Fact File For Students

Fact File For Research and University Students

Due to the high volume of requests for interviews and information, I am unable to respond to all students individually. So, instead I have devised this fact file to give you an insight into my relationship with fashion.

If you have a more specific question please email me at fashioneyesta@gmail.com.

But please note due to the fact that I get very busy from time to time and am in the middle of my Masters Degree I cannot possibly respond to everyone in time so please either give me 2/3 weeks in advance to respond or be sure to have other people to ask to avoid disappointment.

Fact File

Name: Emily Davison

Age: 23

Residence: London, UK.

Occupation: Student/Writer/Works at Lush UK.

Disability: Septo Optic Dysplasia, rare medical condition which affects the endocrine system. Severely sight impaired blind in my right eye and central vision remaining in my left with an acuity vision of 6/24.

I have been this way from birth.

Interests: Writing, fashion, beauty, culture, history, disability awareness.

Personal Style: Lover of Bohemian fashion, embroidery, tassels crochet, anything tactile. Also lover of 50s dresses and Japanese inspired Kimono’s.

How I Buy Clothes

Usually I buy clothes online via the website so that I am able to take my time browsing. However, for cosmetic and when I want to try on clothing I usually go with a family member during a less busy period like the morning or midday if I am able.

What I look for when buying clothes: Comfort, soft materials, things that suit my body and give me the best possible silhouette. But I also like good quality and things that are made well. I love tactile elements like embroidery, crochet and embellishment because it is interesting to my sense of touch and adds a sense of individuality to an outfit. I also love movement in fabrics like kimonos and flowing skirts because again it appeals to my sense of touch.

My Likes on Clothing

I love how they can make me feel, I love that when I wear an outfit it gives me control over myself and I am able to have a positive impact on people so that I feel as if I am preventing both myself and people with sight loss not to be stereotyped.

What I dislike about clothing

I hate how some companies can mass product them and not think about things like comfort or practicality. I also hate how the fashion industry can remove creativity and that I could buy a garment from a shop and my next door neighbour could potentially have the same thing.

How can shops be made more accessible?

  • Ensuring that they have accessible fitting rooms and more than one of them.
  • Making sure that there is enough space in a shop for someone with a wheelchair or guide dog to mobilise without knocking into anything.
  • Making sure that the shop floor is well lit.
  • Making sure that the sound/music is not too loud.
  • Ensuring that there is a staff member on hand to help anyone with a disability who may need it.
  • Being aware of the protocol of assistance dogs and that it is not acceptable to refuse one under any circumstances.

How can clothing companies make their items more accessible?

  • Having a QR code on a clothing label so that someone who is blind and uses and iPhone or smartphone can scan it into an app and find out information on the garment such as size, colour and washing instructions.
  • Having easy access to zips or buttons.
  • Making their clothing durable.

Assistive technology used to help with fashion and beauty


Virtual Closet Apps: Used to categorise clothes and plan outfits.

iPhone Camera: Used to take images o detail in clothing and enlarge it to see finer detail.

iPhone Speak Selection and Speak Screen functions: Used to help me read information from clothing websites, write blogs and browse the web.

Electronic Magnifier: Used to read clothing labels, garment care instructions and other details.

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