The Real Reason Why I Wear Sunglasses*


We all love them, we love buying new ones, we love it when we find a pair that suits our face shape. But there’s a practical reason for them, sunglasses protect our eyes from the Sun’s UV rays which can cause a number of vision problems. Although I wear sunglasses for that reason it’s not the main reason I actually wear sunglasses. See the thing is, a lot of people wear sunglasses in the Summer months when the Sun is at it’s strongest.

But, I have been known to wear them all year round, I even wear them when it snows outside to protect my eyes from the harsh white glare of the snow. Sometimes people have questioned me for wearing sunglasses in those atypical situations where I’ve worn them in. However, speaking as someone who lives with a visual impairment which causes a number of eye health problems, I wanted to share my story of why I wear sunglasses.

Why do I wear sunglasses?

…Well I’ll tell you

As many of you know I have a condition called Septo Optic Dysplasia. It’s a congenital condition which impacts my endocrine system and my eyesight. As a result I have the eye conditions known as Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) and Nystagmus. Optic Nerve Hypolasia impacts the optic nerves and causes loss of vision and Nystagmus is an eye condition which makes focusing difficult. I already wrote a detailed blog on what it’s like to see through my eyes, with my eye conditions which you can read here. But in summary, my sight is very limited I’m fully blind in my right eye and only have central vision in my left eye. I can’t focus on objects due to my Nystagmus which is aggravated in changes to lighting. Particularly low level light and very bright light.

Having Optic Nerve Hypoplasia also means that I have mild Photophobia, its a side effect of the eye condition. Photophobia is a condition which causes you to experience discomfort or pain to your eyes when in bright light, for instance sunlight or fluorescent lighting. It can be a very uncomfortable condition to live with and the Summer months can play havoc with your eyes. Often in the Summer I have constant chronic eye pain.

This is the real reason I wear sunglasses, sunglasses are one of the key ways that I can prevent my mild photophobia from becoming a chronic and obstructive problem. Sunglasses also help as the harsh sunlight can also have a huge impact on my Nystagmus and make it harder to see things with the remaining vision I have left. So for me, my sunglasses are an essential not just for the Summer, but for many other occasions in my life. That’s why I often like to add new ones into my collection, seeing as I have to wear them so often. I like to swap them with different outfits and I don’t mind indulging in some designer shades from time to time.

A recent pair that I was sent that I have added to my collection are these beatiful sunglasses from Botegga Veneta. They are cut in a rounded style which I absolutely love, its such a retro look, very reminiscent of the 60s. They are in a cool grey and mauve toned colour, with a tortoiseshell pattern on the frames. They are from SmartBuyGlasses UK who stock a variety of different designer eyewear brands. I love the cool tones in this pair of sunglasses they really compliment lots of different garments I have in my wardrobe, being that a lot of my wardrobe is in shades of blue. Sunglasses are a vital tool for me to be able to live my life with minimal discomfort, but they are also a fashion accessory!

That’s it for todays blog post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Until Next Time

Fashioneyesta xx

Disclaimer: The sunglasses featured in this blog post were gifted to me by SmartBuyGlasses UK. This blog is not sponsored. All opinions expressed are my own.

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