Fashioneyesta’s First Visit To Lush



Greetings Readers!

How are you finding life this January?

Do you feel as if the cold weather, harsh winds and the need for constant central heating to be an immense strain to you? Do you grudgingly awaken and stumble to your shower to start yet another day?

Guys and Girls, once in the shower do you habitually reach for the same shower gel that you buy routinely from the same brand?

Do you lather up shampoo that may not be of complete benefit to your trestles of hair?

In short, are you facing the common symptoms of a well known complaint The Staying Safe Syndrome?

If you find yourself nodding in agreement with me I believe I have found the remedy for you in the form of a fantastic brand called Lush Cosmetics. 

So, if you want to perk yourself up this January mind body and soul, if you want to life your spirits and make shower or bath time an utterly sensational experience read on and find out what Doctor Fashioneyesta has got in store for you!

Their Ethos

1994 gave birth to many things, for one it was the year that I came into the world, on another note the world leading company Walt Disney launched the sensational hit The Lion King, but most importantly 1994 was the year that Mark and Mo Constantine launched the revolutionary brand Lush.

Lush is a brand that uses natural ingredients, fruit and vegetables, essential oils, minimal preservatives and an ethical ethos to create a range of amazing products to suit every individual. To date Lush has over 830 stores in 51 countries.

The essence of Lush is simple, to make products built on the customers needs, made with fresh ingredients that aid causes, campaigns and charities and make the customers money expand further.

Against Animal Testing 

An image of Fashioneyesta holding Lush’s promotional black tote shopper with the ‘Against Animal testing logo on the front

Another aspect which first sparked my interest in Lush and caused me to take a trip to my local store to find out more was that Lush remain completely opposed to animal testing and are extreme campaigners to make the world a cruelty free place for the cosmetics industry.


Lush began their own campaign for animal testing with their certified logo which depicts to rabbits fighting and the words ‘Fighting Animal Testing’ in bold letters.

As a vegetarian and as a complete animal lover and first and foremost as a blogger it is my moral duty to give coverage to brands like Lush who continue to spread the word about cruelty free products and also continue to make outstanding products.

I do not intend to force my opinions onto you my dear reader, nor to preach about animal testing. But I simply wish to bestow upon you the knowledge in which you are able to choose which brands you will spend your hard earned money on.

For more information please get in touch with me at

Since 1994 Lush have never tested on animals and instead use human volunteers to test their organic, freshly produced products on and thus have remained morally integral from the very beginning.

They have done a variety of campaigning including a live demonstration in the Regent Street brach of Lush showing a vegan actress as a real life animal testing subject whom allowed all manor of tests to be performed on her. In the endurance performance she is dragged to the experimenting table in the front of the shop, restrained, force fead, injected, her skin, eyes are treated with chemicals until the scene ends with her acting the moment where tousands of animals in laboratories are eventually killed and discarded. Another example was the demonstration that took place in Brussels.

Watch the video below to find out more…

Why I Love Lush Products?

There are many reasons why i now love Lush products and will continuously be using them again and again for product quality, customer service, the experience and of course to be endorsing a brand that supports charities and organisations for human and animal rights.

For one, I thoroughly enjoyed the scent experience that the products gave me as a partially sighted person. As I am sure many of you are aware by now is that i am a lover of products that have a distinct smell to them whether they be woody, floral, citrus, spicy or sweet. Lush caters to a wide range of people with different lifestyles, different tastes in scents and different skin and hair types.

Lush can also make bath time a truly sensational experience, now for many years i have never been one who enjoys bathing and have instead always opted for a shower instead. However, Lush has swayed my opinion on the matter, with their multitude of wonderful smelling bubble bars, bath bombs, and other bath products I will opt for an evening soak for the sheer reason to use one of their fragrant bubble bars that sends me into a meditational like retreat. My bathroom is transformed from a conventional washing powerhouse into a spa from a distant land smelling like fresh roses and zesty lemons or gentle lavender and jasmine.

One of the initial things that you will find on your first encounter with a Lush store is the smell that will enter your nostrils when passing your local store. At first the smell may be slightly overpowering and the variety of products may be similarly humungous. But, the key to conquering this sense of being overwhelmed with products is o first and foremost do some research online into the range of products that are on offer and to select some that you suspect you may like before entering a Lush store.

The Store Experience

But of course,  when you are in the store and have crossed the scented threshold the game will entirely depend on what products you smell and how much they intoxicate your. During my first experience it was truly love at first sniff…and touch. The products truly sold themselves, however with the held of a number of very lovely sales assistants including two on my first encounter with the store by the names of Mary and Eleanor. On my second visit to a Lush store there were two equally accommodating and friendly sales assistance who gave my four legged friend a very warm reception and offered any assistance that I would need with purchasing my products.


What I also enjoyed about the experience was that my local store in Intu Bromley had an accessible layout with enough room for someone with a wheelchair, mobility aid or assistance dog to manoeuvre.

The sales assistants were also extremely helpful in advising me on products, providing me with samples both on request and without the need for me to ask for any. I enjoy this kind of experience as when you are in a Lush store you always get a sense of staff that are well trained, non pushy and are equipped with knowledge and passion in what they do.

The staff and in store experience made Lush an outstanding brand for me with attractive qualities and is a key factor to what made me decide to continue using the brand and of course to write a review for you, dear reader.

Store Details

Address: 212 The Glades Shopping Centre, Bromley BR1 1DN

Telephone: 020 8466 1836

Shopping Online


Not only did I find my experience of shopping online pleasurable, but I also enjoyed using the online website to purchase my items. I enjoyed a number of factors about the website, such as the layout the way in which you can socially interact with other Lush users and the way in which Lush use social media to market their products.

Lush make full use YouTube to make videos that present how the products are made, where the ingredients are sourced and why staff members enjoy using them. Which of course is extremely helpful in enabling you to decide which product would suit you best.

I also found it extremely easy to place my order, you also have the option of making your oder online by calling the number 01202 668 545 if you find it difficult to shop online. I find this service additionally useful to those with sight loss as many of my readers I am sure will agree, that having the option to arrange your order over the telephone is highly accessible.

Website Accessibility

I have tested the Lush website using my iPhone voiceover application and the website is fully accessible using this software. Should anyone have any comments to add please submit them into the comment box at the end of this feature.

My Top Lush Picks

For the Body…

Black Stockings Body Tint



Price: £7.95

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

If you are after a product that gives you a healthy glow with added shimmer and ingredients that will moisturise your skin. Black Stockings is a massage bar that acts also like a fan tanning product and would work wonders for nights out on the town, special occasions or a day that you need a little pick me up. It would make a great addition to your make up collection.

Lemon Flutter Cuticle Butter



Price: £6.50

Link: Click here 

Why Buy?

Alas, Winter can be such an unforgiving month, the harsh winds, the rain, the frost, the snow, the central heating. It is an enemy to the skin, but in particular the hands. Cuticles are an area of your nail that protect them from bacteria and need as much attention as any other part of the body. Which is why i now use the sweet lemon scented cuticle butter that does wonders for my cuticles and smells delightful. At the price of £6.50 and in such a well sized package it is great value for money!

Charity Pot 240g 



Price: £12.95

Link: Click here

Why Buy? 

Where oh where do I begin with my reasons of why you should opt for this product should you be in need of a new body lotion? For one, there is of course the light almond scent, the cocoa butter properties that makes the skin feel unbelievably soft and the way it leaves your skin feeling smooth and with no oily deposit.

But of course, there is also the reason that every single penny of the cost of the item will be donated to charities, charities that are not as renown as others and benefit from the support of the funds from ‘The Charity Pot.’

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner: Fashioneyesta Loves



Price: £15.95

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

I cannot begin to describe m admiration and adoration for this simply outstanding product and one of the best that I have had the pleasure of trailing for years. I do not always have the luxury of applying body creams and awaiting them to dry onto my skin during my morning routines. However with this body conditioner, applied in the shower, this product is simply delightful with a light floral scent mixed with Argan oil to condition the skin and when washed off thoroughly leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and delicate.

This is one of my absolute favourite lush products!

Tip: I would advise you to wash of this product thoroughly after application.

Lusture Dusting Powder 


Price: £10.25

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

Perfect for nights out, this gold dusting powder with the sensual scent of Jasmine, when combined with a good fake tan will create a persona that the ladies from the tales of Arabian Nights would be proud of!

For the Face…

Angels of Bare Skin Facial Cleanser 100g: Fashioneyesta Loves—100g

Price: £6.35

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

I am currently using this product everyday as my cleanser and exfoliator. The initial scent that you will detect is the fresh smell of lavender, the almond particles in the product as as a gentle exfoliant and this combined gives you a glowing complexion. I have had many compliments on my skin and now do not feel the need to use a foundation due to this amazing product!


Price: £5.95

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

I utterly adore this product due to it’s delectable scent, it’s fresh feel when left on the skin and the way it makes your skin positively glow when you wash off the excess. The scent is a combination of bananas and fresh oas which smells very comforting and is excellent for skin that needs some nourishment.

It is advised that all fresh face masks in the fridge, as all the face masks are used with fresh products and minimal preservatives.

Gorgeous Face Cream 45g

Price: £39.50

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

Worth every penny, this pot of magic is simply perfect for my skin. It brightens up the complexion has a delicate floral scent. This is one of my favourite facial moisturisers, it leaves my skin feeling sot, looking radiant without that dreaded oily t zone.

Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Price: £5.50

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

For anyone with the dreaded attack of the dry lips syndrome will know what a blessing this lip scrub would be. Coming in three different fragrances including bubblegum, Popcorn and Mint Juiips. I also own the popcorn scent which is a little more salty sweet, where as Mint julips smells remarkably like Matchmakers! I adore this product because you are at liberty to lick off the excess exfoliating beds with your tongue and it leaves the lips feeling smooth and ready for glossing!

Colour Supplements

Price: £8.95

Why Buy?

This product is great for anyone who is in need of a light coverage for their skin to give them an enhanced complexion, you can mix this product with your moisturiser for a more even skin tone or apply it as you would a foundation using the pads of your fingers. It comes in a range of colours for different skin tones. I personally use Jackie Oates due to my pale complexion and find it a fantastic alternative to using more heavy foundations.

Feeling Younger 20g

Price: £12

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

This product is perfect to act as a shimmer for your face in the style of an illuminator for your cheekbone are or to use as a highlighter. When mixed with foundation it will give one a truly radiant glow.

In the Shower…

Grass Shower Gel 500g: Fashioneyesta Loves

Price: £16.95

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

This was one of the first products that i encountered during my first time in Lush, one smell that i have loved since being a child was the scene of fresh cut grass. So, when I discovered that Lush did a shower gel in such a fragrance it was all I could do not to jump up and down in sheer delight. And indeed, the scent is not disappointing! Such a realistic replication of the scent and leaves the skin smelling fresh and wonderfully like a spring morning! I would highly recommend this to both guys and girls1

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly 

Price: £6.45

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

This product both fascinates and delights me, i is very fragrant and tactile. It actually feels surprisingly like a jelly and has the scent of black currents. It is very clarifying and al you need to is to pull off a small amount and rub it between your palms for it to lather up. If you were to add it into the fridge it would help with sun burns or irritated skin and to all of those who are truly big kids at heart I am sure you would never be bored of this!

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub: Fashioneyesta Loves


Price: £8.25

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

I enjoyed using this product immensely due to the fact that it has a fresh, clean, citrusy scent of lemons and it looks, feels and smells just like a slush puppy. This product can be used as both a shower gel and scrub and leaves the skin feeling smooth, clean and soft.

Porridge Soap 100g: Fashioneyesta Loves


Price: £3.10

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

Almost good enough to eat! This wonderful soap smelling of oranges, oats and all around homely goodness with exfoliating particles is the quintessential early morning product. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and smelling of a fragrant scent that gets better with every single wash!

In the Bath…

An image of the entire FUN range
An image of the entire FUN range

FUN Green

Price: £5 

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

It’s green, it smells like Summers day, it makes lots of bubbles in the bath and you can mould it into different shapes! In short this product is a whole lot of fun! The fresh tangy scent and the multitude of bubbles it creates makes this product a fantastic bath experience. But also for a small amount of the product you can use it time and time again!

You’ve Been Managed

Price: £3.25

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

Great for anyone with dry or sensitive skin, this mango scented bath melt gives a fragrant aroma to your bath experience and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and energised.

Amandopondo Bubble Bar: Fashioneyesta Loves

Price: £2.75

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

This. The only way I can describe this scent is that it is like a Turkish Bath with the aroma of rose, crossed with the sweet scent of lemons which causes lemon drizzle cake to spring to mind. This bubble bar can be split into multiple baths to make the experience last longer. It gives you a pleasant feeling when using this product in the bath and makes yo feel as if you are floating in a world of delight!

There is also a little additional rose in the centre of this bubble bar, perfect for Valentines Day!

For the Hair

Fair Trade Honey Shampoo 600g: Fashioneyesta Loves



Price: £23.95 

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

If you love the scent of honey and are in need of a product that leaves your hair feeling repaired, shiny and moisturised this shampoo is surely for you! After one was his product leaves your hair feeling stronger and healthier.

The Hair Doctor Hair Treatment: Fashioneyesta Loves


Price: £6.95

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

Your hair has no pulse! But, never fear I have the cure for any of you who feel that your hair is dry, damaged, over processed or in need of some intensive treatment. What you need is the Hair Doctor! This product is a treatment that you can use before shampooing and conditioning your hair. I have been using it and have found this product to be a true life saver, if you will pardon the slight pun. It has given my hair a glossy shine and is great due to the fact that i use styling tools on m hair.

Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner 250g


Price: £18.45

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

One of the things I love the most about this product is the fresh aroma of Rose, Orange Blossom and the fruity undertones. Orange Blossom is one of my favourite fragrances and so for me I have had a wonderful experience from using this hair product and will definitely be purchasing it again!

R And B Hair Cream


Price: £11.25

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

This product is great for a variety of hair types, you use this in the fashion of a regular face moisturiser, only on your locks of hair. It leaves your hair feeling soft and is great for taming curls or fly aways, a small amount is required for each usage and as a result this product has real longevity to it making it great value for money. It has a herb like scent which i find extremely comforting.

Gorilla Perfumes 

Breath of God Atomiser


Price: £33

Link: Click here

Why Buy?

This is my current fragrance that I am now using from lush with notes of zesty lemon, floral rose, musk, amber and vetiver. This fragrance incorporates a variety of sense in a truly heavenly combination which creates a fresh scent that is perfect for anyone with a love of floral fragrances.

Spa Days

Scarf Wrapping

Another fantastic addition to Lush is that they also offer a very unique gift wrapping service in which scarves are made using the recycled lush packaging and woven into beautiful scarves. Which can be tied into different ways, these would make excellent gifts for someone special.


My Verdict

Accessibility: 4/5

I found the products accessible in the sense that the colour contrast of white text against black background to be great for those with limited vision and the fragrant products for those with no sight. However, the one area in which Lush could improve wold be to incorporate braille into their products.

Ease of Application: 4/5 

The products as a whole are easy to apply and to remove and the bottles easy to open. However, some of the products have a grainy substance which may require that you use them in an area which is easy to clean.

Value for Money: 5/5 

Excellent value for money! The products have real longevity and those that are bath bombs can be used for a number of times. With Lush the saying ‘A Little goes a Long way’ can be attributed to the brand.

Overall Quality: 5/5 


All in all, I found my first experience with Lush to be truly inspiring, eye opening and sensational. The fragrances, the textures and the overall affects have made me become a truly devoted member of the brand. The products are organic, fair trade and leave your hair, skin, and body looking and feeling clean, fresh and replenished. My skin, hair and body has never before looked or felt as it does now! The brand has worked wonders for me and I am sure it will similarly for you too.

So go fourth and renew yourself this January!


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