Urban Decay Backtalk Palette: Review*

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Today I have a new review for you on the Urban Decay Backtalk palette. I was humming and arring about buying this palette for a while ever since it came out earlier this year. I was actually contemplating asking for it for my birthday, but in the end I asked for the Urban Decay Beached Palette instead. But I was very kindly sent this palette by Urban Decay PR recently and after using it a few times I decided I’d review it on my blog because you all seem to really enjoy my makeup reviews which is great!


This palette has two sides which is separated by a detectable mirror which I think is a really cool design. One side is for face and features 2 blushers and 2 highlighter shades and the other side is for eyes which features 8 eyeshadow colours.

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I’ve really been loving the @urbandecaycosmetics Backtalk Palette recently. It has so many beautiful pink, mauve and rose toned shades in it. One side has eyeshadows and the other side has 2 blushers and 2 highlight shades. I used it in this video along with their Troublemaker Mascara for very tick and long lashes. I’m no Instagram beauty Goddness, I know, but this was actually fun to film. Music: @joakimkarudmusic . . . . #beauty #bblogger #urbandecay #backtalkpalette #troublemakermascara #beautytips #tutorialmakeup #eyeshadow #pink #pinkeyeshadow #highlighter #makeup #makeuplooks #makeuplover #prsample #bbloggers #bbloggersuk #beautyinfluencer #instabeauty #beautyblog #beautyjunkie #beautylover #makeuplover

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I think this makes this palette really useful for traveling, especially if your the sort of person who likes mauves, pinks and rose toned shades.

With the eyeshadows you really do get a good variety of shades both matte and shimmer shades 3 are shimmer and the other 5 are matte. The shades vary from pinks, mauves and nude shades. You can create looks with this palette without having to dip into other shadows to complete it which I really like.

When I was using the eyeshadows in the palette I found the shadows fairly easy to apply, although there was a noticeable bit of fallout with some of the darker shades which I did have to correct. Some of the lighter shades applied a little lighter than switched so I did have to go over some of them again to intensify the shadows. But sometimes that can happen with new palettes until you really loosen up the shadows in the pan.

As for the highlighter and blusher shades I simply couldn’t fault them, they applied beautifully and really blended to create a smooth luminous look that didn’t bring texture to my skin. When I first saw the highlighter shades I said “they look like they’ll be to dark for my pale skin!” but they actually apply lighter when you swatch them and apply them to your cheekbones. You can add more to intensify, but they are a little lighter than they appear in the pan which you can see for yourself in the pictures below.






From left to right.

3 Sheets: A very pale pink nude matte shade.

Bare: A pink peachy satin shade.

Curve: A metallic rose shimmer shade (my favourite shade)

Backtalk: A soft rose mauve matte shade.

Shade: A deep fusha satin shade.

Attitude: A metallic reddish copper shade.

WTF: A reddish brown matte shade.

180: A dark metallic brown reddish shade.

IMG_1077 copy

Blushers and Highlighters

From left to right

Cheap Shot: A medium pink-nude blusher shade.

Double Take: A rich mauve shimmer blusher shade.

Low Key: A pinky peach highlighter shade.

Party Foul: A light pink-nude shimmery highlighter shade.

My favourite shades from the palette are low key, double take, bare and attitude. But to be honest I think all the shades in this palette are equally pretty and the rose and mauve tones would look lovely for the Autumn months combined with a berry toned lip.

 Another thing worth mentioning is that the mauve shades don’t apply to make you look like you’ve been punched in the eye or like you’ve not had enough sleep like I’ve found with other shadows, they are actually pretty subtle as far as mauve eyeshadows go.

As you can see from the images below I created a very glowy look with the palette which hints of rose and mauve on the eyes and rose gold on the cheeks.

I like the variety of colours in this palette as I’m a lover of pink and rose toned eyeshadows. I like the convenience of it and that the mirror detaches for ease of use as someone with a visual impairment. The eyeshadows do need a little patience sometimes with the darker shades like attitude and 180 as there can be a little fallout. But, other than that I really do like this palette and I’m totally swooning over the highlighter shades in it. I just cannot get over how flawlessly the highlighter shades apply.


I’d say if you like your mauve and pink toned shades and you want a palette with both face and eyeshadows for convenience definitely consider this palette. I personally haven’t seen a palette with this correlation of shades in it and especially one for both the eyes and the face, so I would definitely recommend trying it out.


This palette retails for £39.50 on a number of beauty websites.

*If you are interested in purchasing this palette click here.

That concludes todays blog post, also in other news how gutted are you all for the fact that Urban Decay are letting go of their original Naked Palette? I’m still crying into my beauty blender over here! That palette was my first true eyeshadow palette love!

Anyhow lets not mourn, I’m sure the thousands of sad people on the internet has done that for me tenfold!

Do be sure to like, comment and follow my blog and I will see you all again soon!

Fashioneyesta xx

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