My Nighttime Essentials That Help Me Unwind

Greetings Readers!

Now hands up how many of you get insomnia? How many of you find that after a long day you simply cannot “switch off” and get your head down for a good nights sleep?

You wouldn’t be alone, according to The Daily Telegraph a survey revealed that a third of the population suffers with insomnia. With the stresses and strains of everyday life and how hooked we are on modern technology and the dreaded blue light it’s no wonder the land of nod seems more like a distant dream…if you’ll pardon the very intentional pun!

I’ve had issues with insomnia and sleep deprivation for many years either through my illness, stress from schoolwork and later University and other worries that come as part and parcel of being me. But, I do have a few things that I like to do before I hit the hay to help improve the quality of sleep I have and how I feel in the morning after a nights sleep. I can’t guarantee they’ll work for everyone, but I wanted to share my tips with you in the hope they might help some of you to get a good nights sleep.

Anyhow without further ado, lets begin!

Now, first things first, one thing I find paramount where getting a good night sleep is concerned is to disconnect myself from the outside world. That means I switch of all social media, turn my phone onto airplane mode and begin to distance myself from all the chatter of social media. I know its hard, I’m a blogger I get how hard it can be to switch off from social media. But, believe me you have to if you see a tweet that annoys you or you see something online that gets your emotions running high you’ll dwell on it and you will not be able to switch off. You’ll probably spend most of your night tossing and turning thinking about something that’s out of your control. So it’s better to get away from the blue light and your Facebook feed and instead read a book, listen to some music, listen to an audiobook and spend some time allowing your mind to relax. Believe me it works!

Think of the last hour before you go to bed as the mind for your conscious mind to unwind and filter out all the stress from the day. I know this to be true after spending months listening to sleep hypnosis, one thing all the experts agree on is that your conscious mind impacts your unconscious mind. You need to allow your conscious mind to tune out so that your sleep will be more deep and a better quality.

There are plenty of sleep hypnotherapy tracks on audible, I’d say listen to a few until you find the one which works for you. Now, let’s get into the products, although the things you do to aid sleep are important you can also aid your sleep by spending some time to chill out and pamper yourself also.



Lush Sleepy Body Lotion 

Price: £13.95 for a 215g tub

Link: Click here 

I can promise you I’m not talking about Sleepy because I work at Lush, I’m not endorsed by Lush to talk about their products on my blog. Sleepy has been one of the most popular products from Lush recently due to the fact that a lot of people who have insomnia credit Sleepy for a better nights sleep.

The reason why? It contains Lavender which produces a sedative effect through the body Ylang Ylang also helps to sooth the senses and sweet notes of Tonka and Benzoin soothe and calm the mind. It also contains Oats which help to soothe the skin and ease inflammation or dryness.

Now I’ve used this for over 2 years, I also like to combine it with the Twilight Bath bomb which is of the same scent family if I’m having a very bad day. But in general the Sleepy body cream genuinely helps me to have a better quality of sleep and I tend to fall asleep quicker. I’m the sort of person who takes hours to get off the sleep, so I use Sleepy after a shower half an hour before I go to bed. I apply it generously on my body, paying attention to my arms and chest. After using it I start to feel myself becoming drowsy and I find it harder to stay awake once in bed. It has a kind of soporific effect on me and sleep comes with ease once I use it. If I run out of my supply and have to go a night or two without using it, I notice a huge difference and my quality of sleep drastically deteriorates.

I’ve honestly fallen pray to the Sleepy craze!

If your still not entirely convinced head over to your local Lush and ask for a sample to try, but do be aware that it won’t be as effective as using a tub over the space of a few weeks. Because after a few weeks you really notice a difference when you have been suing it compared to when you don’t and I’ll attest to that.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Price: £14.40 75ml size

* Link: Click here 

The deep sleep pillow spray is one I’ve used for years, it contains Lavender, Vetiver and Camomile which when inhaled soothe the mind. I tend to spray this on my pillows before bed, the light floral smell is a real treat to climb into. The smell does last for quite a long time, I also spray this onto my pyjamas to really get the most out of the product.

In general it just creates a lovely, calming atmosphere to be in and really adds to the calming atmosphere I try to create in my bedroom at night.


Spacemasks Self-Heating Eye Masks

Price £3.50 each

*Link: Click here 

Now I will admit I don’t use these every single night when I’m going to sleep, at £3.50 a time that would be very extravagant of me. But, I do like them every so often when I’ve got a headache or when my eyes feel achy and strained. Having Nystagmus (a condition where your eyes move involuntarily due to not being able to focus) I can experience a lot of pain and pressure behind my eyes. This can also manifest into migrants and more severe headaches, when these do arise I like to use a Spacemask to help ease some of that pressure. They are heating eye masks which react with the environment and heat up to give you 20 minutes warmth, they work for puffiness and fatigued eyes. I absolutely love how warm and comforting they feel on my eyes, it’s the equivalent for your eyes to what climbing into a hot bath would be for your muscles. This is one product I always have handy when I feel like I really need one. Plus the other good thing about them is that because it’s an eye mask you are in total darkness whilst you use it, which really encourages you to unwind and relax.

Rituals Ritual of Dao Relaxing Serum

Price: £11.50

Link: Click here

The next nighttime essential is from the Rituals Dao range which is about bringing peace into your life with the relaxing scent of Yi Yi Ren. I love the Rituals brand because the whole ethos of their brand is about making a part of your day a ritual. The Dao serum contains Yi Yi Ren and Peppermint to help relieve stress, I use it when I’m going to bed as well as throughout the day when I’m traveling on public transport.


Rituals Ritual of Dao Night Balm

Price: £10

Link: Click here

Again from the Rituals Dao range, this hand balm is so soothing and thick on my hands it keeps my hands hydrated throughout the night and the calming scent really does help me to stay relaxed. I get very dry hands and for there is nothing more irritating than feeling how dry my hands are when I’m in bed. But this balm really is the ticket to keep them soft all through the night as I sleep.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye


*Link: Click here

Now onto some evening skincare, I use the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye Treatment. This lightweight eye treatment really helps to combat puffiness and redness, it contains Evening Primrose and Lavender. This cream always leaves my under-eyes feeling smooth and hydrated without feeling to thick or heavy on the delicate skin around my eyes.

M&S Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream

Price: £22

Link: Click here 

Lastly for my nighttime essentials is one of my all time favourite night creams from the M&S skincare range. The night cream contains lots of peptides and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and give it a glowing, radiant look. This cream is a lovely consistency, it melts into the skin and really gives it a boost. My skin looks and feels softer and more hydrated the morning after using it,


So that concludes todays blog post, I really hope you found it useful.

Do be sure to let me know your nighttime essentials and I’ll see you all again soon!

Sweet Dreams!


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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel

2 thoughts on “My Nighttime Essentials That Help Me Unwind

  1. Hi Emily, definitely agree with switching off from social media. IPhones also have an evening mode that can switch on at a set time before bed time. It dimms the light and colour of the screen a bit.
    Soft ear plugs also work, if noise is an issue.
    I use similar night creams and sprays, just different brands.
    The ritual of using all these products itself helps me to get ready for sleep.

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