Cowshed Signature Facial Spa Treatment: Review

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For my birthday I was given a voucher to have a treatment at one of the Cowshed Spa’s. I was incredibly excited to try a treatment, I’ve never before had a treatment at a Cowshed Spa and I couldn’t want to head down to London to indulge in a treatment.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Cowshed, Cowshed is a holistic brand that make a variety of bath and body, fragrance and skincare products all made with essential oils. It’s a great place to try and to shop if you prefer things that have that really spa like scent. Their products contain no Parabens, Mineral Oils, Silicones, Animal Ingredients and their products are not tested on animals.

So before my holiday came to an end I booked up to experience the Cowshed Signature Facial at Cowshed in Primrose Hill, London. But there are plenty of other Cowshed Spas in London besides.

It’s a really cosy, laid back kind of place with comfy sofas and chairs. The decor is very homely, with a rustic edge to it. As you walk in that classic Cowshed aroma hits you. Theres also a cafe on the top floor selling a variety of healthy food, drinks and sweet treats. A lot of people flock here for a spot of food whilst in Primrose Hill. Which is its only downside that it can be quite busy in the main part of the cafe area on a weekend. You can enjoy complimentary tea or coffee of your choice along with your treatment. They have a selection of brews to choose from.

The staff were so accommodating and welcoming to my guide dog. They even brought over a bowl of water for her to drink.

It was a really welcoming atmosphere with friendly, chatty staff who took me over to a table and offered me refreshments before my treatment began. I was then taken down to the lower ground floor by my therapist and into a quiet room for my treatment. For this treatment you are required to move your blouse and bra and cover yourself with a towel for the massage.

Treatments range in price between £14-£120 in price and there’s a variety of treatments from pedicures, body treatments and facials. The Cowshed Signature Facial is a 60 minute comprising of cleansing, steaming and exfoliating the face followed by massaging the neck, face and shoulders and a choice between massaging the hands, feet or scalp.

What I loved about this treatment is the mix of both facial and massage. Often I’v felt that a lot of previous treatments is either more geared towards the cosmetic side or the holistic side. It was really enjoyable to have beautifully scented products applied to my face in a cloud of steam. Then afterwards to experience the benefit of a shoulder, neck and face massage. The products felt absolutely incredible on the skin and. The therapist also used a mixture of different essential oils like lavender blend to calm at the beginning of the treatment, followed by orange at the end to energise.

The products felt beautiful on the skin, the Gentle Face Wash was my favourite. It’s made with Lavender, Lemongrass and Clary Sage and feels very soothing on the skin. This is definitely a treatment to go for if you are someone who can’t decide between a facial or a massage, the time is evenly divided between the two.

All in all, I really enjoyed this treatment, it was relaxing and refreshing. I left with my skin feeling smoother and clearer and my limbs released of tension. It was such an enjoyable treatment and I would definitely return for more treatments in the future.

If you want to find out more bout the Cowshed Spas click the button below.

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