Below are some of the comments and feedback from readers, companies and charities.
From Readers 
‘Emily came to our rescue.
Thank you so much – so glad we found you!’
Anne Hanscomb, Reader.
 ‘Emily Davison not only is a fashion inspiration. This young woman is an example for how someone with disability and an eating disorder overcame the road blocks given to her by mother nature. She instead became a beacon for positivity, motivation and a spokes person for the weaker in our society. Emily has managed to be recognized within the mainstream media as well as she has inspired mainstream companies to be inclusive to the disabled. Emily has never used her fame to promote herself but instead she stands for the cause and uses her success to improve the life of the disabled. I am very curious for the years to come and what Emily Davison will change for the better in our world that direly needs it! Go for Emily Davison!’
Selma from ReGlam Me
From PRs
‘Emily is a inspiration to everyone. She is creative, enthusiastic and funny and not to mention beautiful. It has been a complete pleasure to meet her and she truly deserves every success that I know will come her way.’
Heidi Sturgess, Bag Designer.
From Charities
‘Emily has supported RNIB with several projects over the last year, most recently speaking at our Gala Dinner and featuring in a film shown to guests on the evening. Her passionate speech was inspiring, witty and moving in equal measure and was a real highlight of the event, receiving a standing ovation from some of our guests. It was a huge pleasure to meet Emily and work with her and I hope to do so again.’
Laura Kimpton, the RNIB.
‘Emily has been a brilliant advocate both for Scope’s End the Awkward campaign, and for disability issues more widely. I speak for everyone at Scope when I say it’s been a pleasure working with her in 2015, and I’m looking forward to working with her again on future projects.’
Nick Duquemin, Press Team at Scope Charity.
Emily was interviewed about her fashion blogging by Felicity from Aylesbury High School for Buzzword, our annual Young Calibre audio newsletter. Emily explained how first and foremost she is a person and that her visual impairment doesn’t affect the way she loves fashion. For the many children who listened to her interview she is an inspiration, encouraging youngsters to achieve their aspirations despite sight loss or disability.’
Nicole Russel, Calibre Audio.
‘Emily is a very hard working and dedicated individual. Emily has worked closely with our charity for a while now helping us raise awareness in our services and giving valuable input on current projects. Emily is also our Fashion ambassador and has written many fantastic blogs oh high street fashion for over 10,000 library members. She is a great person to work with and a great friend to the charity.’
Emily Barber, Living Paintings.

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