Privacy Policy

Your privacy and piece of mind is important to me and I want to be transparent with my readers. So I have created this Privacy page as to how I collect and use your data and of your rights in compliance with the General Date Protection Act (GDPR). is hosted by (Automatic) who have recently published guidelines as to what and how data is collected and used.

Click here to read their Privacy Policy.

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Sign Ups and Email Subscriptions 

When you sign up to become a follower of Fashioneyesta by entering your name and email address you will receive notifications to receive my latest blog posts to the email you signed up with. You will become a subscribed follower of which is hosted by In each email there is an “unsubscribe option” at the bottom should you wish to stop receiving emails.


When you comment on my website which includes any of my blogs or pages, WordPress collects the comment itself as well as any other information provided which includes names and email addresses.

PollDaddy Survey Responses

When you completes a poll, quiz, or other type of survey I publish via, WordPress collects your responses to those surveys, and other information that the I requires for a poll/quiz/survey response, such as an e-mail address.

Affiliate Links uses affiliate links from affiliate programmes including RewardStyle and ShopStyle. These links are tracked to analyse how many clicks the link receives. Any blog that contains affiliate links will be stated in the blog at the bottom of the page and affiliate links will be marked with an “*”. So that you are fully aware that you are clicking on an affiliate link should you wish to use it.


This site runs ads using the Automatic WordAds programme, these ads are tracked to establish how many clicks the ad receives. You will see these ads at the bottom of pages, archives and blog posts.

To Sum Up…

  • You may unsubscribe from receiving email subscriptions from at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe button.
  • You may unfollow at any time.
  • You may request the deletion of your data (such as comments) at any point.
  • You may contact me to request further information and I will endeavour to assist you as much as possible.

If you have any queries you may contact me (Emily K Davison) via or via the contact form below.