A Floral Evening With Pandora *

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Now Summer is just around the corner and with it the wedding season, brimming with beautiful Summer blooms, romantic hair and makeup and jewellery.

I was recently invited to join Pandora for a floral themed event to showcase their beautiful new collection for the Wedding season. The event took place at the Ivy Garden Restaurant in Chelsea, the location was utterly stunning with its flower bedecked front and stunning interior.


I absolutely love the wedding themed makeup, hair and colour schemes, I love Romantic flowing hairstyles and glowing natural makeup. I love floral arrangements with Peonies and Roses and green foliage and flower crowns!


At the event we were taught my professional florists how to make flower crowns which involved choosing a variety of flowers and foliage before building up a design and entwining them around a band to make the crown. Although as the night drew on and the drinks were poured this did become more of a challenge to complete as you can imagine…your girl can’t say no to Prosecco!


Pandora’s new jewellery collection for the wedding season is very classic, using lots of sterling silver and rose gold tones. Lots of simple band bracelets which you can customise with charms, heart lockets, small band rings with crystal detailing. A lot of simple charm necklaces which would accompany any wedding floral crown beautifully. The collection also has little hints of Vintage style here and there and a dash of fairy tale magic for good measure. For shapes this collection features a lot of hearts and crowns if you are looking for something a little more fun. This collection is all about keepsakes and classic pieces that can be worn year in, year out. I think what I loved about this collection is how wearable it is even after the big day and each time you wore the piece it would remind you of that special day whether you’re the bride or a guest. The collection certainly has something for everyone, no matter what theme and colour scheme your wedding is. So much of the collection is customisable with different charms so you can really tailor the piece if you are giving it as a gift.



For my floral crown I went with a mixture of light pink blooms and smaller pink roses and to add texture I used green foliage underneath to contrast again the pinks. I absolutely love the way my crown turned out and I only wish I could preserve it forever so that I could wear it whenever I want! But, at least I can do that where jewellery is concerned.


If you want to check out Pandora’s range of necklaces for the wedding season click here.

For Bridal gifts and ideas from Pandora click here and here.

Thank you so much for reading this blog today, be sure to follow my blog for future posts and I will see you again soon!

Fashioneyesta xx

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