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In a world where over 165 million tons of plastic are in our oceans and where the production of fashion are generating astronomical amounts of greenhouse gases. It’s no wonder why a vast amount of the rhetoric in the fashion industry is turning towards the subject of sustainability. More and more of us as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact our spending habits are having on this planet we call home, Myself included.

A photo of Emily wearing her Gant shirt next to some Blue Wisteria which she is smelling.

Being a style blogger, my online world is often so heavily dominated by this thing we call fast fashion. Trends come and go, styles change with each season and shops are changing their merchandise within weeks of each other. It’s an easy trap to fall into. Before we know it we find our wardrobes clogged up with unnecessary purchases that we will probably wear a few times before discarding it in favour for the next new thing. I’ve certainly fallen prey to this in the past. I’d spend ridiculous amounts of money on new garments that I didn’t even really want or need. Depleting my bank account and our Planet’s precious natural resources and energy in the process.

But, these days I’ve become a lot more conscious of my fashion purchase. I shop for my style and not for a trend. I select things based on if it compliments my aesthetic and if I know I’ll wear it. I go for classic styles, my favourite colours and easy to style garments. In short, the going more sustainable with your wardrobe is to know your style.

One key piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe is a classic, well made shirt. A classic, well made shirt can see you through countless occasions and are so easy to style.

One brand that you can always rely on for well made shirts and apparel is Gant. The shirt I am wearing in these photographs is a new design from Gant’s Spring/Summer collection. It’s a beatiful Slim Snowdrop Shirt, the shirt is in white with a Painterly blue Snowdrop print. The snowdrops are in a cornflower blue shade and the cut is so flattering. The cuffs are adjustable, so you can roll them up for a more causal look. I styled my shirt with a light blue casual t shirt, a pair of light was jeans, white converse and my light blue saddle bag from Zatchels.

I absolutely love the look of this shirt, I think it’s perfect for spring and so flattering to wear. I love the shade of blue of the Snowdrops and I know that I’ll get so much wear out of this shirt. I have so many garments and accessories in similar or complimentary colours like mustard, blue, white and pastel pink. It’s a capsule piece and it’s one that I can tell from previous experience with Gant garments, will last me for years to come.

But, the other thing about Gant is the measures that they are taking to make their brand more sustainable. Gant is due to celebrate their 70th anniversary this year and with it they have announced their “Never Stop Learning” ethos. The goal is to continue to find new ways of making their brand more ethical and sustainable.

One of their initiatives is their Gant Beacons Project. Gant are making shirts from recycled plastic that has been collected by fisherman in the meditation. The initiative is all centred around reducing plastic waste and making it into something beautiful.

But they also have other initiatives like their Better Cotton Initiative, where Gant have pledged to commit to better ways to produce cotton in more sustainable ways.

Gant have also pledged other initiatives and charity projects to make their company benefit people. They have pledged trading standards which ensure that their suppliers and workers are treated fairly and ethically. Then of course there are charity projects like their partnership with the Waterkeepers Alliance. Gant are working with the Waterkeepers Alliance on a charitable project to support them in their mission to keep the Planet’s vital water clean.

If you want to find out more about Gant’s sustainability projects you can do so by clicking the button below.

All in all, I’d say that Gant are really pushing the boat out when it comes to the matter of sustainability. The only way we are going to make a positive impact on our planet is if both consumer and company works to make more ethical choices.

As a wise Wizard by the name of Albus Dumbledore said

“There will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right”

J K Rowling

Going sustainable might not always seem like the easy choice, often we buy out of convenience. But if we make that little bit of effort to choose wisely, we can help to make a difference.

So that concludes todays blog post, I hope you all enjoyed it.

What are your favourite ethical and sustainable fashion brands? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time!

Fashioneyesta xx

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#Gifted Gant: Never Stop Learning I’m a firm believer that the best way to be more sustainable with our wardrobes and fashion choices is to know one’s style. Being a style blogger, my online world is so often dominated by fast fashion and rapidly changing trends. I used to fall prey to fast fashion in the past and would buy many garments, only to wear them once before disguarding them in favour of new ones. But, I’ve evolved since then and now I try to make smart choices about what clothes I buy. I know my style, I choose pieces that are classic and that I know I’ll wear again and again. I go for colours that compliment me skin tone and easy to style pieces like shift dresses and shirts. One thing that is a true investment is a decent shirt, a well made shirt can see you through too many different occasions. I recently acquired this beautiful @gant shirt with in white with blue Snowdrops. It’s a beautiful pattern, a flattering cut and is so versatile. They are so incredibly well made. I styled it with my @zatchels_uk blue saddle bag, a pair of light wash denim jeans and my white @converse But I would also dress this up with a blazer and some smart trousers for an interview or more formal event. It’s not only an investment piece, but it’s a more sustainable one. Gant has been making some fantastic moves to make their brand more sustainable. They are making shirts using recycled plastics that have been collected by fisherman in the mediteranian; in a bid to reduce and recycle the 165 million tons of plastic in our oceans. They are also working on other initiatives like their Better Cotton Initiative and their Waterkeeper Alliance Project. As they reach their 70th Anniversary, they continue to search for new ways to make their brand more sustainable and ethical. What is your favourite thing to wear? . . . Photo Description: A photo of Emily wearing her Gant shirt holding some blue Wisteria flowers to her nose and smelling it. . . . #Gant #Fashion #Style #NeverStopLearning #Sustainable #FashionBlogger #StyleBlogger #SustainableFashion #Blue #Flowers #Floral #DiscoverUnder10k #Nature #UKBlogger #OOTD #Outfit #OutfitofTheDay #OutfitInspiration #MyStyle #Casual

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