The Top Ten Misconceptions about Visual Impairment: YouTube Video

The Top Ten Misconceptions about Visual Impairment: YouTube Video

Greetings Readers! Welcome back to! Today I wanted to share with you a video I have previously created for my YouTube channel. Click here to view my channel. A few months ago you may recall that I did a blog article for Disability charity Scope covering the Top Ten Misconceptions about Visual Impairment in [...]


The Top Ten Misconceptions About Visual Impairment

Greetings Readers!
Today I wanted to share with you some very exciting news that has taken place over on the blog for Scope-a charity supporting disabled people across the UK. Recently, I wrote a piece for them in relation to a YouTube video on the top ten misconceptions of sight loss and the Scope #EndTheAlkward campaign. Where I talk about the top 10 misconceptions relation to my sight loss and now…here it is.
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Guest post from  Emily Davison, a writer, fashion blogger, English Literature student  and YouTuber. She also happens to be visually impaired and works with a guide dog.

Emily with her guide dog Unity Emily with Unity (photo from Guide Dogs)

Do you ever face those moments in your day where something cringe-worthy happens to you? Do you find yourself thinking how wonderful it would be if the ground would swallow you up?

In life I find that there have been many obstacles that I have had to face. But, one thing that never seems to vanish are the questions I get due to my disability. Some of them are the most awkward and frustrating moments I can recollect. Some make me want to recoil in sheer mortification.

Recently I created a video on my YouTube channel after reading an article by a young women in a wheelchair about the top ten sayings and questions that she gets due…

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