Where’s There? A Poem About Life With Sight Loss

Where’s There?

Hello! What do you mean to say? “It’s over there!”

Now cast some light on the phrase, if you care?

You mean to tell me it’s standing directly on your head?

Maybe it hangs, strung aloft by only a single thread?

Is it high above? No wait! Perhaps it is hidden far below!

Or does it reside in a place that only you know?

Oh tell me! What is the origin of this mysterious word?

It is certainly a concept that I have never heard.

Could it be that I must embark on some quest to find it.

Or is there perchance a secret code written behind it.

Will I find it off the beaten track and down a winding road?

Perhaps it is buried in a place far yonder the hedge grove?

Is it to be found far to my left or over to your right?

Again! You seem to forget, I’m fresh out of sight!



  1. Ths was amazing Emily! 💗

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