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Today I have another Charlotte Tilbury related blog post for you, you all know I have a love obsession with Charlotte Tilbury. So I mean, are you surprised by this revelation?

Anyhow, I wanted to talk about another fairly recent release from Charlotte Tilbury. Charlotte Tilbury launched a new concealer and powder to her collection which have been raved about over the last few months since they were first released.

I’ve always been a fan of the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Foundation the Retoucher Concealer, but when I heard about the Magic Away Concealer and Magic Genius Powder I was intrigued.


Magic Away Concealer

The Magic Away Concealer is a full coverage, matte finish concealer. Now personally I don’t tend to go for anything to matte, but I do when it comes to covering up blemishes and pigmentation if I have any.


The concealer comes in 16 shades and is applied using a sponge applicator. When I first applied it I did notice that it had a very thick consistency, it is definitely a full coverage concealer. I tried it on a day where my PMS blemishes were in their full force. It works really well for covering pigmentation and blemishes especially if your skin can get oily. As I wore it throughout the day I didn’t find that it creased and it stayed in place.


Swatch: Shade 5

However, on the days that I wore it when my skin was more dry I personally did find it could collect a little in the dry areas of skin. I did get dry under eyes and I found that sometimes it could bring out the texture because it’s such a high coverage concealer.  But, Mondays where I didn’t have any dryness and wanted a more high coverage concealer I was really impressed by how high coverage it is. I’d definitely use this concealer for a night out or when I wanted something to cover any serious blemishes or pigmentation.

So I would say that if you have oily/combination skin and you want a full coverage concealer this is definitely a great one as it does cover up a lot and it wears well. But, if you have more dry skin and you don’t like your concealers to be too heavy I’d go for the Retoucher Concealer instead.

The Magic Away Concealer retails for £24 and in my experience Charlotte Tilbury base products look amazing if you get the right product and shade for your skin.

* Click here to view the Magic Away Concealer.

Magic Genius Powder

The next product which was released around the same time as the concealer is the Magic Genius Powder. This is a loose setting powder for your face and under eye area, it comes in 3 shades. Can I first of all start by fawning over the packaging? I know it’s not an essential part of a makeup review, but come on! It’s honestly so gorgeous and looks so eye catching on my dressing table. Although because the packaging is quite bulky I personally wouldn’t take this away with me when I’m traveling.

Anyhow, I really liked the powder itself it is very soft and finely milled and easy to apply. I found that it set my makeup in place without making my skin appear flat or overly matte. I have powders that really make my skin appear too matte, but this powder still gives your skin that soft airbrushed glow that I love. I’ll be honest I’m not usually a person who likes setting powders, but this one is swaying me in that direction. It doesn’t make my skin look dry and it works really well underneath the eyes too. It isn’t cakey, it doesn’t bring out texture to the skin if you have it. It’s just a really good powder that sets the makeup and wears really well. All in all, I’m so impressed with it and I think it’s a great product that would suit a lot of different skin types.

The powder retails £33, so it’s not the cheapest product but the pot is a good size so you do get quite a lot for what you pay.

* Click here to view the Magic Genius Powder.


So, that concludes todays blog post. Do let me know in the comments what is your favourite concealer.

Until next time!

Fashioneyesta xx


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And with a dash of magic she was ready to go to the Ball! 🌟 I was very kindly sent some new products from my favourite brand @ctilburymakeup to try. Among them was the Magic Powder and the Magic Away Concealer. I’m so excited to try it and to see how it looks, keep those eyes peeled on my blog for a review! . . . Picture Description: An image of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder and Magic Away Concealer in the background is a pink fairytale dress tree decoration surrounded by white feathers, a white wreath, and gold baubles. . . . #Beauty #BeautyBlogger #BeautyBlog #BBloggers #BBloggersUK #PRSample #CharlotteTilbury #CharlotteTilburyMakeUp #MagicAway #CTMakeUp #Fairytale #DiscoverUnder10K #MakeUpLover #MakeUp #Luxury #Christmas #ChristmasHasComeEarly #BeautyInfluencer #Curated #MakeUpObsessed #christmasprincess #getyourglamon

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