I’ve Got Three Pieces of Good News

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back to Fashioneyesta and happy Monday to you all, because every day should be happy no matter what day it is!

Today I wanted to write a short blog post to share 3 pieces of very exciting news with you all! Because you know I do love to keep you updated on my life!

They say things usually come in threes, well recently I’d agree with that as in the space of a month 3 very exciting things happened to me.

So without further adieu I’ll reveal the news!

I worked on a Campaign with Being by Sanctuary 

The first thing you may already know about if you follow me on my Instagram (@fashioneyesta2012) I recently worked with beauty brand Being by Sanctuary on their new #Superbeing campaign. The campaign launched their 5 new face masks to the brand, I went to Manchester in April to film with 4 other influencers each with their own story to tell about their lives and experiences. The short films went up on the Being by Sanctuary Instagram account. The whole campaign was themed around unmasking your insecurities and being confident in yourself. I really enjoyed this experience of working with a beauty brand and being able to discuss my experiences growing up with a disability and how that impacted my self-confidence. My hope is that other young people who may find the video will know that they can be confident in themselves and discover their own strength through the challenges they may have come across in life.

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I had so much fun working with @beingxsanctuary spa on their new #superbeing campaign to launch their 5 amazing new face masks. I filmed for the campaign alongside some utterly phenomenal influencers who are doing awesome things. We were all paired with our own face mask and I was matched with the comforting Caramel mask to soothe the skin and let me tell you it was divine! In the campaign I also spoke openly to the camera about my past struggles overcoming low self esteem, recovering from anorexia and learning to accept my disability as a part of who I am. Beauty and self care was a huge part of that process. I am a firm believer that the struggles of our past shape who we are now. I’d never change my past for one moment, it has helped shape me into the person who I am. It’s important to love yourself for who you are and then you can go on to do great things. I’d like to say thank you to both Being by Sanctuary for this amazing opportunity and to my followers for all your incredible support. You elevate me to new horizons and the fact that you listen helps me share my story. The face masks are out now so go and check them out. #beauty #bbloggers #selflove #selfcare #beingbysanctuaryspa #facemask #selflove #acceptance #naturalyou #bareskin #influencers #changeperspectives #beyourself #thankyou

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I’m in Blogosphere Magazine


The second piece of exciting news is that I’ve been featured in the June 2018 issue of Blogosphere Magazine! I was featured in the fashion section of the magazine on page 54 in the fashion section showcasing Fashioneyesta. I was asked to be featured quite a few months ago and finally I can tell you that I’m in the latest feature of the magazine which is absolutely incredible and wonderful for me to be able to represent the disabled blogger community too.

I Wrote an Article for Cosmopolitan!


Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 18.19.30

Last and by no means least I wrote an article for Cosmopolitan! The article is called “9 things I’ve learnt about applying makeup with a visual impairment.” In the article I share some of my tricks that have helped me to hone my makeup skills living with a severe visual impairment. The article went live on the Cosmopolitan UK website this week so please do go and check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Click here to view

I also just want to thank all of my amazing followers for your support, your support has given me so many of these wonderful opportunities each time you share a video or like a post or leave me a comment. It really means a great deal to me and I couldn’t be more grateful for your support these last 6 years. Whether you are an old time follower or a newbie thank you, I really mean that.

That concludes my blog today, be sure to like, comment and follow my blog for future posts and I will see you again soon!

Fashioneyesta xx

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

One thought on “I’ve Got Three Pieces of Good News

  1. Awesome Fashioneyesta- forget anyone you said you weren’t worth anything because of your disability… even if that someone was you in a past life… 😉 I’m visually impaired too and though I don’t see the point in fashion (not because of my visual impairment, i’m just not into that! 😉 ) I love what you’re doing as I know what you look like on the outside is just one of the many ways people get get to know the person on the inside a little better. Gotta read that blog post now! Keep going.

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