The L’Ooccitanne Solidarity Candle: A Candle with a Cause*

Greetings Readers!

Happy New Year!…yes I know I’m late in saying it.

I’m back after what seems the longest time, I’ve been absent from blogging for quite a while. My health hasn’t been great for the last couple of months in December I contracted an ear infection which lasted over two weeks and in January I’ve been generally feeling run down and a little out of sorts. I think I have a case of the dreaded SAD Syndrome, but sitting around doing nothing isn’t going to improve my mood. But getting back into my blogging work will.

Anyhow, I wanted to share something that I thought would be very befitting for my blog and it’s a product from the brand LOoccitanne. This brand has always been one that is very close to my heart, they are the only beauty brand that I am aware of that features braille on their products (take note other beauty brands) and they are very passionate about helping the sight loss community and do charitable projects into sight loss prevention.I’ve used many of their products in the past, they very kindly sent me some of their Lavender range when I mentioned that particular range was my favourite. I’ve used their Lavender pillow spray for years now and it’s probably my favourite out of all of the pillow sprays I’ve used.


When they contacted me and asked to send over some products I was of course very excited and flattered, one of the products they sent me was a scented candle. 

Now, it comes as no surprise I love a scented candle, but I especially loved this one as it is in fact a candle with a cause.

The candle is called the Solidarity Candle and has been made in partnership with the charity Unicef. The candle has been made as a charitable project to help raise funds to prevent one of the leading causes of sight loss which is Vitamin A deficiency. I was shocked to learn that over 80% of visual impairments is preventable providing children have sufficient Vitamin A supplementation. 

The candle costs £9 and all the profits will go to Unicef to help them give 1 years supply of Vitamin A for 5 children. In developing countries 250,000 to 500,000 children experience sight loss due to Vitamin A deficiency. L’Ooccitanne’s goal is to aid 1.7 children from experiencing sight loss which would otherwise be avoidable. The project will span 3 countries Bolivia, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea.

I really love the cause behind the candle, having personal experience growing up with sight loss myself all my life I can only begin to imagine the struggles that children in other parts of the world might face. 

An close up image of the Solidarity Candle

Its a really beautiful design, it comes in a little tin which has a beautiful design of a blue night sky with moons and stars in white and yellow. It would make a lovely little gift for someone for a birthday or seeing as Valentines Day is coming up. The scent is a very fresh fragrance with soft floral and crisp notes. The fragrance is very strong and you really can smell it when it’s burning even in a large room. 


 Top Notes: Freesia and Red Berries,

Heart Notes: Lilly of the Valley, Rose and Jasmine.

Bottom Notes: Rosewood and Amber. 

I personally can really smell the Red Berries in this, so if you are a fan of sharp berry fragrances like perhaps the Diptyque Baies candle or anything with a cranberry fragrance you will probably like this scent. 

I really did love this candle for its design and scent, as well as the lovely ethos behind it. 

So if your on the hunt for a new scented candle with a fresh fragrance, I’d definitely say this one might be a nice addition to your collection. 

Click here to find out more about the Solidarity Candle.

Fashioneyesta xx

What’s your favourite L’Ooccitanne product? 

Dsclaimer: This blog features gifted products, but I am in no way obliged to feature them I do so out of choice. This blog post is not sponsored and the links are not affiliated.

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