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Now this probably comes as no surprise to most of you, but I’m a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury. Whenever she brings out a new makeup product I’m literally salivating over it, her products are the epitome of luxury and do have a nice little collection growing. I don’t tend to buy her products all the time as they are more of a luxury purchase, but she recently brought out some new rose gold eye makeup products and I just couldn’t resist them!


Todays blog is going to be focusing on 2 new releases from Charlotte Tilbury, although lately she has been absolutely killing it with so many new releases.

New Eyes to Mesmerise in Rose Gold


Charlotte Tilbury recently brought out 2 new exclusive shades for her Eyes to Mesmerise collection in Star Gold and Rose Gold. The Eyes to Mesmerise are cream eyeshadows, I have a few already and I can tell you they are absolutely stunning. They blend so easily, they are very pigmented, they don’t dry out and there’s no fall-out either. They are one of the easiest eye makeup products if you are visually impaired for that reason. They have a beautiful shimmer running through them too.


The new Rose Gold shade is without a doubt one of the prettiest shades from the collection it’s so pigmented and its a true Rose Gold. The shimmer to this shade is beautiful and it blends like a dream. I’m so impressed with this shade and how it looks on the eye. The colour is very true to how it looks in the pot, applying and swatching just the same as it looks in the pot.  I took a little of this shade and blended it on the lid for a shimmery look.


The Rose Gold Eyes to Mesmerise retails for £22 and is exclusive to Charlotte Tilbury online and in store.

Click here to get yours.

New Bigger Brighter Eyes Exagger-Eyes Palette


Charlotte Tilbury also released 2 new eyeshadow quads for Brighter Eyes, one being the Brighter Eyes Exagger-Eyes palette which features some beautiful muted rose gold toned shades. I love the Charlotte Tilbury quad palettes and how accessible they are to use. Each shade is meant to be used in a particular order you have a prime shade, a enhance shade, a pop shade and a define shade.



Prime Shade: A cream ivory shimmer.

Enlarge Shade: A rose gold shade.

Pop: a transparent shimmer shade.

Define: a matte reddish-brown shade.


Compared to other palettes I’ve tried from Charlotte Tilbury I definitely think this one is a lot more wearable for all year round and for day and night. I compare it to her Golden Goddess Palette in the sense of how wearable the shades are and that they are quite muted. The shadows were very pigmented and they did blend beautifully, I liked the use of rose gold tones with the mix of ivory and red toned brown. I thought this palette was very well put together with the selection of colours, but equally it delivers with how pigmented and easy they are to apply and to blend. I applied the ivory prime shade to my brow bone and inner corners for some highlight. I then added the prime rose gold shade to the socket to smoke out the rose gold lid shade. Then I applied the transparent shimmer shade to my lid for a little extra shimmer over the top of my rose gold shade. Lastly I added some of the define relish brown shade to my crease and inner corner for some definition.

This palette retails for £39 and is Limited Edition on various beauty retailers.

* Click here to get yours.

All in all I was really happy with the look of the two products combined on the eyes. I would definitely say if you are a lover of rose gold toned eyes these would make a great addition to your collection.


So that concludes todays blog post, I really hope you enjoyed it.

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This blog is not sponsored, the products were purchased with my own money. This blog does contain affiliate links which are marked with a “*” 


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4 thoughts on “Rose Gold Eyes with Charlotte Tilbury

  1. I don’t have the rose gold one yet, but I really like the eyes to mesmerisse range and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good cream shadow that applies well and doesn’t dry out!

  2. How do you make the eyes to mesmerize to work for you? I have the shade Marie Antoniette and no matter what I do (primer, set with shadow, paint pot) it will crease in very short time. It is so strange becuse usually eyeshadows (both cream and powder) stay well on my eyes without any priming. How does it work for you? 😊

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