.

I was recently sent a bunch of their new Clay Pod Masks to try out and you know how much I love me a face mask. I mean…its not as if I have a whole drawer of them already or anything. Nevertheless one can never have to many face masks and I do it all for you in the selfless name of my followers.

Anyhow, before I get any further into discussing my tendency to hard face masks let me move onto these little beauties.

There are four in this collection and they are named as followed…


B. Glowing Clay Face Mask

B. Hydrated Leave On Face Mask

B. Purified Clay Mask 

B. Detoxified Clay Face Mask

Each mask is targeted for different skin types and needs, 3 are clay based and meant to be removed with a warm, damp face cloth. Whilst one is a leave on mask, meaning you do not have to remove it afterwards.

With the clay face masks I applied a generous layer to dry, clean skin (as they are clay based dry skin is better to allow it to adhere to the skin). I left it on for 20 minutes before washing off with a face cloth. With the leave on face mask I applied that at night to cleansed and toned skin as a nighttime treatment.


The B. Glowing Face Mask is designed to help combat dull looking skin with its combination 3 different types of clay such as Kaolin and exfoliating ingredients using ground apricot granules. It also contains red seaweed to draw out impurities and to soften the skin. I really love anything scrubby, especially face masks. I really liked the combination of exfoliation and clay to really give the skin a clean, smooth feel and appearance. It made my skin look very fresh after using it and makeup did seem to go on a lot smoother. My skin can look a little patchy at times and I do getter combination skin with occasional dryness and breakouts. I think this mask is great for anyone who just wants a general perk up face mask. It would also work very well before an event with the exfoliation element that it has.


The B. Detoxified Mask is a rich clay based mask, it is designed purely to help tackle blemish prone and oily skin. Although I am not overly oily I do get very bad hormonal breakouts around the time of the month and it drives me bonkers trying to keep the oiliness under control. This mask is ideal for people who find they get very oily skin, blocked pores, blackheads and blemishes. Anything rich in clay will help to absorb any toxins from the skin and draw them out like a magnet. It contains Charcoal Powder which is very absorbent and helps to draw out and excess sebum in the skin. I personally liked this one for my t zone and chin where I tend to get very oily. I did use it all over, but I found that it did mattify the areas where I get very oily.


Another one for those of you who get blemishes and oiliness is the B. Detoxified Mask. This face mask is a bright green colour so you’ll look a bit comical once you apply it to your face. But, it’s all part of the fun! This mask is very rich in Kaolin, Kaolin is a natural clay that absorbs sebum and minimises shine. It also contains antibacterial Eucalyptus Infusion. I really enjoyed this one because I personally felt as if it helped to balance my skin, yet it felt clean and fresh after using it.

The B. Detoxified Mask would be better suited to people who get oiliness everywhere, where as the B Purified Face Mask may be better suited to people who get mild oiliness or those who have combination skin like myself. Out of the two in terms of which one I preferred to tackle my blemishes and oiliness I actually preferred the B. Purified. As I have combination skin, I don’t tend to go for any that are too rich in charcoal as they can dry my skin out in the areas that I don’t get oiliness. So in that sense I think the B. Purified is better suited to my skin type.


Finally for those of you who have dry skin we have the B. Hydrated Leave On Mask. This thick and rich mask if great to use in the evening to give your skin a much-needed moisture boost. Face masks are great to use at night as our skin repairs itself at night and anything to speed that process along in terms of treatments and masks work wonders. This mask is rich in Hyaluronic Acid which is incredibly hydrating for the skin and really penetrates into the epidermis to plump up the skin. It also contains Sqaulane and Babussu Oil which help to improve the appearance and texture of flaky or dry skin. This mask is incredibly thick and hydrating for the skin and at this time of year when my central heating is on full pelt I need some of that in my life! I really like this for how soothed my skin felt afterwards it really sinks into the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and nourished. You only need a little of this product too as it has a very thick consistency. But it did make a visible appearance to my skin, but I didn’t feel really oily after using it which is ideal for my combination skin.

The pods themselves have a generous amount of product in them and I personally felt that I could get at least 2 uses out of them as opposed to one. They are great if you are traveling and what a face mask to take with you for on the go.

All in all I really enjoyed trying out the different masks, I think there is one for every skin type and I love the concept of being able to buy smaller pod version before you invest in a bigger size. Although I did like each mask I tried, my absolute favourite was the B. Glowing Mask for its combination of purifying ingredients and exfoliating properties. This would be the one that I would purchase in a full size out of them all.

The face mask pods retail for £2.49 each or a jar for £7.49 Superdrug Stores.

So that concludes my blog post for today, I really hope you enjoyed it. If you are reading this on or before Sunday 4th February I wanted to let you know that I am going to be talking on BBC Life Hacks Podcast on BBC Radio 1 about the different ways I access books with sight loss. So be sure to check that out, the piece goes out at 4pm GMT on Sunday 4th Febuary. Also do be sure to check out my YouTube Channel on Sunday 4th Febuary as well where I’ll be uploading a new video.

Thanks for reading and I will see you all in my next one!

Fashioneyesta xx

This blog post features PR samples. All opinions expressed are my own.

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