Image of Bianca Turetsky

An interview with Bianca Turetsky, author of The Time Traveling Fashionista.

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Anastasia with the team
An image of Anastasia with the teamAn Interview with Anastasia Vasileiou: Founder of AV Luxury Accessories 

An Interview With the Founder of AV Luxury Accessories

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An image of Jill Daley

An interview with Jill Daley: Presenter on RNIB’s Insight Radio

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laura turner
An image of Laura Turner






An Interview with Laura Turner: Paralympic Torchbearer, Disability Campaigner and Fashion Enthusiast

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An image of Steph McCoy


An Interview of Steph McCoy: Blogger at Bold Blind 

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An Interview with Kimberley Burrows: RNIB’s Young Illustrator of the Year

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An Interview With Vicky Kuhn: Blogger at Around and Upside Down

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An Interview With Laura Legendary: Founder of Elegant Insights Braille Creations and My New Partner In A New Venture

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