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But I’m not “back at the office” so to speak, I’ve got lots of work with my blog at the moment so watch this space for lots more blog posts over the next couple of weeks.

Todays post is a beauty themed post about a new brand that Feelunique are launching on their website. Feelunique is an online beauty retailer that stocks thousands of beauty brands across the board and they have another added to their collection, Hello Jo Beauty. Hello Jo Beauty is a Korean beauty brand that uses caffeine as its key ingredient, caffeine has benefits to really boost your skin and hair and to help get your routine going. See! It is not just to drink when your eyes feel like they need propping open with match sticks! The brand incorporates the power of caffeine alongside Vitamins C and A with fruit extras and oils to benefit the skin and hair.

Hello Jo Beauty is also Cruelty Free and a lot of the products are free from SLS and Parabens.

I recently got invited to attend the launch of the brand at Feelunique and even took part in a morning Yoga session! Oh my gosh did my body know about it the day after!

IMG_1909 2

Aside from the innovative use of Caffeine Hello Jo Beauty is also a brand that is invested in women rights and equality. Hello Jo Beauty has partnered with Rosa, a UK wide fund for Women and Girls. Rosa is helping women and girls UK wide to have an equal voice, opportunities and a life that is free from violence. They do this by investing in grassroots women’s organisations with grants, mentoring schemes, training and networking. 50p of each product sale will go towards Rosa to help continue their work towards woman’s equality. Which I think is absolutely wonderful and something that I can totally get behind!

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The brand’s collection of products is small, but I do hope that this brand will continue to grow and launch new products in the future. The fact that they now stock on Feelunqiue is a huge milestone and hopefully will enable them to create more products.

There are 5 products I want to talk about in this blog, two of them are in fact exclusives that will be available from Feelunique from September 20th 2018.


Two two products which are launching in September are hair products, a shampoo and conditioner.

The first is the Stay Strong Volumising Caffeinated Shampoo. This shampoo is made with Walnut Seed Extract to promote healthy hair growth and Coix Seed Extract to exfoliate the scalp. One thing I will say about this shampoo it has a strong coffee scent to it, it kind of smells like the smell when you first walk into Starbucks on a Monday morning! When I applied it to my scalp it had a stimulating, tingling sensation on the scalp. It did feel very refreshing on my scalp and after I had washed my hair it didn’t feel like I had any product build up at all like I find with so many shampoos.

The Stay Strong Volumising Caffeinated Shampoo retails for £12.50.


Moving on, the next product launching on Feelunique is the  Stay Strong Volumising Caffeinated Conditioner. This pairs up perfectly with the shampoo, its made with coconut oil to smooth and hydrate the hair. I left it on for a few minutes after shampooing my hair and when I let it air dry I was really pleased to find that my hair didn’t have any fly aways or frizz. Sometimes when I let my hair air dry I do get the odd little bit of fly aways to front section of my hair, even though I have naturally straight hair. But I didn’t actually find that with this, I didn’t need to go over it with the strangers and my hair felt really smooth and light to the touch.

This again had a very strong coffee scent, to be honest all of the products did have some scent of coffee to them some stronger than others.


The next hair product from Hello Jo Beauty is their Pack of Power Hair Masks. This is a pack of 3 hair sheet masks, yes you heard me correctly sheet masks for your hair. How does this work you ask? You tie your hair up into a pony-tail (make sure its damp) and them put the bag over the ponytail, tie it in place and leave it to work for half an hour. The reason that Hello Jo Beauty have created a mask in this way is because hair masks applied to the roots often cause dandruff, flaking and your hair follicles to become blocked over time. This way you get a boost of moisture to the roots without getting the greasy scalp. These masks are infused with Caffeine, Argon Oil, Olive Oil and Moringa Oil to reduce breakage, prevent frizz and smooth the hair. I really liked the concept behind this and my hair definitely felt softer after using it. But what I would say is that when you have long hair like me it can be a bit difficult to fit all the hair in the bag without it slipping down after a while. But, apart from that I really to like the idea behind it and I think it makes hair masks a lot more quicker, convenient and accessible.

A 3 pack of the Pack of Power Hair Masks retails for £15.


Now we move onto something for the lips, this product was probably the coolest thing I have ever tried and its the Speak Up Bubble Lip Mask. Now we’ve all heard of bubble masks for your face, but who knew there was one designed for your lips? The skin on our lips is a lot more delicate than our skin and made up of significantly less layers than the skin on our face. This is why the brand came out with this lip mask to exfoliate the lips without adding anything to harsh and abrasive to the skin on our lips. The mask applies like a gel and then bubbles up with its bubbly enzymes to exfoliate and remove dead skin. You apply it to dry, clean lips and leave it on for 3 minutes. Keep those lips closed and then after 3 minutes remove it to leave your lips feeling smooth. Its made with Caffeine, Vitamin C and A and fruit enzymes to exfoliate the lips. I really loved this product most of all, because it didn’t make my lips feel dry or irritated after using them. In the colder months I hate having dry lips, but I don’t want to use scrubs which will in turn make my lips even more dry. So this product will be so handy in those situations, because it really does leave my lips feeling smooth and plump without scratching them.

If you are considering trying anything from this range, I’d personally recommend this to start with. It’s my favourite product from the entire range.

The Speak Up Bubble Lip Mask retails for £12.50.


The final product in the collection is the Bright Eyes Jelly Mask. This product probably intrigued me the most, I mean my blog is called Fashioneyesta is it not? These jelly masks come in a pot of 30, so you get a fair few uses out of them. They are made with Aloe extract to sooth the skin, Pomegranate to strengthen and Active Caffeine to reduce puffiness and redness. I really enjoyed using the jelly masks you just place them under your eyes and leave them on for a few minutes. They felt really cooling under the eye and I did notice that my eyes looked a lot less puffy and they looked a little brighter. My eyes do get fatigued so anything to help make them look less so is always very welcomed into my life.

A pot of 30 of the Bright Eyes Jelly Mask retails for £20.

All in all I think this is a really interesting and innovative new brand and I really hope Hello Jo Beauty continue to expand and create new products. I really like how they are experimenting with new concepts and ideas for their products. I’d love to see them delve into face masks and facial scrubs next. I really like the ethos behind the brand and their passions for beauty and equality. I definitely think Hello Jo Beauty is a brand to explore.

Hello Jo Beauty is now available to shop at Feelunique.

Click here to view.

That concludes this blog today, I really hope you enjoyed it. Do be sure to like, comment and follow my blog for future posts.

See you next time!

Fashioneyesta xx

*This blog post contains PR samples. 



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