Some New Fruity L’Occitane Launches 2019*

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Today I have some new fruit themed launches I wanted to talk about from the brand L’Occitane. L’Occitane have always been a brand I have so much admiration for and have used for many years. They are one of the only beauty companies that feature braille on their products and their brand supports a lot of sight loss charities and projects.

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I’ve had a really exciting week this week. The start of the week was a bit of a drag with me being ill getting over the remnants of being sick last week. But I’ve had a great last few days. On Wednesday I was invited to lunch with @loccitane_uk_ire at the gorgeous @hotelcaferoyal and then afterwards they showed me around their Regent Street Flagship Store where I got to have a hand massage and pick out some products to try. They also showed and gifted me their new skincare range for 2019. This is a brand that I’ve always admired for the fact that they incorporate braille on their products and their company is so geared towards helping the sight loss community with charity projects. But they are also doing lots of wonderful things like their new recycling scheme and beach clean projects they have launched to make their brand more sustainable. Yesterday I filmed with @skynews on a piece about the rise in online disability hate crime for a new campaign headed by @leonardcheshire The piece went out at around 7.30 this morning and you can watch it back by heading over to Sky News Live on YouTube and scrolling back a few hours. Next week on Monday 13th of May at 9.15am I’m appearing on @bbcone Rip Off Britain where I’ll be talking about being a disabled shopper and store inaccessibility. The feature is reported by the lovely @Sam antharenke and will focus on how more stores need to be made more disability accessible. Next week is also looking to be pretty exciting with new products to review, new projects to work on and an exciting interview for a new magazine feature. Onwards and upwards! . . . #DiscoverUnder10K #Disability #Beauty #Blogger #BloggerLife #YouTuber #Vlogger #loccitane #Bblogger

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I recently had a meeting with L’Occitane and was shown around their amazing flagship store in Regent Street; Where I got to have a hand massage, see their new launches and learn about their new Beach Clean projects and TerraCycling recycling scheme as the brand makes efforts to become more sustainable. Their new recycling scheme invites you to bring back empty cosmetics and toiletries packaging and they will recycle it and offer you 10% off L’Occitane in return.

Anyhow, the meeting really inspired me and gave me a chance to find out about all the great things L’Occitane have in the pipeline for the future. They also very kindly gifted me with some products in store, as well as some of their new launches from their fruit inspired skincare and lip collection. So, I thought I’d take you through the collection. As, after all I’m a visually impaired beauty blogger who champions accessibility in the beauty industry. So, it would be criminal of me not to!

So without further ado let’s begin!

The entire range has a beautiful scent to it, all made with fruit sourced from Provence.

Face Masks

L’Occitanne have launched 3 new face masks as part of their fruit inspired collection. Each key ingredient from each different mask has been sourced from Provence. The other great thing about these face masks is that you can use them on their own or combine them together and use them on specific facial areas to target any isolated skin problems.

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Face Mask Time! Sometimes you just have to put on a face mask or two…or three! I’ve recently been playing around with the new @loccitane_uk_ire Face Masks from their new Fruity Collection. I used the Purifying Face Mask on my nose to get rid of blackheads and blocked pores. I then used the Radiance Scrub on my forehead for some brightening. Finally I used the Soothing Face Mask on my cheeks and chin to sooth the skin. I reviewed them in a recent blog post so be sure to check out my blog via the link in my bio. Sometimes when your skin is experiencing more than one problem it’s a good idea to target specific areas with different masks to combat those skin problems. Sounds so extra doesn’t it? But it’s the weekend! Weekends were made for being extra with your skincare and for taking some time out to give yourself a good pamper. Throw in a lip scrub and a hand cream whilst your at it like I did! I’ve been loving the Marmalade Scrub from the Fruity Collection with it’s zesty scent and the Herbae Hand Cream which smells like freshly cut grass. This week I’ve been run of my feet walking my 100,000 steps for Guide Dogs, so I’m just enjoying taking some time out for myself. Also did you know that L’Occitane packaging features braille? . . . Products Used ⬇️ L’Occitane Purifying Face Mask L’Occitane Radiance Face Scrub L’Occitane Soothing Face Mask L’Occitane Delicious Fruity Marmalade Lip Scrub L’Occitane Herbae Hand Cream . . . Video Description: A video showing a montage of clips of Emily holding up each product and then applying them to her skin. Photo Descriptions: 3 photos of each individual face mask on a wooden rustic table surrounded by fruit and flowers. . . . Music: Clouds @joakimkarudmusic . . . #Gifted #loccitane #Skincare #FaceMask #Fruit #SelfCare #Pamper #Weekend #WeekendSkincare #SkincareTips #Beauty #BeautyBlogger #Accessibility #SkincareBlog

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Radiance Scrub

A macro shot of the Radiance Face Scrub on a rustic table.

Price: £29

The first of the 3 is the Radiance Face Scrub. It’s made with Pomelos which help to brighten and energise the skin. It has a really sweet, zesty scent and the texture rather reminds me of jam. It has little seed like scrub particles in it to remove dead skin. When I used this one I found it gave my skin a gentle scrub, not to harsh and not too light. It would make a great face mask to give your skin a perk up.

Purifying Face Mask

An image of the Purifying Face Mask on a rustic table.

Price: £29

The Purifying Mask is made from freshly-cut Thyme which helps to detoxify the skin. It has a thick, mud like puree texture with a slight exfoliation to it. It’s in a deep earthy green shade so you will look rather comical as you wear it! It has a fresh, herbal scent and once I removed it I did notice that it had mattified my skin and tackled my congested areas. My skin really did look fresh and even after my first time using it. Even my mum commented on the look of my skin afterwards. I’d say this would make a great mask to use at the end of the week to give your skin a cleanse or you could apply it to specific areas where you tend to get blemishes and blocked pores.

Soothing Face Mask

Price: £29

The Soothing Face Mask contains freshly picked Blackcurrants from Ardèche. It has a thick yoghurt like consistency and smells absolutely divine. It has a deliciously sweet scent and it feels like a cooling embrace on the skin. Blackcurrants are high in magnesium and calcium and this mask acts as a skin boost. My skin felt really softened and soothed after using it, especially as I get irritation and sometimes redness. This face mask has to be my favourite out of all 3, so if you are looking to try just one I’d definitely recommend this.

Lip Products

L’Occitane have also launched quite a large collection of lip products from lip scrubs and lip care, to tinted lip balms and lipsticks.

Delicious Lip Scrubs

L’Occitane have launched Delicious Lip Scrubs in Marmalade Kiss, Raspberry Crush and Fabulous Fig. They retail for £14 each and have a really amazing jam like texture that buffs away dead skin.

I have the scents Marmalade Kiss and Raspberry Crush. Marmalade Kiss smells exactly like Orange Marmalade with its sweet zesty scent. Raspberry Crush smells like a delicious raspberry jam. Every time I use either of these scrubs I have to strongly resist the urge to eat them! The way that they are formulated makes them really easy to apply, they don’t scratch the skin and it makes for a pleasant lip scrub to prep your lips.

Lip Balms

L’Occitane have also launched a new selection of lip balms, these tinted lip balms give your skin a little boost of hydration with a slight tint of colour. They are silicone free and Vegetarian friendly. They come in 5 different shades, I have the shades Miss Grenadine (a hot coral) and Pink Calisson (a soft pink). These Fruity Lip Tints work great over the top of lip liner for a subtle tint of colour or on their own to give your lips that full, healthy look. They have a lovely light texture, they don’t feel greasy or sticky. They make a great product for Summer for a subtle wash of colour.

But they have also launched a new Multi-Balm which can be used to act as a primer before lipstick or as a lip balm to hydrate your lips. It’s made with Pomelo to soften the skin and Carrot and Pomegranate which are naturally rich in Carotenoid and Vitamin E. It has a really sweet fruity scent to it and the moisture does last a long time on the lips. I really love the way it makes my lips feel after using it.

Fruity Lipsticks

The Fruity Lipstick collection comes in 9 different shades and retail for £18 each in a range of colours as well as a Fruity Perfecting Balm for £20.

They are made with Pomegranate, Carrot and Pomelo, as well as Vitamin E and Caster Oil. They have a really rich, hydrating formula on the skin, they almost feel like a lip oil in texture. They have a really sweet citrus scent and give the lips a rich wash of colour. They are easy to blend and wear well on the lips, giving them a rich shiny tint of colour.

I have the shades Pink Biscotin and Plum Plum Girl both of which really compliment my pale skin tone.

Swatches (Top to bottom)

Plum Plum Girl: A warm reddish plum toned shade.

Pink Biscotin: A light, warm toned pink.

All in all, I really love the collection. I love the variety in shades and the scent of the products. My favourites from this range have to be the face masks as well as the lip scrubs. It’s definitely a range I’d recommend trying out and hey why not take some recycled beauty products to your local store to get 10% off?

Which product would you like to try from this blog post?

Disclaimer: This blog post contains PR samples, all views expressed are my own. This blog contains affiliate links. This blog is not sponsored.

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