Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea at the Chesterfield Mayfair

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I hope you are all enjoying the start of the Autumn Season. Now as some of you may know (if you’ve seen the countless posts on my social media) I recently handed in my Masters Degree dissertation! The word gratification doesn’t even come close to how I felt on the hand in day. Needless to say after months and months of working on my project some celebration was in order. So, on Friday my mother and I headed up to London to sink our teeth into the Charlie at the Chocolate Factory Hotel at the Chesterfield Mayfair. We had been pondering the possibility of trying it for some time now and for September Afternoon Tea UK have an offer on where the afternoon tea is 25% off. This is in no way a sponsored post, but if you are interested click here to view this offer on their website.

Anyhow, it seemed like the perfect timing to go especially as my Masters Degree was in Children’s Literature and my favourite author also being Roald Dahl.

The actual setting of the afternoon tea is in the Butler’s Restaurant in the Chesterfield Hotel, Mayfair. Which hosts a plush surrounding of tables covered in white clothes, plants and fresh-cut flowers on the tables. It’s a very opulent and decadent setting, yet it also possesses an inviting air to the place. With some afternoon teas they can feel a little excessive in the decor scheme and it can feel a little difficult to relax. I’ve been for many afternoon teas so I should know. But, the Chesterfield still had a relaxed, welcoming vibe to the place despite how grant it was.



We were then taken to our table instantly by a lovely member of staff. Can I just say from the outset that the staff members were some of the friendliest and welcoming staff out of all the afternoon teas I’ve even been to. They frequently came back to our table to ask if we wanted any top ups or more beverages. This is one thing I will say about the afternoon tea, do not wear anything constricting! This afternoon tea is unlimited so you can opt for as many drinks and more food as you wish. Not even just tea, hot chocolates, milkshakes (I had two!) tea, coffee, fruit juice and even cocktails and cocktails.


We were first brought our “Fizzy Lifting Drinks’ adorable little glass bottles that contained a sweet blend of Cranberry Juice, Cream Soda and Popping Candy. These were delicious and such a cute touch to pay tribute to the original tale.



We were then given a huge menu of drinks and my gosh there were so many to choose from. As usual we began with traditional English breakfast tea which was a very nice blend, before we each branched off to other drinks. My mother selected a Mojito Mocktail from the bar and I went for a delicious milkshake. Now I am so incredibly fussy with the way I like my milkshakes, I hate anything too thick or too watery. But, in the words of a classic fairytale this one was “just right.” It was a lovely smooth milkshake, not too tick but not watery enough to pass as chocolate milk. it was incredible and so much so that I ordered a second! My mother then moved onto hot chocolate and by this point we were rubbing our stomachs as they bulged with the culinary delights.


By this point we had been brought the huge 3 tiered stand of the afternoon tea itself, on the first section we had a selection of sandwiches. These were all majorly traditional options like your Egg and Cress, Cucumber and Cream Cheese and so on. They also cater for Vegetarians too and my mother is a Vegetarian and she reported back that all the sandwich options were amazing.


The second plate was the scones, scones are one of my favourite parts of an afternoon tea and I absolutely loved the fact that they had gone with a traditional take as well as a unique spin on their version. They did of course have your traditional fruit scones with jam and cream, but they also had chocolate scones. Now, I had never before eaten a chocolate scone, but let me tell you something when I sunk my teeth into the scone topped with cream I couldn’t stop the smile of delight from spreading across my chocolate smeared mouth. They were delicious! If I hadn’t been so conscious about getting through the last tier I would have asked for more! They were that good.


The final part of the afternoon tea was the pastry selection. There was an actual Wonka Bar in the actual packaging from the original film, which I loved! There was also a blueberry macaroon, inspired by Violet Beauregarde which was delicious. There was also a Lemon cheesecake, although I didn’t have this one my mother did and she enjoyed it a lot. There was also a white chlorate and fruit tarts, which was my personal favourite. Then there was the Oopah-Loompah cupcake which was a chocolate orange cupcake with bright green icing, my mother enjoyed this a lot although by this time her stomach was full to bursting. Mine was not far off and as I nibbled a bit of the bubblegum flavoured eclair she got through a white chocolate egg.


The staff once again came over to ask if we wanted any top ups, but our stomachs were full to the point of combustion. So, we had to decline their offer, although they did send us away with a fancy box of pastries for my dad to sample.

Before we left they came over with a Wonka inspired hat full of envelopes, we each took one. We were instructed not to open them until our next return, as it contained a prize, anything from money off our next visit to a free glass of Champaign to an overnight stay in the hotel. Clever Chesterfield, I see what you did there…Although I’d certainly go back for second helpings! We were also allowed to choose a brightly coloured “Everlasting Gobstopper” again another salute to the tale.

We finally emerged, stomachs bulging, both of us looking like Augustus Gloop himself! But, it was worth it. The afternoon tea was a wonderful take on this childhood classic, it consisted of both traditional elements and quirky takes on an afternoon tea. The setting was beautiful, the staff were delightful and the food was delicious. I don’t believe Mr Wonka himself could have done a better job and I’m sure Roald Dahl would have highly approved of the Chesterfield’s efforts.

I really enjoyed spending time with my mother and all the delicious food on offer. It was a lovely afternoon and the fact that it was to celebrate the completion of my MA in Children’s Literature made it even more sweet.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today, be sure to like, comment and follow my blog for future posts.

And I will see you all again soon.

Fashioneyesta xx

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2 thoughts on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea at the Chesterfield Mayfair

  1. Makes me hungry just reading this, that looks amazing. If you need an excuse to go back, don’t forget I’ve never been out for an afternoon tea before. Just saying. 😉

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