Unboxing the Allbeauty Detox and Calm 2018 Beauty Box *

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Today I’m going to be unboxing the Allbeauty Detox and Calm 2018 Beauty Box.

Allbeauty is an online beauty retailer that stock a wide variety of brands for skincare, makeup, haircare and bath and body. This month they are launching their new beauty box, the box is called the Detox and Calm Box. This box is new for 2018 and is hugely themed around detoxifying and pampering yourself for the start of a new year and banishing Winter blues.


They sent me this box for me to review, so today I’m going to be showing you whats inside! The actual value of the box equates to the value of £60 and contains a variety of products from different brands along with some samples for you to explore.

So without further ado, lets see whats inside.

Once you open a box under a nest of tissue paper you get 6 products and a selection of samples. You also get some voucher codes which you can use on the Allbeauty website and a pamphlet which tells you more about the box.


As I said this box is a bath and body themed box, there isn’t any makeup, haircare or specific skincare products in this box. It has been collated with versatile products that everyone could use. This is something that I really like, I hate it when a beauty box has makeup in shades that won’t necessarily suit my skin tone.

Bomb Cosmetics Lime and Dandy Soap


Value: £2.99

The first product I discovered was the Lime and Dandy Soap from Bomb Cosmetics. I have actually tried this brand before, they make a variety of bath and body products and they do get their delicious fragrances on point! This soap is made with essential oils, it has a really sweet citrus fragrance. For me, smelling this soap evokes nostalgic memories of buying a lime ice lolly from the Ice Cream van as a child. It is scented with notes of Lime and Lemongrass to give it a perky uplifting scent and has a very cute gimmicky design in a bright green colour. It smells and looks good enough to eat, but I’d advise against that!

The Organic Pharmacy Detoxifying Seaweed Bath Soak


Price: £10

The next product is something for you to use in the bath from The Organic Pharmacy. now this is a brand that I have personally never tried before, this is another reason why I love these types of boxes because you can explore and discover new brands. This Detoxifying Bath Soak comes in a little pot which you tip a small amount of into the bath and bathe in it. Its made with detoxifying seaweed and cleansing juniper oil. These would be great for anyone who is a fan of bath salts or who likes very strong sea scents. Seaweed is wonderful for the skin on account of its exfoliating and softening properties. They really leave the skin feeling fresh and smooth. They don’t do anything fancy like bubble or foam up, but they have a very strong uplifting aroma and scent the room very strongly.  Combined with the steam of the hot water, these will work really well to detox your skin and leave you feeling fresh.

Dr Manuka Overnight Lavender Mask 


Price: £24.99

Out of everything in this box, the Dr Manuka Overnight Lavender Mask excited me the most. I’m such a sucker for night masks, our skin does most of its repairing at night, so a face mask can really help that process along. This is again another brand I haven’t tried before, this face mask is made with soothing Lavender, hydrating Manuka Honey and Floral Nectar. It’s a light gel formula, making it suitable for lots of different skin types. It’s really light and gentle on the skin and has a delicate floral scent. I’ve used it a couple of times and I noticed it does help to reduce puffiness that I can get. I love its light formula and how calming it feels on the skin.

Decleor Aroma Comfort Body Milk


Price: £9.00

The next product is from Decleor, again another brand I haven’t tried a lot of. I love how in this box I’ve discovered several new beauty brands that I really like. This is the Decleor Aroma Comfort Body Milk, you apply this to dry skin after a bath or shower. It has a very rich and indulgent texture on the skin. It’s very hydrating and sinks into the skin fairly quickly. It has a very delicate scent to it, so it would make a good body cream for someone who doesn’t like anything to heavily fragranced.

Regenerate Original Toothpaste 


Price: £2.50

The next product you get is something to take care of your teeth. Now I’ve never had a beauty box which included a toothpaste, but then again this is a detox box. This toothpaste is by the brand Regenerate, another brand that I haven’t tried. it’s a toothpaste which is designed to help reverse the early erosion process and to help regenerate enamel. I’m really intrigued by this toothpaste, as I am someone who drinks a lot of tea so I probably need this toothpaste more than most. It’s a small size so its great if you are going traveling too.

Gatineau Perfection Ultime Retexturizing Beauty Cream 


Price: £12.90

The final product is a small size of the Gatineau Perfection Ultime Retexturizing Beauty Cream. I have actually tried this cream before, it’s very hydrating for dry skin and really works to smooth over the skin. Makeup sits well on top of it and it generally gives your skin a great base.



You also get some little extra samples to enjoy, they vary from box to box. You will get two samples of perfume, one from Versace and the other from Calvin Klein. You also get a sachet of either a skincare or haircare product, mine contained a shampoo sachet from Novex of the Argan oil Shampoo.


So that’s what you can expect to find inside the Detox and Calm Beauty Box. The box retails for and can be purchased by clicking here.

And that, my friends, concludes todays blog post. I really hope you enjoyed it, be sure to like, comment and follow my blog for future posts.

With Love

Fashioneyesta xx

This blog contains gifted products, Allbeauty did send me the Detox and Calm box to review. This blog is not sponsored, all opinions expressed are my own. 

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