Opening the Superdrug Bloom Countdown to Spring Calendar *

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So its official Spring has begun!!

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to some warmer weather and seeing Daffodils blossoming from the ground.

Today I wanted to share with you a little blog post on a product that I thought would be perfect to welcome the start of Spring. Superdrug have launched a new Countdown to Spring Calendar for their range of Bloom fragrances. Bloom is their in house fragrance brand and it is one that until very recently I had never tired.


I was kindly gifted this calendar by the Superdrug PR team, but I am not obliged to write this blog today. But I wanted to share it with you as I thought it was a really cool idea and something that can really brighten up the Spring season.

This calendar is a 12 day calendar and features 12 8 ml bottle Ea de Toilette fragrances. The design of the calendar itself is absolutely adorable featuring a Georgian style house with flowers, bunting and a door bordered by two trees. This calendar would make such a lovely gift for someone if they have a birthday coming up or even for Easter if they are off the chocolate.


The calendar retails for £12, so in effect that’s 12 per fragrance.

Click here to view it.

I also filmed an unboxing video of this calendar on my YouTube Channel which you can check out below.

Heres what you get on the 12 days…


Day One: Mandarin and Lime Blossom  

Now I was thinking that this fragrance was going to smell like the Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin scent. It did a little, but to me it had more of a sweet fruity scent, it smelt more like Mandarin.

Day Two: Pink Grapefruit 

This has a very light, sweet scent. If you like really sweet fruity scents you will like this one and it is a lot sweeter than other Grapefruit scents I’ve tried in the past. Which I personally liked as it made it less sickly in my opinion.

Day Three: Cherry and Almond 

This literally smelt like a Cherry sweet, to me it is reminiscent of a the penny sweets I used to eat as a child…back when they were actually “penny sweets.”

Day Four: Citrus Blossom  

This scent to me smelt a lot like Orange Blossom, it’s a very natural fresh floral but also citrus scent. If you like really clean, fresh “just got out the shower” scents this fragrance might be really up your street.

Day Five: Chocolat

This scent smelt pretty much like a Chocolate cupcake! I tell no lie, it smells just like my kitchen after my mother has been baking her legendary cakes. But, it doesn’t smell like chocolate in a sickly way, its more like the scent you get when you open a tin of cocoa powder. It’s very rich and I absolutely loved it.

Day Six: Floral Bouquet 

This scent was actually a lot more sweet than I thought it was going to be. It was a floral scent, but it smelt more like a sweet floral fragrance like sweet Roses, Violets or even Sweet Pea. I couldn’t put my finger on what it smelt like, but it was certainly a sweet floral scent. Perfect for people who aren’t too fond of anything overly florally.

Day Seven: Coconut and Peach

This perfume was a little more complex, when I first smelt it I could smell the notes of Coconut. But, on smelling it a second time I could smell the Peach, this fragrance is sweet but with a topical vibe to it. It might be a great little travel perfume if you are going on holiday or even if you just want a sweet scent with a twist.

Day Eight: Bergamot and Cucumber 

To me, this scent was just like the smell you get when you brew a cup of Earl Grey. If you like your fresh, sweet herbal or fruit tea scents you would really enjoy this scent. To me I didn’t get to much of a Cucumber vibe, but there was certainly a little fresh note to the sweetness of the Bergamot which I think would be ideal for Spring.

Day Nine: Lime and Ginger

This scent had a very strong citrus undertone, to me it gave me some Summer vibes. It smells pretty much like a Mojito with the Lime and the zesty twang of the ginger. So, I’ll be keeping this one stashed away for the Summer months.

Day Ten: Berry Cassis and Fig

I was utterly amazed by this fragrance. This smell was a carbon copy of the Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis scent, which has sadly been discontinued by Jo Malone. So if you were a fan of that warm, earthy, but sweet scent this Bloom fragrance smells exactly the same.

Day Eleven: Vanilla Bean 

Just your classic Vanilla scent, sweet and light. You could add this to one of the other fragrances from the calendar to make it more intense.

Day Twelve: Sugar and Spice 

Now this fragrance was a lot more spicy than the other scents, to me it smelt like it had hints of caramel or Agave. It smelt like a Toasted Teacake, if you like rally warm spicy scents with things like Tonka you might really enjoy this. But to me, I would personally keep this scent for the colder months.

I really liked every fragrance I tried, there wasn’t one fragrance that I didn’t like. But, my favourite scents out of this calendar were Chocolat, Lime and Ginger and the Berry Cassis and Fig scents. I think this calendar has a very nice range of different scents, but I did notice that a lot of them were more sweeter fragrances. So I would say that if you like your sweet scents this calendar might tickle your fancy.


So that concludes todays blog, I really hope you enjoyed it.

Be sure to let me know if you’ve tried any of the Bloom fragrances and what you think of them.

Thank you all so much for reading and I will see you all again soon!

Fashioneyesta xx

This blog contains PR samples and affilate links meaning that I receive a small comission through a sale made via the link.

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