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Today I have a little review on some really cool new releases from Pixi. As you know I’m a huge lover of Pixi and I often get sent new PR releases and sometimes I share them you here on my blog. They recently came out with a really exciting new launch of some new glow products which I was sent the other week.

Pixi 7

The box alone was absolutely stunning! With a fairy lights themed design with glitter detailing and when I opened it I discovered an assortment of new products.

Pixi released a collection of Liquid Fairy Lights Eyeshadows in 5 shades and 2 new Glow-y Gossamer Duos. So if you all about that glow, then keep reading to find out more.

So, I’ll break this review into two parts, first lets talk about the Liquid Fairy Lights. I mean Pixi come up with the best names!

Pixi 6

Liquid Fairy Lights Eyeshadows

Pixi 5

Price: £15

Shades: Comes in 5 different shades

Link: Click here

Where do I start with these eyeshadows? They are honestly one of my favourite liquid eyeshadows I have ever tried. The eyeshadows are a liquid formula which you apply using the applicator and then blend in using a finger or a brush. They are so shimmery and glittery with glitter particles in them. But, because they are liquid they give your eyes this really beautiful wet look which reflects the glitter when the light hits them. They are utterly stunning, they are so pigmented, easy to apply and do last the day. They dry pretty quickly and the glitter stays put and doesn’t spread all over your face. The other thing I love about these shadows is that there is no fallout because of the liquid formula. If you are new to makeup or you are dubious of fallout with eyeshadows or like me have a visual impairment these eyeshadows are a really good option. They are very easy to use and look incredible on the eye. My favourite shades so far are Crystaline and SunRay.

Swatches (in order of bottom to top on the picture)

Pixi 3

Crystaline: An iridescent silver shade.

SunRay: A shimmery light gold.

Rose Gold: A true rose gold.

BareBrilliance: A champagne toned pink.

PassionLight: A copper toned bronze.

Why I Love Them…

-Beautiful shades

-Easy to blend

-Tons of shimmer

Glow-y Gossamer Duos

Pixi 2

Price: £20

Shades: Comes in 2 shades.

Link: Click here

Next we have two new face duos, these are essentially face powders to give your skin illumination and highlight. You can use them on your cheekbones or any areas you wish to highlight. I personally like using them as highlight on my cheeks and on my eyes as eyeshadow for a very subtle glow. They are so silky and smooth to the touch they blend beautifully and the shimmer is very fine so it doesn’t make you look glittery or shinny when you apply it. It makes for a really natural, luminous finish to the your skin.

Swatches (left to right)

Pixi 4

Subtle Sunshine Duo

-Gold toned rose.

-Subtle yellow gold

Delicate Dew

-Coral golden shimmer.

-Silver toned rose pink.

Why I Love Them…


-Easy to blend

-Finely milled

-A natural glow

So that concludes this little review today, I really hope you enjoyed it.

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Fashioneyesta xx

This blog contains PR samples, all opinions are my own.

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