An Interview Anastasia Vesilieou: The Founder of AV Luxury Accessories

Do you recall the review I did on the wonderful company selling handmade accessories otherwise known as AV Luxury Accessories. 

If not click here to read the review.

Anastasia the founder was so kind as to agree to be featured as one of my guests on the new ‘fashion perspectives’ projects in which I feature individuals from different backgrounds for an exclusive interview here on

Let’s see what she had to say when I caught up with her…

So Anastasia, what inspired you to start your company?

For me inspiration is the extension of looking at things in a positive way.

It was this magic power that gave birth to an inspiring and blessed business.

AV Luxury Accessories became my hideaway a mental paradise that I created in a very difficult period of my life. It was my way to escape in a world of creation and dreams.

In three words how would you describe your company?

Personal – Philosophical – Spiritual.

We are a small, independent company and our team is a small bunch of romantic, inspired and really positive individuals that see life differently. We have a message to pass through our creations and help other like minded individuals to feel positive and relaxed in this amazing journey of life.

Where do you get ideas for your new jewellery designs?

Ideas and inspiration come from various sources. I love nature and always find a reason to be near it. The flowers, the river waters, the salty sea, the bees, even the annoying noise that crickets make in a hot summer day are all part of this beautiful nature. This is why my very first jewellery collection was about flowers, dragonflies, butterflies and bees…

What can we expect for the new Autumn/ Winter Season?

I am very excited about the Autumn/Winter Season Collection because it is an explosion of my real feelings. It is spiritual, artistic, intriguing and has been influenced a lot by Numerology and the values of gemstones.

Do you have any future plans for your company?

The biggest part of our work is based on numerology and positive energy (via gemstones, numbers and colour) and I am planning in the near future to create  events around Europe where I will have the chance to talk in person about gemstones and numerology and people will be able to actually touch and feel our jewellery rather than buying online. Online sales are an amazing, easy and convenient way to put any type of product on our doorstep but nothing can beat the immediate contact. I have already a couple of events confirmed for Czech Republic and Ukraine and I hope that soon AV will be invited to more events in other art galleries as well.

What advise would you give to someone investing in a special piece of jewellery?

Buy with your heart and not with your mind!

I am so happy that you just used the words “special piece”.

A special piece of jewellery does not actually need to be expensive or pompous or carry the label of a huge brand. A special piece should be a representation of our selves. We do not need to sacrifice everything at the altar of multinationals.

A special piece of jewellery may add personality to our look and make any dress invisible just because it is special and has its own personality. Some people think that special means expensive but I do not agree.

A lot of your accessorise are inspired by nature, what is it about nature that enthusesflower you so?

Nature will never let us down. Everything is made in grace and wisdom.

How many times when we feel depressed or upset or angry or even betrayed we need to go out for a walk and suddenly our footsteps lead us to the nearest park or garden? And then we start watching around us trees or flowers or butterflies and our mind just goes blank.

How much calmness do we feel watching a rose or a blossomed magnolia tree or even a bee transferring pollen from flower to flower?

I have done a lot of “nature watching” in 2012 because I needed it. And this had as a result the launch of our Spring Summer 2013 Jewellery Collection.

What advise would you give to any budding crafters?

Create with your real feelings. Put as much love as possible to your creations. Do not base your creations on selling but on the happiness you receive from creating. This will be your greatest reward. Sales will follow.

In your opinion why do you think people should invest in hand made items as opposed to items from chain outlets and main stream retailers?

Handmade means personal and personal means human. So handmade cannot be compared to all these machine made mass items that are supposed to make big brand bigger.

In such periods of economic crisis, we have to become more sensitive on how we all support each other. I think that this great fantasy that markets and colossal brands “served us” through the celebrity style stereotype and the “who wears what” marketing trick should now stop. We should all become more aware of this crisis and try to understand that instead of the mass production we should start giving life to small companies that actually focus on upfront production rather than buying and re-selling. I agree that the latter is another approach of commerce but it should not be the only approach.

What tips would you give to blind and partially sighted shoppers on your website?

We all love being and feeling elegant.  But it is more important to feel positive.

We offer 2 main types of jewellery:

The first is our art jewellery. They are mainly our personal expression and an ideal choice for people seeking handmade and tactile designs.

Then we have our gemstone jewellery, a more spiritual aspect of our creations. Fluorite for example the genius stone increases self confidence and aids decision making. Citrine is the stone of prosperity.  Jasper offers balance. And Onyx is the stone of business success.  Choose with your heart, and trust your intuition.

Your new Numerology project sound very exciting! What caused you to add this concept to your company?

Numerology is an art of well being. It is the science that deals with the numbers and the speech.

Images of Gemstones

In our forthcoming collection you will see two necklaces that look the same but are totally different because the numbers – position and gemstones we use are used in such a way to work differently – so for example if we have a necklace with a central pink quartz stone and small amethyst, citrine, aquamarine and pink quartz chips – they are put in different ways to match to specific numbers. They should be in a different order to vibrate with 6 or 9 and in different order to vibrate with 3 or 1. It is quite complicated to explain and it takes time to learn the rules in numerology (which is far more than simply adding and summing numbers).

Numerology makes us understand the analysis, meaning and vibration of the numbers. It is the science that analyzes human life based on numbers.

Every person has a unique vibration and thus a separate number, which is a combination of the “Life Path Number”, “Destiny Number” and “Personality Number”. Each number has a different vibration and shows a person’s character, potential, virtues, flaws and capabilities.

Numerology is the one of the oldest sciences that dealt with the vibration of numbers. The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, believed strongly in the power and meaning of numbers. He was born in Greece in the 6th century BC and travelled to many parts of the world to teach the science of numerology. He believed that everything could be translated into numbers and each number was a manifestation of a larger, whole and universal meaning. For this reason he was called “The father of Numerology”.

Numerology helps us find a lot of useful information about ourselves, our journey of life and also see who we match with other people, companions, friends or business partners. It helps us foresee future situations

If you feel that numerology may change your life (as it has changed ours) then we will be delighted to hear from you.

We will be delighted to offer a FREE Numerology reading.

Send us by email your full birth date (dd/mm/yyyy) and your full name (if you are married we will need your full name before marriage). We will find your 3 numbers – destiny / path / personality which will lead us to your FINAL NUMBER. We will send you some information on these numbers.

Now, with al this great insight into your wonderful company. Let’s talk about you and move onto your personal style…

So, how would you describe your style?

I am born in February so my gemstones are amethyst and citrine. My Numerology stone is aquamarine which must be combined with 9 smaller stones (amethysts or citrines or amethysts and citrines).

In other words although I am very creative and artistic I prefer the classic style.

If I wear clean-cut outfits I would always enhance them with a striking necklace or a quite large and colourful scarf. I like alternating styles “but always in harmony”.

Who is your style role model?

Audrey Hepburn. Not only because she has been an idol for style and elegance but because her fashion sense was influenced by none other than herself.

What is your favourite fashion item in your wardrobe?

My lucky necklace: a quite big natural coral with two aquamarines and 9 citrine & amethyst chips.

How do you use accessorise and jewellery to enhance your clothing?

I love dresses. They make feel comfortable and elegant. I prefer straightforward lines but I emphasize on a beautiful necklace or pendant. Although I have so many earrings, I personally prefer necklaces because they add a great deal of personality and they are quite adaptable.

What is your fashion guilty pleasure?

I want more….

And finally if you were taken into a shop and blindfolded how would you use your other senses to create an outfit? (touch, sense of texture and shape. This is a question I ask everyone as part of the project.)

I would touch the fabric and put it on my cheeks. Cheeks are quite sensitive and it is a great way to feel the fabric. Then I would try to crease a small part of the fabric and touch it again. It will help me realize how the outfit adapts.

If I were happy with the sense of texture then I would then try it to feel it on me. It should feel comfortable (neither tight nor very loose).

final image

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