Make Your Own Cosmetics: Hot Plate Safety


No trailing wires – Could trip over them

Make sure unit is turned off after use – someone could touch hot plate and burn themselves

Turn pan handles in – so pans don’t get knocked off

Do not wear any trailing garments – remove scarves, long sleeves, etc. where possible, or tuck in so that they do not knock any hot pans or trail over hot plates

Make sure that if you have to carry a pan of hot water, the gangway is clear and people are aware of what you are doing so they do not walk in front of you

Make sure there is nothing on the work surface near hot plate that could catch fire, such as paper

If anything in a pan catches fire; immediately put a close fitting lid on it. If safe to do so turn off the unit – do not throw water over an electric unit or you will cause a big fire

Never run in a room where ingredients are being heated, you could trip or trip someone else up and cause an accident

High temperature safety: If you need to lift something that might be hot, use a dry oven glove – never use a wet cloth, because it will absorb the heat more quickly! Always use pan handles to lift metal bowls – these must be attached to the metal pan before starting to heat it

Liquids boil at around 100 degrees C, but fat and oil reach higher temperatures. Steam can be really hot too and cause nasty burns – so do not touch or put your hand over a steaming pan

Never leave a pan unattended on the hot plate

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